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Slim Paley photo



Slim Paley photo

My sad little punching bag 🙂

(worst “bag” I’ve ever bought)




Woops-  Sorry for that little lapse in posting. Busy week.  And now I’m going to post about the least likely of Slim Paley subjects- Boxing! Have you seen David O. Russell’s “The Fighter” yet??  If you haven’t, get thee to the nearest theatre and you will be in for a treat.  Based on the true story of welter weight fighter Micky Ward, this is simply one of the best films I’ve seen in awhile.  Mark Wahlberg is so endearing and believable in the lead (love him), Christian Bale is an actor from another planet (scared of him), and the supporting cast consistently threaten to steal all their scenes, which in this film, is not an easy feat.  Go see it!


Meeting the Sisters

Mark Wahlberg & Amy Adams as his girlfriend in “The Fighter


Melissa Leo as the Mother From Hell


What she really looks like!

and then, there are the sisters;


First we had the Magnificent Mitfords


Followed by the Fahbulous Cushing Clan

(That’s Babe on the left)



But they had nothing on The Ward Sisters!

Dear Lord in Heaven-

Imagine going to your boyfriend’s home for the first time and confronting these Fab Frauleins?!

Naturally my first thought was; Worst/Best Day Ever? Being an actress sent to audition for one of these parts…and getting it 🙁


FYI- One of the actresses is Conan O’Brian’s  sister in real life!




I have to admit, I do LOVE me a good boxing movie.  Perhaps it started with my childhood heartthrob

Marlon Brando in “On The Waterfront”

(Stop it- Speaking of being from another planet!)

( you know what the worst thing about including a photo of M.B. on a post is?  trying to navigate away from the Google images page)


Then there was.One of my all time favourite films;

“Raging Bull”


Robert DeNiro as Jake Lamotta


Paul Newman as Rocky Graziano in “Somebody Up There Likes Me”




Apparently Congratulations are in order.

Sylvester Stallone  was just inducted into The Boxing Hall of Fame last week


And all too real life boxer

Mike Tyson



And then, of course, we had





And lastly,



The True Story of Slim’s Incredibly Short & Tragic Boxing Career

I couldn’t say for sure what first inspired me.

It might have been as simple as my body telling me I needed  more upper arm exercise…

But I suddenly felt the need to really punch the &*^#$* out of something.


So  adorable pink gloves were located, a rather sad looking but adequate (or so I thought) amateur punching bag was purchased and basically I was off to the races ring.  I thought it was a simply wonderful idea. I’d play some music, get some high kick boxing in while I was at it, and I’d have the arms of Daria Werbowy before you can say Daria Werbowy.

Daria Wer…whateveh

That very first night, the middle two fingertips of my right hand swelled to the size and colour of ball-park franks.   A career threatening injury the first night!  Days went by. Various compotes, creams and unguents applied…still, weiner fingers.  In the meantime, calls from concerned Mother going something like this;

“How are your fingers?”

“The same Mom”

“Well- Honestly, I don’t know why in the world you would ever do something like that in the first place.  You’re not a boxer.  You’re not built for boxing”

“Mom.  I wasn’t planning on going professional you know.  I just wanted to get a little upper arm exercise- a lot of women do it.”

“Yes, but YOU’RE double -jointed. Not built for boxing”

“?? OK, Mom.  I gotta go…”

Several weeks, two doctors, 3 prescriptions later, Boxing career over.  Fingers almost back to normal but still held slightly aloft from habit (or possibly from being double jointed 🙂 )


Perhaps wrestling might be more my thing.  I always loved “The World According To Garp”

via Remodelista


Slim Paley photo

My Little Pugilist


Have a Smashing Good Weekend Everyone!


I’ll leave you with the sexiest “Boxing” song ever by one of my all time Heavy-weight singers

“Love TKO” by Teddy Pendergrass








  1. Loved the movie…….one of my top faves EVER!

    Love the pics..on your blog……..until the last one.

    It REALLY upset me. Is it a real picture? Is a baby really tattooed? YIKES!!

    I found that picture totally “Scary.” Totally.

    Help me; Slim! Is that funny? What is that? Why is it funny? Why do you show it?

    I am about to start a blog……..(why? you are a real inspiration!!)

    I do not get that last pic. It made me sick to my stomach. Please explain! If you have time to answer! Thanks ahead of time!


  2. I love all your posts, Slim. You are so entertaining.
    I do remember that your mom is double- jointed too.

  3. Ok you surprised me there with your little boxing dalliance – although the pink gloves seemed appropriate. I must admit that boxing’s not my thing – not even for MB – but I do hear that The Fighter is fabulous. It’s on my ever growing list of must sees – still haven’t made it to Black Swan or The King’s Speech. Thinking you should maybe stick with yoga.

  4. You are a contender for one of the funniest woman alive–I’ll say that.
    I also like boxing and this is from someone who loathes sports.
    Melissa Leo and Amy Adams are superb actresses. I’m sure I’ll shudder at another one of Christian Bale’s sacrifices–meaning he starved himself. These body changes–think Natalie Portman–that actors do to themselves break the fourth wall for me. I do plan on seeing ‘The Fighter’, though.
    Your Mum is right. You are more suited for circus work.
    You nailed another great post, Slimmy.

  5. Have had a really bad cold for almost 2 weeks and you have me rolling on the floor with laughter. Those are fantastic shots of Ali. Sorry about the boxing career. Have a great week-end.

  6. I have been looking at your “sad punching bag”. I think it’s pretty hilarious that while the inside looks deflated it says “the power is within” and I guess the model is “power core”. And EVERLAST?? I doooon’t think so. I do feel a little connected to it though, my power core is prettty much like the punching bag’s.


  7. oh Slim, imagine my excitement when I saw that you had posted! (It comes up on my blog page) that’s how addicted I am to your blog! Um boxing???? I despise it. Why does someone intentionally want to just bloody someone’s face. I put it right up there with dog fighting. (sorry if I’ve offended any of your readers).

  8. I have Andy Warhol’s “Mohammud Ali” poster above my bed! So, I could relate to this post! (he’s not above my bed because I’m a fighter in the bedroom…it’s because I had health issues and it was a gift to help me keep my chin up! ) Love your posts!

  9. I love the photo of the Mitford sisters – for me they were always the perfect example of “nature abhors a vacuum” – (really smart girls who are basically denied an education so they figured life out on their own – in some cases really well, in others well……)
    I first heard Love TKO sung by Blondie on S.N.L.. I have searched for a clip or recording for years to no avail -what a great song.
    Thank you for the post.

  10. Slim,
    I loved The Fighter too. My husband and I could not figure out who the mom was! Oh my gosh, I recognize that actress now! Thanks so much for posting that pic of her. She was really good in that role. That whole family was like watching a train wreck! Boxing was part of a workout I did many years ago. It is a really good workout, but the gloves get so sweaty! Yuk! Loved your boxing career story!

  11. One thing I always wanted to ask a Marlon Brando aficionado: in the Waterfront, he puts on Eva Marie Saint’s dainty white glove when they are talking. Was there any specific reason for that? Or was it something Brando did to maintain focus on the scene?

  12. You crack me up. How did Kelsey Grammer stay married to that horror for 13 years?? I’d love to give her a punch too! I loved the film—the catfight on the porch was priceless, no?

  13. this post made me laugh out loud.

    Those two photos of the mom are great!

    I saw the movie and I loved it as well, more so than Black Swan or True Grit. Christian Bale is CRAZY good in it.

  14. Oh, Slim…

    I never leave this blog w/out laughing a little… 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend!

    PS: I’ve posted today about a beach house in Carpinteira, Ca. I think you’d like to see it… so comfy and beautiful! I guess I’m missing you on my blog, SP! 🙂


    Luciane at

    • Jeannie I still LOVE slumber parties! Probably even more now, as I’m not so concerned with the Sneaking Out part!! Now I’m SO happy to just stay in 🙂

  15. Saw it yesterday and was so pleasantly surprised. An amazing film with amazing portrayals, even Christian Bale. I dont normally like these types of films but at least we didnt have to see close ups of all the blood and guts which I appreciated…great film!

  16. Huh! Boxing! I never would have suspected this of you. I can’t stand to watch boxing in any form which is a shame since I’d love to see all those sisters in action!

    No, I’d say the highlight of this post was the Cushing sisters. I loooove me some Babe Paley! Which is, I think, the true reason I was attracted to your blog in the beginning 🙂

    C”mon, admit it! You watch Camille on Real Housewives, don’t you! I would love to read your take on it–please make a Real Housewives post! Seeing Camille’s face makes my slappin’ hand itch.
    {hugs} Carolyn

    • Guilty as charged Carolyn- but I’ve admitted it before!
      I started with Housewives of NY, got disgusted and bailed…then fell off my cultural high horse and watched again. My husband got me hooked on this Beverly Hills crew. I think he actually enjoys seeing me getting that worked up about a “reality” show.
      I thought I disliked Kelly “I was Married to GILLES BENSIMMON” Bensimmon until I discovered Camille Grammer. Now I actually fantasize about running into her, although she lives in BEVERLY HILLS and I live in Santa Barbara. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to keep the pink boxing gloves in my car…I could hang them from my rear view mirror- they would go beautifully with my Chintz seat covers!

      • Oh Slim, I’m right with you regarding Camille. It wasn’t enough that she was reading The Prince upside down in her kitchen, but she had to go and describe something as “Machiavellic” [sic]. As Thomas Brinsley Sheridan knew only too well, a little Mrs. Malaprop makes for excellent ratings.

  17. i will never have a ball park frank without thinking of you and laughing my head off!!
    thanks – always thanks!

  18. just had to check in again….you crack me up. And I think Mr. Wonderful (who’s in the dog house for gettin my fat but to the gym today and now I’m in misery) and I are gonna go check this flick out today!
    I’ll let you know what we think 🙂

  19. Dear Slim, great post. I was surprised you posted about boxing! I hope your fingers are back to normal soon. My friend tried to teach me once, I was dreadful!

    Oh I love Brando, wasn’t he divine? xx

  20. HMMMM. Sim?
    What has being double jointed got to do with boxing prowess?
    I’m totally lost there.

    Love your mum’s comments though, my mum is always on my case about my (all too common) stuff ups, mishaps and accidents. I wonder how old the mum and the daughter have to be before this all stops?
    (Mine’s 79 and I’m 53).

    Cheers from the land of Blighty, where I will actually be spending the day with the “Hilarious One” herself.
    Louise in Townsville

  21. It’s 6.15am. Ooh Slim, what a way to wake up ……. I just played Teddy’s ‘Love TKO’ and melted away the years. A Monday morning with a difference. Purrrrrrrrr

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