This (really) Works

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Time to share another favourite product with you!  These electrically heated ceramic stones from “This Works” are absolutely fantastic for diffusing aromatherapy oils.  They scent an entire large room for hours and are a perfect alternative when candles are not safe or appropriate.  They get just hot enough in the centre that the oils heat evenly without ever burning, yet they stay cool enough around the edge that you can pick them up.   You may buy the “This Works” oils that go with, which are very nice, or simply choose your own from your local spa, yoga centre, or hippie shop  🙂  Now I’m not suggesting that you leave them plugged in all day, or overnight, or for 3 days, (who, me?)  but I’m just saying that if you did happen to do that…. nothing happens.


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  1. I received this as a gift from someone we know. I love it!!! I too left it on for way too long once. It was a simple clean up, but still very nice

  2. I also received this as a gift from someone we know. C’est merveilleux!
    I had to buy one from my teenage son’s room as he loved it so much…I made sure he knew he still had to use deodorant!

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