The Week That Was

Slim Paley photo

Early morning in my library, just before Sunday yoga


Well, that was a crazy week.

It began with wild storms and loads of rain.  Tuesday I took a field trip to Sun Valley CA. to look at stone slabs for counter tops (very different from Sun Valley, Idaho, I might add) During the drive there and back I passed through every possible weather permutation save snow I think.  I felt like the mannequin in the shop window in “H.G. Well’s The Time Machine”


Marble slab warehouse


Apparently an interesting customer had been in shopping the week before…




As a child, one of my favourite movie scenes was when the mannequin in the shop window of “The Time Machine” conveyed the accelerated passage of time by racing through all the different periods of fashion.


and I always thought Rod Taylor was so handsome and his house so cozy. I could never understand why he was a bachelor 🙁

But I digress…(I know you’re shocked)


Wednesday, well, I don’t even want to go into that day, and yesterday a friend and I attended an all day “Yoga Immersion” in Ojai.  The class was from 9:00 to 4:00 (with a break for lunch. Tofu, of course!)


Slim Paley photo of Ojai


Down Dog Kitty


Here are a few things I learned in the class :

-I’ve confirmed I’m not comfortable with “Free Style” yoga- not even with super loud music- not even in my own bedroom, much less a room filled with 75 people I don’t know.  If you told me the survival of the entire manifest of The Titanic was at stake I could not dance around with the reckless abandon of a couple of yesterday’s classmates. Oye.  OK, maybe once, in my early twenties, after a couple of Singapore Slings the night after seeing “Flashdance”  did I dance like that.  No, come to think of it, still not quite that animated. And I’m sure I had a bra on.

Never look at your good friend when you’re trying not to laugh.

-If your personal repetoire of unguided yoga poses runs the gamut of A to B, Freedom Style yoga might not be your bag, Man.

-Always find out beforehand if a class is geared towards students or teachers. That would be really helpful.

-Might also be a good idea to inquire ahead of time what style of yoga is being taught.

-My no-ride, no wriggle, no-show Gap boy shorts are still The Bomb.

– Some people like to ask questions just to hear the sound of their own voice. They should get over themselves.

-The next time I smell big bunches of yoga sage branches it might be too soon.

– Mat to Mat, head to toe exercise with 75 other people in one room for an entire day is not my idea of a dream date.

I love my feet.

-and I’m glad I had a pedicure,


We’ll leave it there.

Namaste and all that though.


The Best Part of Sunday morning yoga!




Comfort food is definitely in order these days



Slim Paley iPhone photo



3 TBL butter

12 ounces assorted wild mushrooms (shtake, oyster, black trumpet and crimini)

1 1/2 tsp. fresh thyme



1/4 cup red wine

3 TBL. fresh thyme leaves

2 TBL mayonnaise

1 small shallot chopped

1/2 cup olive oil, plus more for brushing thick slices of rustic bread


Saute butter, mushrooms and fresh thyme in frying pan until cooked.

Whisk together ingredients of vinaigrette and drizzle over mushrooms spread on toasted bread brushed with olive oil

Season with rock salt, fresh black pepper and Truffle oil!

Serve with salad and nice hearty glass of red wine





Slim Paley photo

Aaahhhhh…. bubbles & pictures of Birkenstock Busters




Have a supple weekend 🙂



Oh, and PS.  If you were in the class… I wasn’t talking about you!

(Yoga cats via flickr)


  1. Slim, don’t you think sage smells like body odor? I like my feet, too, and love my metallic purple toenails. Do you think there is a reason Ojai is pronounced ” oh, high ?” is it situation where the place is synonymous with an altered consciousness ? After all, krishnamurti does have a foundation there. Your description of the yoga class was perfect. Like I was there.

  2. Oh dear Slim sounds like you are having a week something like I have been having for the past few months. And to rub salt into the wound it’s all to do with a bathroom refit, or not, as the case may be, oh to have a divine bathroom like yours. Maybe one day, or week, or month……

    On a brighter note the sun is shining, I am off to make me some of the yummy mushroom crostini and look forward to Thursday when I am off to Ireland. Maybe the hotel will have a wonderful bathroom, just like yours! As always a great post and love the pics of the cats.

  3. Oh dear Slim sounds like you are having a week something like I have been having for the past few months. And to rub salt into the wound it’s all to do with a bathroom refit, or not, as the case may be, oh to have a divine bathroom like yours. Maybe one day, or week, or month……

    On a brighter note, the sun is shining (sorry), am off to make me a yummy mushroom crostini, and dream of my trip to Ireland on Thursday where the hotel’s bathroom will be a maze ING!!!!!

    Another great post, as always.

  4. My girls absolutely love these kitty pictures! They are both allergic to cats so they have to settle for pictures. Sigh. Wish I could do a cat stretch in yoga but with rods and screws in my back from spinal fusion, it’s like asking a 2 by 4 piece of plywood to bend.

  5. Rod Taylor single … hummmm. Lets see .. handsome with perfect hair, and a perfectly put together home. He either has a great decorator or a boyfriend ! Single ! Great blog. Looooove those shoes. love.

  6. slim, slim, slim,

    i love this post. first of all i love your library. mine involves a card.

    secondly, i hate weird yoga classes. they bring out the stangest people, not me. but stranger than me. also i love your reference to singapore slings. i used to drink those!

    thirdly, i love my feet too. i think they are my best asset.

    fourthly, i have all the ingredients to make the mushroom crostini right now in my kitchen!

    fifthly, sun valley california isn’t very pretty is it?


    • No Janet- Sun Valley CA isn’t very pretty, I’m afraid. Re the Singapore Slings- it makes me laugh just thinking about all the memories that come flooding back saying that name! And we thought ourselves so “Worldly” and Grown Up, didn’t we?!
      Well, speaking for myself of course.

  7. Just read your Yoga post…hilarious. I was in love with Rod Taylor as well….”The Birds” i would have switched places with Tippi Hedron any day…never mind the eyeballs being poked out. Am now following you on Twitter and can’t wait to read more posts.

    • Thanks Maureen!
      Someone told me Rod Taylor lives here in Santa Barbara, but I’ve been here 18 years and have never crossed his path (at least knowingly) I just Googled him and it says he is an artist, married to his third wife, and lives in Southern California.
      Some damn dishy photos on there too, I must say.

  8. SP!

    I love your library. The sun light just coming in, reflecting on that hat on the corner… poetic!

    I always enjoy coming to you blog! Thank you for always posting interesting things.

    Lots of Love!


  9. At least it wasn’t hot yoga! or with chanting, like I experienced once when our prenatal instructor had a sub who was into that, so we (very pregnant women) had to go around in a circle chanting. Thank you, no.

  10. Great post. I had a great laugh out loud at Chinese Jesus. Always loved Rod Taylor- my first love
    looked like him but with a thick natural blond afro – cracking up at the free yoga description-
    the time I tried it I just couldn’t stop laughing- so much for reverence. Thanks again.
    My kitties do yoga daily- love watching it.

  11. You crack me up. Okay I will take the g.d. yoga class if there is mushroom crostini and a cabled cashmere blanket waiting afterward! In college we walked everywhere barefoot, (even to the bars!) I was told by a very adorable guy that I had beautiful feet. Yup…. hook, line and sinker!

  12. Funny Post. I was subjected to one of those yoga retreats many years ago. Hated it was dying to leave after the 1st break for lunch, but got the evil eye from my instructor. Funny memories though.
    Down the road you will laugh at it. Great shot of of your Yoga retreat in your home though.
    Our 15 yr. old cat does kitty yoga all day long, so graceful like its nothing. Ojai is divine.
    I am seriously thinking of going out to buy ingredients for the Wild Mushroom crostini. so YUM.
    Happy week Slim . ox

  13. OMG! and you thought the ball class was tough! This is hilarious! I guess you better just stick to Pilates! 🙂

  14. I always dug Rod Taylor, too–in ‘Young Cassidy’ and ‘The Glass Bottom Boat’. Thanks for being so consistently funny and profound with the blogs, Slim.

  15. SP,

    I am back here today because I was thinking about your post yesterday before going to sleep. You know when you lay down and start thinking about your day? I just came to the conclusion that, whenever I read your posts I feel like moving to California… oh, so sunny and beautiful. And the 2nd thing is; if I ever win the lottery I would like to hire you as my interior designer. Sounds good?


    Have a nice sunday!


    • Thanks Luciane
      Beautiful- yes. Sunny- noooot so much this year. I think I heard this was the coldest, cloudiest summer in Southern California since 1940.

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