The Turning

flowers from my garden,

It’s here.

 Autumn has officially arrived.

I will acknowledge its presence and no longer be cranky with those who wished the warm weather away.

I’ve perused the gross weight of all the September issues, witnessed Halloween & Thanksgiving decor in stores for myself and weakly bleet “UNCLE”

Ya got me.

As you may have noticed, I even changed my header photo. Now if I could only figure out how to nix the turquoise banner for a more autumnal shade I’d be good.

WordPress, please heed my cry for help!

Light on the dining room wall, Slim PaleyTruly, I knew It was almost here with the subtle shift of late afternoon light in my dining room. After living in this home for over 20 years we’re like old friends that finish each other’s sentences.

“Slim” (said the house) “Stop trying to act all ‘India Hicks’ with the giant palm fronds still on the table. It’s the end of September. Get over yourself”

Like I said, Very old friends.

white roses.

And while I for one will still lament the all too soon passing of our summer, I’ll readily concede there are no other seasonal contenders when it comes to the beauty of Autumn light. I could basically just run around my house with a camera from 4pm to 6pm from now through November and be a very happy glamper.

Lost in Arles via Lost in Arles blog

Then there’s the whole “leaf changing thing”

Which I guess is okay if you go in for that sort of stuff…

Another big check in the plus column?

dolce-gabbana-rtw-fw2013-runway-60_112954382617Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2013

Hellooo Fall Fashion!



Louis Vuitton Fall 2013

Louis Vuitton Fall 2013

Not to mention (always followed by a mention)

A bed & a book

that my flannel sheets will soon be making their eagerly awaited comeback.

Oh Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Truth be told, I could blissfully sleep in flannel all year round.

Of course I wouldn’t still be married, so there’s that…

49032504Photos via here

 I totally adore the colours of Fall

24401145How divine is this copper & rust mixed with palest cream & blush?

I’m So copying. With flowers and a make-up palette. Stay tuned.

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 7.41.40 AMphoto Sarah Maingot

Shorter days and cooler nights invite us back to long heavenly soaks in the bath.

Never a bad thing.

Fall. Slimpaley.comAnd Fall food is as comforting as all get out. Soup’s on? I’m there.

be81dd751d0fec8be52948e3190ed470Grilled onions with thyme & cream. Recipe here

Angels on Horseback

A version of “Angels on Horseback” with Medjool dates, water chestnuts & pineapple wrapped in bacon, marinated in soy sauce & pineapple juice then baked. Yum.

Howard Slatkin bar

Libationally (I say it’s a word) it’s fun to adapt your bar, like this one in Howard Slatnik’s home, to the cooler season’s more comforting requirements.

vintage books. Slimpaley.comAnd I must admit, Fall certainly does invite one to hunker down and enjoy more cozy reading time…



pretty light, gorgeous colours, long baths & flannel sheets. A good meal, a great read, cashmere & a comely cocktail…

I do believe I’ve just talked myself into being very happy that Autumn has arrived!

Check it! I could be on “Super Soul Sunday”

I have a motivational speaker lurking inside of me!

omg. That explains my inexplicable weight gain over the summer…

Phew. Just found the silver lining!

Happy Falling Leaves To All




  1. As an absolute autumn enthusiast…you’ve just reinforced what I always knew! I do love flannel sheets and a fire in the fireplace and a hearty soup and…well, what you said.

  2. woman after my own heart!!! Love, love, love the bathtub….and fall. BTW, I’ll be in “your necka the woods” this afternoon!!! Trying to get free tickets to the Justin Timberlake concert on Hollywood Blvd. today. But first, I have to go to BHLDN and immerse myself in wedding luxury! xoxo

  3. Very beautiful and motivating:) post, Slim! Love the photo of copper and rust mixed with palest cream and blush roses. My new home colours by the way…along with gold accents. Love to wear these colours too!

  4. “Wish I could look that casual chic in my sweat pants” she says as she goes off to try the onions in cream and thyme recipe !! :- )

  5. Glorious flowers by that wonderful staircase, inviting bubble bath in a hot tub by candlelight, good books to read, flannel sheets on crisp nights, you are making fall very visually/sensually seductive!

  6. Slim – What a visual and verbal feast you have shared with us. You had me at the reminder of flannel sheets. Just as I was missing the longer days of summer, you cheered me up in your usual fashion. ❌❌❌

  7. I experienced the same inexplicable weight gain! Thinking the massive amounts of fresh seasonal fruit devoured does add up to some calories!

  8. Gorgeous! Love the trophy. I just inherited one from my father-in-law’s 1913 Yale wrestling team & you’ve inspired me to add flowers. The grouping of creamware is scrumptious in that marvelous light. You’ve done it again, Slim!
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Maybe I have said this once or twice before, but, this is one of my favorite SP posts of all time.
    The grilled onions and thyme cream sound sumptuous. Howard Slatnick’s bar looks pretty good too.
    I’m already for my favorite season; soup is in the freezer, fall closets are in order, fresh candles are out, sweaters are fluffied up, even the dogs have new jackets BUT … there are no little white pumpkins to be had anywhere. Are people spraying them with Kilz and not telling me? If anyone in Vancouver knows where to find white pumpkins can you give me a heads up? I will even drive to Washington state to procure a few. Thank you. 🙂
    It is these beautiful posts of yours that have caused the shelter magazine industry to crash you know.

  10. Wow, Slim, you are the top notch PR spokeswoman for Fall. You wrapped us up in a cocoon of
    warmth, delightful images, and coziness and sold me! I totally agree on the autumnal softness of the sun now,
    sort of slows you down and makes you tilt your head just a bit in recognition.
    Lovely, as always. Thanks!

  11. hi there you Americans do love your ‘It’s Fall’ posts but you do it so well dear Slim. And you did it with barely a mention of pumpkin.

    Love that blanket draped guy. So cool.

    As for me, I ALWAYS read standing up in my ankle length cream lace Edwardian – ish dress.

    Hope you are well.


  12. Thank you for ushering me gently into fall. It’s hard for me as well to let go of summer, but you’ve presented fall in such a lovely light (literally and figuratively) that I suppose I’ll have to acquiesce. Oh, and thanks for the laugh out loud moment of the motivational speaker lurking inside of you! Off to polish my trophy for flowers…

  13. You had me at “Happy Falling Leaves To All”! You are great, a breath of fresh fall air. Posts are delightful. Bobbie

  14. am absolutely swooning over that table setting! autumn color palette: copper/rust/pale pink/blush AND those tiny white pumpkins AND the candles…add those onions and dates and I am there! Maybe some delicious butternut squash soup ?After feasting, I would curl up by the fire with a cashmere throw and be in a heavenly state of bliss….oh my goodness…

  15. Well, I’ll be…Here I was delightedly scrolling down from one scrumptious “essence of Fall” photo to another when I had a “Heeeey, wait a minute, I knoooow that photoooo.” hehehe Thank you for featuring it and for the link! Mucho appreciado.
    And speaking of, did you appreciate Jane’s lumping you in with “you Americans”? I did. 🙂

  16. yes -my favorite season as well! I don’t really love flannel sheets though, always seem so messy. I prefer linen -have you tried those too? If they’re new, wash them 4-5 times first before using them, they get so soft. And don’t bother ironing them! super lovely

  17. Flannel sheets, Flannel pj’s……did you say FLANNEL?! My dear lady what kind of HRT are you on???? I slept with the windows partially open, naked, and no covers in New England and that was years ago in my late 30’s ….I think Slatkin’s “liboratory table” is an Illana Goor …I shall continue, as always, to be in total denial and continue playing footisies with my havaianas….xo

  18. This was the most gorgeous post. I’m lingering over wishing I was sipping a warm cup of apple cider. I always know it’s fall around my house when I hear the referees’ football whistle {living with 3 guys will do that}. I much prefer your afternoon light show as a reminder!

  19. Oh and what candle is that ~ the square one in your last {gorgeous} photo? The wick and the shape are intriguing. Would make a great little fall happy to give to a friend {or to myself!}.

    • It’s a brass matchstick with a tiny wick, sitting on a porcelain cube you fill with lamp oil.
      Made by a company called “Anthologie Quartett”. I was just in the Museum of Contemporary Art gift shop in Chicago with my son’s girlfriend and saw it and remarked that I’d had mine for years and loved it but had never seen it around until then. NO JOKE, 5 minutes later, your question came through on my iPhone. Freaky!!

  20. So beautiful! I love that my birthday is right at the start of this luscious, luxurious season. Your images gave me a small vacation into the land I wish I lived in, my 3 boys bring me back to, well, here. You have also given me my fall tablescape! Can’t wait to make that reality!

  21. Our garden has come alive after the cold Canberra winter: the wisteria is in full flower over our pergola, the lavender buds are turning mauve and the climbing roses just starting to open. Fragrant spring scents and greenery and anticipation of ripe tomatoes from the veggie garden in a couple of months – and yet you almost had me wishing it was autumn already! Beautiful post Slim – loved the colours, the cosy warmth, the promise of autumnal drinks in front of a glowing fire, even those onions! Best wishes, Pamela

  22. As a Swedish expat in south Florida, I dreamily scroll through your beautiful blog,longing for every bit of fall (perhaps sans flannel sheets) as I gaze out my humidity steamed windows. Hmm, I think I’ll turn the ac waaaay down and bake myself an apple pie! Thanks for setting the mood!

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