1. I am thrilled. My 5 year old granddaughter,
    Stella, is watching with me. I have shown
    her videos of Diana and Charles’ wedding,
    which she loves. We’re going to be
    watching every detail and loving it.
    They are so genuinely in love, and it shows.
    How lovely for us in this troubled world…
    even if we are Americans…

  2. I could completely imagine a life as a Princess then on to Queendome. Oh yes!! Right up my alley. As I have always said “It’s good to be the Queen!” Best of luck to Wills and Katie .. hope that engagment ring brings her more luck than it did his mum. Brought a tear to my eye when I saw it on her hand … I remembered when ..

  3. Fun story! I had to call my 15 year old daughter in here two times while reading your fabulous post. first for the couch at ABC carpet and second for the wall painted with the union jack. Might be a project for her room over the break.

  4. SP i now know you are crackers! some of the things you come up with….are too effing funny. thanks for a great post and ta ta for now…

  5. Hahaha, c-u-h-lever and funny. When I think you’ve made your funniest blog, next thing I know there is another one!!! Keep them coming pleeease!

    P.S I’m thinking maybe it’s time to decoupage some Union Jacks around the house?

    It’s a happy, happy time which we are ready for. They are an adorable couple. I hope they have a lifetime of joy. They do actually seem like they have fun, and I hope they keep time for that along the way.
    Your photos are amazing as usual. You sure have some happy memories of your years in London. I believe, in fact you’ve traveled the World with many happy memories. Yikes again “it goes in a blink ” Keep sharing your memories and making us smile. Great, great post.

  7. Awesome, and I just wrapped up the season of “An Idiot Abroad” created by Ricky Gervais and Karl Pilkington…..so funny, I love British humour!

    When I was a kid my big brother had a Pinto with a British flag plastered against the car’s back window, the ride was affectionately referred to as “The Who-mobile”. It was the 80’s, it wasn’t really necessary to check your blind spots back then.

    More photos of you in the 80’s please, and yes I think Kate is up to the ‘task’, I think they make a smashing couple!

  8. I personally love her. They look so perfect together. She seems to be a woman of great discretion and taste, so hard to find in the day of tiger woods….girls. But I must also comment on the Queen photo, that is the best outfit ever on her ,such lovely colors on her, never thought those words would come out of my mouth… after her film , she seems human to me.

    • I agree Babe- I think the Queen looks fantastic in that photo. I saw her once, many years ago, she was extremely petite with very sparkly blue eyes and shockingly good skin.

  9. I’ve poked Her Majesty to join me in ‘Petville’ on Facebook. Knowing her love of all things four legged, I”m sure to get an acceptance.
    I think Kate has the most adorable dimples.
    I’ve always wondered how that guy who broke into the palace found the Royal chamber. He probably asked someone in one of the hallways is my guess: “Why certainly’, sir, no problem at’ll—just go down this long hallway, turn right, then make a sharp left…..”
    Yes–I’d would like to be a Duchess or Queen but only in the ‘Princess Diary’ way where Julie Andrews appears to pluck me out of obscurity and train me for my eventual greatness.
    Love all things English.
    Thanks, again, Slimmy, for another marvelous post.

  10. Ha – so funny. You naughty 80s girl you those poor palace police could have lost their jobs. You could have sent to the Daily Mail and you could have been a page 3 girl!

    Love all the Union Jack stuff but could never have it in my house, it would feel a bit gimmicky.

    Love Kate Middleton, I think it is so sweet, the media here and in the UK have been so bitchy about her clothes and why would you want to marry into that family etc. Please. Just let them be. Although I think the ‘I am giving you my dead mother’s very very famous engagement ring but NO PRESSURE really’ is all a bit weird-a-rama.

    And of course she will be Queen of Australia, not just the UK. Unless we become a republic before then!


  11. I could not be more excited! I was only 5 when Diana and Charles married, but I will never forget that wedding. I think Kate is ADORABLE, and totally up for the challenge. She has big shoes to fill, but I think she is poised to do so. It’s an exciting time!

  12. I love a good palace breach of security story. Have always been thoroughly entertained by the repeated breaches of security at Buck House. We are talking the height of ineptitude here. One incident is funny, but to have it happen over and over?! And to chat with an intruder while he fires up a cigarette in One’s bed chambers?!?!
    Even funnier …. chatting up the security detail in the front yard while the intruder is making his way to said bed chambers!! HA HA!

    William and Katey are adorable! I could have cried when I saw Diana’s engagement ring on Kate’s hand. Pretty sure I’m one of Di’s biggest fans of all time.
    (Liz? NOT so much.) 🙁

    Kate looks like she’s up for the job. Alot has changed and alot has been learned since the mayhem of Diana’s day. William has already stepped up like a gentleman and demonstrated that he will not tolerate Kate being bullied by the press. I think they’re going to live happily ever after!

  13. I love the “distraction” story — but why can’t I make the photo larger?? :{}

    GREAT photos — the liberty pillows are especially wonderful.

    What do you think of the photo itunes used of the Beatles? I think it is the worst photo I have ever seen of them all. There are so many great shots. This is one of those things that I look at and think to myself “who sat in a creative-corporate boardroom and chose that shot — and what were the options”. The mind reels.

    I would ne-vuh want to be full blown royalty. To much scrutiny, to many restrictions.

    I don’t usually do much on fashion (more your territory), but I have done a couple of pieces on Chanel, including a fabulous video of Coco Chanel defining l’elegance, in thick French, while enjoying a ciggy, of course.

    Stop by the market if you have a chance…

  14. No bias here but as an ex-patriot Brit this blog particularly warmed the cockles of my heart… and I am still laughing about the bat intrusion a while back… I really look forward to your every blog!

  15. Oops, sorry, something went wrong there…

    Hilarious post – reminded me of the many reasons why I love living in this great quirky country (except the weather!).

    Lucky the US and UK have such decorative flags, can’t imagine Karl doing a German version of the Chanel bag anytime soon.

    I think William and Kate will make it work, they are a much more normal and modern couple than his parents ever were. Despite being a bit of a Republican at heart I find the Royals endlessy fascinating.

    Slim, how about giving Kate some discreet fashion advice and taking her shopping – she’s very pretty with a great figure but she dresses far too old and ‘safe’ for her age – you’d be her perfect stylist.

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  17. No wonder my FB conversation with HRH keep getting cut short, she would prefer to talk to Slim! Seems rather rude of her I think (though I am absolutley sure you are more interesting Slim) it’s just I am one of her royal subjects and we have important “country” business to talk about. Like what I shall wear to Williams wedding. Happy weekend Slim. XO

  18. Anglophiles Unite!!!!
    I’m rooting for Kate, I really am! They have been together for so long, one has to hope they are really in love…….
    Your 80’s story and photo. What a hoot!
    And I especially love the the mosaic Union Jack photo.
    Want to see some fun Union Jack pillows?
    Go to this etsy shop.
    She does a nice job!

    • I like these pillows Emily- you are right, she does do a nice job! they are very “Vivianne Westwood for The Rug Company”

  19. Good Morning!

    Great pics and yes! I’ve noticed the innovation and I’m loving it… 🙂

    Talking about “chic” stuff, go take a look at my post today.. OPRAH might buy a 68 mil house in New Jersey.. what do you think about that, Slim? 😉

    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  20. I miss seeing ABC Carpets NYC. I used live in NYC and it is great for design junkies. It has so much soul. It’s like if Paul Smith’s had an underground lair, I love it.

  21. Slim, There is no way I would want to be queen, princess, duchess or lady. Well, I am The Lady Eve, so maybe a lady wouldn’t be so bad. BUT…I believe you have no life at all once you sign on at The Firm. Kate will make a good queen, I think, because she IS a commoner. In America we don’t even have a word that is used in the context of “commoner.” Doesn’t it sound sort of dirty? “You commoner!”
    As for you Slim Paley, Distracter of Bobbies, you almost caused Prince Charles to become King on that sweaty night of ’82. I was going to school in London at that time. I wish I had known you then. If I had then you might have been allowed to see my Big Hair Pics from that same time. Those pics will stay forever glued into my floral, polyester, plastic sheet insert photo album for my grandkids to see, along with my vintage Alexander McQueen that remains in my closet. Have I said too much? I’m not even a grandmother yet.

  22. Whitesnake! Love it! That brings back memories…

    Wouldn’t want the Real Royalty thing, living under the microscope and all. I wouldn’t mind inheriting old Uncle Title-Holder’s old family country cottage that I could fix up (family fortune intact and all) and enjoy anonymously. I am looking forward to watching the Big Wedding though!

    My daughter (a Jr. in high school) is loving the fact that Kate was an art history major. That’s what she wants to study in college and her dad and I keep shaking our heads. But I guess if its good enough for the next Queen of England (and the first college-educated one), it should be good enough for my girl… sigh…

  23. …and the ONLY jewelers to open on Rodeo Drive this year are both BRITS! Solange Azagury-Partridge and the divine Stephen Webster!

      • Oh Slim, there is no end to your creativity, enthusiasm for life & inventive eye!!! Another fabulous post!! As for my opinion of a fairytale life for Kate Middleton I have to say her chances are much slimmer than those of also beautiful Princess Letiza
        Who will one day be queen of Spain. Through mutual friends I had the honor of know the late beautiful tragic Princess Diana on first name basis. I’ve dined with Prince Charles & her at Kensinton Palace, worked on volunter Hospic projects with her. Again through mutual friends & working in US on the project to rebuild the Globe Theatre in London I came to know prince Philip. Prince Charles I also have spent time with concerning
        The building of a charming small opera house in the Royal College of Music. Again something close mutual friends of ours roped me into! But all these projects were a joy and honor to be involved in. And of course the greatest thrill was the first time I met the queen of England. Her ambassador to Washington DC Sir Oliver Wright arranged for me to lunch aboard the Britannia in San Diego with their majesties. For once in my life I was speechless when prince Phillip presented me!!! But by the time they arrived in rainsoaked Santa Barbara where I was chairman for the city of SB for her visit her graciousness put me totally at ease. I’m not listing all this to brag but to show my opinion is based on more than what I’ve read or a single introduction to a royal. And that opinion is I don’t envy Kate Middleton one bit. Let little girls dream of being a fairy princess but for grown up women the reality isn’t always a fairy tale!

    • Thanks P & P, but no, I was never an actress. Too shy 🙂

      What I always really, REALLY wanted to be? A writer and a small book shop owner. I still have the shop all designed in my mind’s eye.
      I thought about being a florist- except I didn’t want to get up that early!

  24. I love that there is an upcoming wedding in the royal family. Something fun in the news to look forward to, plus a little fantasy… Kate’s a very lovely girl, with a great figure and good taste in her clothing choices. God save the Queen!!

  25. I loved this post Slim. The picture of you is great. I thought GRANDAD would have made a comment or two, being British and all. Keep us posted on your royal conversations, and if by chance you are invited for tea, or the wedding………..

    B J

  26. Small bookshop designed by the inimitable SP?
    I can only imagine how warm and inviting and cozy…and…
    I have the books! …about 5000 in my (very) eclectic collection — design, signed first editions, poetry, short stories, biography, fiction… let’s do it!

  27. The Rolls Royce Silver Spur Flying Lady has now officially become only the second most attractive hood ornament ever to come out of England.

  28. Fun blog Slim Paley! But as far as wanting to be royalty is concerned? Royalty? Really? It’s the 21st Century and the very idea of royalty is rather ridic. I can hardly believe anyone still buys into this stuff.

  29. What fun! Just love Thomas Smyth’s home! And please keep us posted on her highness’ views of Kate and William’s nuptials. Since I noticed Charlie Sheen is now following me on Twitter, we can trade notes. 🙂

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