Vintage English Garden Party

vintage garden party

Happy Monday All!

I hope you enjoyed another lovely summer weekend,

and may I be so bold as to remind everyone that it IS in fact still summer?

So all you folks pinning Halloween ideas and Fall decor on Pinterest


It’s only the 19th of August-The “F” word is still many weeks away!

Let’s make the most of these precious last days of warm weather, shall we?

Get thee to the beach, lake, park, garden, the roof of your apartment building (talking to my Older Son :)) tout de suite.

As long time readers of Slim Paley well know,  I’ll still be posting about my favourite time of year ’til I’m dragged away by the edge of my cover-up, clutching that last salt-rimmed Margarita to my heavily sun-screened/damaged bosom.


I shot the above photo in my garden, as well as the ones to follow,

for my first

“One Kings Lane Tastemaker Tag Sale”

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 2.17.04 PM

Inspired by my recent trip to London, the excitement surrounding the arrival of Prince George, and yes, the last languid days of summer,

I chose a “Vintage English Garden Party” as my theme.


Who amongst us doesn’t enjoy at least the idea of a lovely English picnic (paging Merchant Ivory fans) complete with vintage silver, the “family china” and tinkling crystal glasses of Pimms brimming with fresh fruit?

Downton Abbey

And who, like me, simply can’t wait for the new season of “Downton Abbey” to begin?!

slim paley garden

An Instagram of my garden

Fortnum & Mason window

The windows of Fortnum & Mason in London were bursting with the delightful components of an English countryside picnic.

London window shopping

I love how I caught the double decker going by on Piccadilly (even if I do say so myself)

Fortnum & Mason

Just look at that gorgeous giant Melton Mowbray pie!

F & M will fill a picnic basket that will positively make your toes curl and they ship all over the world.

Slim Paley Picnic

But back to me 🙂

Everything in these photos will be in my sale (except the white table cloth & hat)

majolica & chintz

There are lots of my vintage goodies to choose from as well many items curated from One Kings Lane’s “Vintage & Market Finds”

vintage glass goblet

go ahead, have one.

English Country garden

Flowers in my friend’s English country garden

Wedgwood Majolica

A collection of vintage Wedgwood Majolica

vintage roses oil painting

A lovely & bright vintage oil of garden roses with an antique desert plate, part of a set, in the foreground.

Garden Wall vase & enamel coffee pot

“Garden Wall” vase and old enamel coffee pot

Hull vase

A Hull vase


Note to Self;  notch back on the Pimms…

rooster basket

My sale starts tomorrow,  August 20th, 8:am PST

Please DO stop by and leave your calling card 🙂

One Kings Lane Link


PS. On a more somber note, thank you to the many readers  who have been checking in concerning the ferocious fire in Idaho. We are grateful to be back home safe & sound in Santa Barbara, but our hearts and prayers are still with all the amazing firefighters in Sun Valley and Hailey who are battling SO bravely to protect our beautiful town. Please keep them in your thoughts & prayers too.




  1. Agreed with the holding on to the last bits of summer…there will be time for the other seasons when they are here. Hope the sale goes wonderfully — I can’t imagine that it won’t. Everything looks just lovely. xx

  2. Beautiful setting!! Up in Northern California we have seemed to have endless super hot weather so I would be happy to have it slightly cooler. But I know what you mean, I hate to see the summer season end. Have a great sale-from Paula-Windmill Farm.

  3. What a pretty post!

    I know I’m definitely going to try and enjoy the last few weeks of summer in Vancouver, I know what’s right around the corner:(

    Good luck with the sale, keep us posted!

    p.s. OMG Ray Donovan, thanks for turning me on to that crazy slice of entertainment!

  4. Beautiful and delicious as always. You are a wonderful photographer and it’s a treat to see London through your eyes. My thoughts are with you and all of my dear friends up in Idaho. This fire seems to be the worst of them all. Be safe.

  5. Just finished “Downton Abby” on NETFLIX and can’t wait for the new season! As usual (lucky us) wonderful photos!! franki

  6. Oh I love your picnic in the garden. As well as your thoughts on summer – it isn’t over until it’s over people!! And yes, prayers going out to all those fighting and affected by the fires. So glad you’re safe, and I hope your lovely home is as well.

  7. gorgeous!! will tune in tomorrow to OKL…thanks! 🙂 have been following the SV fire as well since I have a home there too…so scary to watch it keep growing

  8. Well Slim must say love this post. Your photography amazing, and these are a few of my fav. things.
    It sure says Summer. Good Luck , how can it not go well.
    Prayers for all caught up with the fires , also our neighbors dealing with the floods. ox

  9. Slim,
    Good luck with your sale. You have some lovely things. I just watched Room with a View, and when they are picnicking in Italy and the vicar asks for 3 lumps of sugar and it’s passed in a beautiful covered silver holder…I chuckled. Picnics have lost some of the formality, but they are still so much fun!

    I will hold good thoughts for the safety of the firefighters and the lovely town. This year has been brutal and its only beginning to be the “fire season”.

  10. Yes, can we please have one season and holiday at a time?! I cannot stand seeing Halloween “Junk” out in the stores!

    Gorgeous Garden setting Slim; very excited for you Tastemaker’s Tag Sale!
    Art by Karena

  11. Do I HAVE to wait until tomorrow for the sale? I could just pop over and “pre-buy” a few things 🙂 I will be waiting at the internet door when the sale opens… xo

  12. Wanna know how excited I am for your OKL showing?? I actually put it on my calendar last week when you announced it. : ) It will be the best, I am sure! And prayers sent up for the residents, the homes and the fire fighters. It’s heartbreaking knowing what is happening there.

  13. We used to picnic when going on a trail ride on horse-back. No Silver used. I love the comforters and the sun hat. I am wearing mine, tomorrow. Sun is hot in the good ole summer-time. Bravah! Prayers to all.

  14. Ah fabulisciousness, the picnic set up, the flowers in those vases. Best Wishes for luck on the sale as I only seem to like the vintage on OKL. And am delighted to now know your true name (as well as Ashton’s). As soon as my son’s in school, and the baby’s napping, I’m with Franki Netflixing Downtown Abby. Cheers Slim.

  15. WHAT?
    OKL Tastemaker Tag Sale?
    Super FABULOUS.
    I must set my alarm though…and stay away from the Pimms tonight 🙂

  16. Thank you slim, for remembering the firefighters at end of your post. My son, who gave up a promising job in the financial world. 2 seaso s ago, is among the young men who have been fighting the fires in Idaho! Best, Jayne

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  17. The roses in your garden are exquisite!
    And those cherries look so delicious!

    I haven’t been to Sun Valley in years and years. We used to stay at The Lodge back in the late sixties / early seventies, and they used to have the most romantic, beautiful New Year’s Eve party.

    I remember ice skating at the rink, the easter bunny on the snow covered lawn, Santa Claus coming to the Inn in his sleigh to distribute candy on Christmas Eve, the torchlight parade where all the ski instructors came down the bunny hill at about 8:00 p.m. (can’t remember its name), the wonderful honey-butter and scones at Warm Springs Creek for dinner, taking the chair lifts up and then skiing down Baldy. It was really magical.

    Stayed at El Encanto recently, and they have the most fabulous afternoon tea. truly beautiful. Have you tried it?

    I have to confess to liking San Ysidro Ranch better for their creekside cottages when staying overnight, but of course the view from the El Encanto dining room is superb.

  18. I’m dreaming about your garden. Santa Barbara/Montecito is one of my favorite places in the world. How fortunate you are to have real property!!! as well as a home there! Love your blog.

  19. What luxuriant beauty you have created there! Thanks for sharing your good taste. I do believe those paintings are French not English, though. Best of outcomes on your sale. Fran.

  20. Can’t wait for the sale tomorrow! I’ve bookmarked the link and set my alarm. I love browsing through all the One Kings Lane sales but tomorrow is going to be extra special 😉 Kudos to you!

  21. Love OKL and with the SP touch it will be monumental!
    Still feelin’ summer with a girlfriends’ trip to SB and the San Ysidro Inn next week!
    Should have considered F& M for a picnic basket for Diner en Blanc L.A., darn, too late, it’s Wednesday!
    Always praying for my husband’s brothers, the firefighters, throughout the land who do, truly, risk their lives on a daily basis for all of us. May the property losses always be minimal and the gains against the flames maximal, with no loss of life.
    Can’t wait for OKL tomorrow!

  22. How lovely! Your flowers are exquisite. What fun to see your preview. Judging by what I’m reading here, if I don’t get to the OKL sale early, it will likely be slim pickins’ 😉 as we say down south. Yes, we’re all hoping for an end to those awful fires, and our thoughts and prayers are with the firefighters and all whose homes and livelihoods have been lost or are threatened.

  23. Great photos of your party………hope all goes well but it has been 100’s + ALL summer here in Idaho…….thought of your gorgeous home in Sun Valley and hope it (and everyone else’s homes will be saved) it is the largest fire in the US and encompasses an area larger than Seattle. We get some of the smoke eyes have been hurting but none of the fire here. Prayers for all our goreous state and wildlife.

  24. My thought when I spied the first photo? “No she diiiidn’t…” (as an expat, I fully give myself permission to use phrases that have long since past in the States)

    Does it go without saying that it is all beyond crazy beautiful and that your first OKL sale (major woot woot!) will be a smashing success? It does. But also that my thoughts are with those brave fireman and local residents? That too.

  25. I can’t wait to check out your sale and also your garden and that view with the mountains is just too heavenly and actually better than an English garden bc they wouldn’t have such a vista behind it!

  26. What lovely images from your garden! And I adore that what I first thought was a pool, turns out to be a ping pong table!
    Your picnic photos evoke impressions of romantic gentility. Another of my favorites is the picnic depicted in Visonti’s “The Leopard.”
    So glad to hear your safe from the fires in Idaho. I kept thinking of you every time it was in the news (a lot!).
    Can’t wait to check out your Kings Lane offerings. I know they’ll be wonderful.
    Cheers, Ruth

  27. Did I spy with my little brown eye a vintage eiderdown? I collect those and treasure them. They’re the absolute best thing ever! Counting the hours (2.5) until your sale begins!

  28. Rats! Unable to peruse sale as I am at the office and have to CONCENTRATE, will give it a shot from home tonight (but doubt there will be anything left), but, oh, my goodness, each and every photo is absolutely dreamy-luscious! That first shot with the mountains in the background, I do miss mountains, there are zip, none, nyet, nada in my neck of the woods (South Florida).

    I agree wholeheartedly, although Fall/Winter are my favorite seasons, let’s enjoy every season in its own time! Prayers with firefighters, bless them and keep them safe.

  29. I love your blog and I do so love F & M. Wish I had a jar of marrons glace with ice cream right now. And their teas are the BEST.

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  31. Slim, Gorgeous things here. Room With a View all over here.Transport me to the picnic now please! Yikes just reading this and probably missed the sale..Heading over now. I love all your things and have to say I got to F&M for my first time in London this summer and was absolutely in heaven! Best tea ever too. Your end of summer posts are the best. Still have the last one in my head with that Seal song!! My favorite!


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