Whip It


Went to see Whip It today.  The theatre was totally full.  We had to sit in the second to front row, which I haven’t done since I was hmmm… I dunno, about seven years old maybe?  Anyway, other than the crick I now have in my neck, I loved the movie.  Total chick flick, but really cute.  Marcia Gay Harden and Daniel Stern are wonderful as the parents, Ellen Page is as charmingly adorable as she was in Juno and I really liked that Wilson brother as the coach. (where did he come from??)  Drew Barrymore takes a small part just to stay connected to the party I guess but she made some great casting choices.  Landon Pigg was a cool pick for the love-interest. It’s rather fascinating how we get so used to expecting perfection (teeth, hair, bodies, etc.) in American movie stars that I found his irregular teeth and awkwardness very refreshing and interesting. I even liked that his acting wasn’t that great- it added a touch of vulnerability that was appealing.   Click here for Landon Pigg song

Well done D.B. !

PS.  Is it just ME, or does Landon Pigg not look like Ashton Kutcher’s and Julia Robert’s love child???

az_7160_LP_Landon Pigg

Whip It-Watch It ( the trailer)


  1. It looks like we have two heir apparents to Winslet / Swank—Ellen Page and Carey Mulligan.
    (note that I am not referring to them as ‘it’ girls). I predict long, long careers for both. Thanks, Slim—for the recommendation. I could use some of Barrymore’s Joie de Vivre right now.

  2. Loved Landon Roberts -Kusher, love child of Julia ROberts and Ashton Kusher. But why such an unfortunate name? PIGG? Landon=Cute. Pigg=Pigg Imagine if this blog was called Fat Paley or Pig Paley? I am all about the visual.

    • Yes, but I like to think that both “G”s are silent and the “i” is long…
      Landon-Pie Works for me 🙂

  3. I am loving me some Slim Paley. Your blog was recommended to my by Rita Wilson and she never leads me wrong! I find the blog funny, charming, informative, entertaining, smart and colorful. Am I over the top here? Thanks for the info on Landon Pigg. I really enjoyed his video and yes he looks like the love child of JULSTON!!!!!!! Keep up the good work we’re reading.

  4. How spot on you are S.P. about Landon Pigg being the love child of Julia Roberts and Ashton Kutcher !!!!! You started it . He is adorable , that’s for sure. The hangers have been a fav. of mine also.Look forward to your blog.

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