White & Black 2 (Late Edition)

Slim Paley Photo


Zaha Hadid’s long awaited Maxxi  Gallery in Rome

(no short dresses on these stairs!)

.Images Topboxdesign.com

NEW Chanel Biography!  By Justine Picardie.  Release date April 16, 2010

Available now on Amazon

Haven’t read it- just want it for a black and white room

Would you even care if he turned up in this coat??

(Hint- you could just decide to stay in…)

All images from The Chanel Fall 2010/11 Collection

.(For which, I might add, I have a sneaky suspicion Karl got his inspiration from MY SLIM PALEY POST:


I better watch what I say around him from now on)

Ice hotel from “Brrrr!”

Um, yeah…sure Karl…

Mr. Sneaky Himself

Rodarte 2010

Light up shoes

.Badgley Mischka Spring 2010

Hermes enamel bracelet

Badgley Mischka

Cool Hotness

I forget. Sue me.  Jill Sander?

Badgley Mischka Spring 2010

Van Cleef and Arpels …..

.My Favourite Black & White ring

Mischka again

Hermes Fall 2010


The Black & White Cookie Company

Happy shoes from Mui Mui

2010 Bentley Arnage

The .car I’m going to buy myself my husband when my settlement comes in from Karl.

Actually, quite honestly- I’d be happy with just the cover.

Look at how beautiful this is!  I’d wear it as an Opera cape.

.And Lastly,

Jacques-Henri Lartique

I know it’s very grainy, but I adore Lartique and the mood of this photo, almost as much as the diary entry that accompanies it;









  1. Gorgeous finds! I think the Mischkas blow the Chanel away this time. And the Slim photo is stunning. A little blog love for you on today’s post, because I love coming here. Have a wonderful week!

    • Thank you Stephanie! You are always so positive and upbeat- just like your blog I guess!
      oh, and yes, I think I could live at Wheatleigh, and if push came to shove, even The Mount. 🙂

  2. I actually stooped to tearing Lartique photographs from a book and framing them. OK, so I only had the nerve to hang them in a bathroom – but maybe one day they will break out. I love them so much! Beautiful images of women in black bathing suits under black/white umbrellas! You remind me so much of my extremely creative friend, Stephanie. Thank you, I love you both!

    • Thank you Julie!!
      I know exactly the photo of which you speak- it’s wonderful. And so far, I have never had the Page-tearing Police bust me, so, partners in crime…UNITE!

  3. You’re so funny…I wonder how many times the famous ones peruse our blogs to get inspiration? I’ll take the Badgley Mischka blazer and ruffle skirt thankyouverymuch.
    Perfection. Can’t wait to pick up the new Chanel book….no doubt a great read.

  4. Badgley has my vote the spring collection is beautiful.
    The guy in the coat well now!!!! hate the coat
    The letter oxoxoxox

  5. I have been saying for years that I want some designer to do light up heels, like the ones in kids sneakers, so that with each step there is a quivering of light. The day has come! I must have these shoes.
    Also, Slim, I am so glad you found that little diary entry I wrote, that Lartique STOLE from me…of course, I changed the genders……He could photograph, for sure, but write? No, he left that to me, Lady Eve de Bergerac.

    • Lady Eve, I have to add that when we went to see “Alice in Wonderland” the other night, the boy in the row in front of us had those light up shoes on and kept kicking the seat in front of him and they would light up. Ya- my husband really enjoyed that.

  6. Yes , as always all very beautiful. Going out to buy those shoes now ????
    have a wonderful week.I just love Blk and White .

  7. Black and white says it all, always has, always will. AND, you assigned me a B&W logo for your blog!
    Fabulous post. Thanks Slim.

  8. Would love to spend the afternoon sitting in “cool hotness” window seat and just dream the day away. Thanks for the lovely black and whites.
    Enjoy your daily musings, keep it up.


  9. Love the B/W blog always a fav combo for me. And another cool fireplace. And Gaj are you at the ranch? Karl, german, ice..why did that combo take so long to emerge….

  10. Love this black and white post …….

    The Badgley Mischka seriously blows me away. The ruffled white skirt and black blazer is unbelievable. Breath taking – all of it!

    And I love the Hermes horsey bracelet.

    Not sure if any of my wing tip wearing friends will be running out and buying the wing tip in the front – sandal in the back shoes this spring. 🙂

    I’m all for tearing great photos out of books and framing them. In fact, the first thing that occured to me when I saw the beautiful zebra in this post was “wow, I’d love to frame him.”

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