It feels, at least to me, like it’s been quite a while since I’ve done a “Colour” post.

In fact, it’s been quite a while since I’ve written a post 🙂

So what better combination to jump back in with than Black & White?!

Especially since I started compiling these, and scads of other images way back in the Spring, when the runways were absolutely choc-a-bloc with black & white stripes-particularly Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors & Balmain, to name just a few.

Alas, the summer has slipped by as quickly as those looks hit the shops and streets

and look who’s finally getting around to the “White & Black” post”?!

(I’ll be sharing that “Best Sunscreens” post any week now too!)

window shopping London, Slim Paley

But seriously, the combo was positively inescapable this summer.

I snapped this Harvey Nichol’s window in London in June.

white roses in black vases, Slim Paley photo, Sri Lanka

This cool arrangement, a particular favourite of mine, I shot at The Tintagel Hotel in Sri Lanka last year.

 The round  black vases sit on a large lacquer tray perched on a leather ottoman. So chic and unusual, and even more beautiful in person.

best black & white bedroom


Just one of my all time favourite black & white bedrooms ehvver, that’s all.

I wish I knew where it was and who to give credit to.

black & white exterior

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (then protest that I did not already say that)


Black & white stripes work in every possible permutation



more contemporary


photo Jeff McNamara

or flat out modern

black & white straws


They worked for Matisse and his models

black & white striped ottoman

and with every shade in the colour spectrum (speaking of Matisse)


They’re the perfect touch of homespun textile in an industrial space


A cheeky, yet classic addition to an eclectic vignette


And don’t even get me started on how cool these stairs are.

Of course you’d have to install railings in America, by code, which would totally spoil the look-

but you could then remove them after inspection.

Woops-was that my outside voice again??

black & white dishes, Target, Slim Paley Instagram

Speaking of being naughty, I pinched this great set of china for practically nothing at Target. I might have posted this Instagram photo once before, but it fits so well here, I couldn’t pass up the humble brag.

I think the ‘china’ looks great with the linens-

From the markets of Sri Lanka to Target in Ventura- a truly International table setting!

black & white striped risotto pot

Seriously coveting these black & white pots but don’t know where to find them- I just know they’re made in Italy.

black & white stripes

black & white tin buckets Target

I also scooped up about a dozen of these mini metal beach pails at Target for like 99 cents. Filled  with herbs and interspersed with votives, they’ll be fun down my  long barn table. That’s the plan anyway. If I ever get around to throwing a dinner party again.


(but that’s another post, right? I guess getting up at 5 AM helps)

black & white stripe accent wall

How about striping just one wall for a great effect that’s easily removable if you tire of it-

which you probably won’t, but I always worry about that. Virgo.

black & white striped chair

Cute chair, no credit, help me out here Pinterest People.

*Ahh-and already “Linda” has written in with the credit here Thank you!


Super simple to paint your own floor, right?

Says she, with the lantern still on the floor of the garage…

Mark Hotel bikes, NY, Slim Paley Instagram

My Instagram pic of the bikes outside the Mark Hotel in NY this summer.


Let’s forget about stripes for a moment.

In my next life I want to be able to carry off six wacking great bangles on each arm and act all blasé about it.

“Oh, these? these old things?? I wear them all the time…don’t even notice they’re there”

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 3.15.56 PM


I’m also loving this poncho by Rag & Bone, which I would wear to death.

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 10.24.58 PM

Keds by Kate Spade

Love the pic but I wish the shoes weren’t so pointy.


I SO coveted these sequined pants from Etro. I figured (justified) they were a timeless investment.

But were they in any of the shops?


loved the sandals and the toenail polish colour, which I bought but looked totally vile on me.

Black & white Paris

Is it Kate? So French, so cool. Even though I hate smoking.

Vintage Conde Nast


Carolyn Murphy via Vogue

Daria Werbowy

My favourite model, besides Christy Turlington, Daria Werbowy.
OK, so in my next life, I’m coming back as Daria with a whole armload of cuffs & bracelets.

I won’t say no to the jacket if that’s thrown in either.


Edie Campbell by Peter Lindbergh

This was one of the best editorial spreads of the summer-I’m still saving one of the other photos for an upcoming post.

But I think what we’re really learning here People is that we all need to get some black & white striped trousers.

Sooner than later.

black & white stripes


and how about that face?!

black & white striped bikini

BTW, Summer still isn’t over, especially for us here in Southern California

For those of you Down Under, it’s just about to start (lucky!!)

Kate Moss in Bathing suit

Kate Moss in Dolce & Gabbana. Photo Patrick Demarchelier

vintage beach shot


Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 9.56.54 PM

Hat by Monet, photo Herman Landshoff, Mademoiselle, 1959


vintage black & white stripe fashion shot

In fact, Really timeless!

and if you’re still left with even a sliver of a doubt…


a glimpse of Anne Demeulemeester Spring/Summer 2014 Men’s collection.

black & white French Bull dogs

White & Black Forever!

wpid-Photo-17052011-655-PM SP


Last year’s “Black & White Redux” post HERE

black & white striped balloons

Balloons & pencil photo via Pinterest



  1. Love black and white! Recently spruced up my upper deck with a slide-on-wire European awning in black and white awning stripe, with gold and black accent furniture and fabrics, My new fave place to read, settled in with a lavender ice tea.

  2. a big thank you! I now know what I’m doing with my main floor. I have poured over everything I could get my eyeballs on trying to figure it out. I way over think things- xx

      • Aquarius here checking in with the same affliction. I trump your lamp in the garage with a 2 1/2 year old lofted ceiling in the kitchen with bare pine planks and cedar beams. The sheet rock is only painted as high as I could reach from the step stool.

    • Highly recommend interior designer, Celerie Kemble’s book, Black and White.
      Gemini here..with the same problems.

  3. Slim, thank you for returning black and white to its’ proper seat on the tasteful throne after the recent Miley/Robin (his slacks and jacket) debasement.

  4. …and thanks for the little ‘acid trip’ while scrolling from the Rag & Bone poncho through the Kate Spade Keds. All the stripes, man, were moving and going down IN to my computer, man!

  5. Beyond outstanding!! I adore black and white. Flat out love the graphic beauty of it.
    I’ve put this post on StumbleUpon too! Will be looking for striped trousers and Target pails. LOVE THIS POST!

  6. I adore black and white and I must commend you on such a crisp and evocative post today!
    I may start back at the beginning and look at it all over again…I never tire of this combo, zebra’s are lucky don’t you think?

  7. Slim, yes, yes, this is classic, timeless, and contemporary. That bedroom just knocks it outa the ballpark!!
    And those stairs…they appear to be carved wood? maybe? Totally amazing clothing too…and the women
    rock’n the clothes…takes some attitude to match the visual strength of the clothing…shy need not apply.
    You did an amazing job editing this post…one for the archives!

  8. Black and White … what ever it is ….love each photograph here. My kitchen is black and white and is so me!
    All my clothes are black or sure go with black!

  9. YOU CRACK ME UP and I’m black and white all over!! What a Post!! I’m going to read it again, etc. franki

  10. Great black and white inspiration – my favorite colors. But you can make any colors inspiring. I FOUND those gorgeous pots, twas not easy – just Google Lagostina-La-Risottiera, there is even one on e-Bay for just under $500

  11. Oh, how I love an SP Color Post!
    The 1959 Mademoiselle photo floored me and I would love to see a return to fashion photography of this ilk.
    Love every single pic … and how about the three pups at the end?!? 🙂

  12. Pure delight looking at the parade of striking B/W photos! So timelessly elegant. Nothing more pleasing to the eye than the dark and light with a pop of color!

  13. Gorgeous post today, Slim. And that bedroom! those bracelets and trousers! And the beautiful Christy Turlington – my favourite too.

  14. Truman Capote’s Party of the Century, Cecil Beaton’s Ascot scene in ‘My Fair Lady’, and now Slim’s Black and White. Timeless.

  15. Oh Slim Black and White is always so chic to my! I love it in furnishings art illustrations, fashion! I do have a pair of Ralph Lauren Black and white striped Trousers I love!

    2013 Authors Series
    “Love Where You Live”

  16. I adore B&W! Fun post to see, especially after reading the pastels spread in the NYT style mag Sunday. “Fall’s sugary pastels — are a romantic respite from so much hard-working black and white.” Not that I have anything against pastels, of course. B&W will forever remain timeless in my book.

  17. Hi, my beautiful friend!

    How are you doing? I have being missing you!!! I hope everything is great with you and your family.

    This post is outrageously elegant… actually, anything black & white gets that vibe from me.

    Lots of LOVE to you!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  18. Wonderful! I agree it’s timeless and I can’t get enough. Just bought a bunch of sweatshirts for fall and they are all variations on black and white. My favorite home purchase this year was a wool awning stripe black and white rug from Pottery Barn. Looks great with everything. Going to have to pin some of these. Slim, you are a lot like me. I save things for posts that never happen. If it’s not going to be perfect I hesitate. Sometimes you just have to do it! Must be the virgo in us! I’m the 6th.
    Have a great night!

  19. thank you for the reality check that the cut out rage (some done very well) can be traced back to this 1959 style

    i also enjoy how your black and white posts make you so damn happy! thank you 😉

  20. As I drooled through this gorgeous post I kept on thinking, will she add the infamous “Black and White Ball?” It’s a must add on. A beautiful coda to beautiful days gone by.

  21. Oops… have no idea how to delete that comment that was left half hanging! Meant to say I continue to love your blog from all the way down under (where we are currently experiencing summer in winter… go figure!) and I am particularly loving your outside voice! xo

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