The Night Before the Night Before


Well, we’re almost there!

In just a couple of hours it will be Christmas Eve, at least here in Southern California, where as you can see it’s been


(on my gift wrapping at least)

I felt in need of a change this season so I veered away from my usual ‘au natural’ wrapping theme and decided to go for a White Christmas instead. Bushels of white cotton batten, fake snow, glitter, glue and some very sticky fingers later…


Believe it or not, the snow stays on these presents even if you turn them upside down thanks to the Scotch Super 77 multi-purpose adhesive.


First I lightly sprayed a corner of the gifts (wrapped in plain white kraft paper) with the glue, allowed it a minute or two to become tacky, then built up a ‘snow drift’ with the cotton batting. Then, a second light spray and the addition of the two different types of fake snowflakes I found at Michael’s and Target, mixed with white packing ‘peanuts’ that we chopped up in the food blender (am I kind of crazy? don’t answer that) . A final light spray of glue, again just on the corner, to secure a gentle sprinkling of sparkly, glitter flakes and the presents are complete. FYI, I did do this outside on a drop cloth because of the mess and fumes from the aerosol adhesive.

890A5028The silver balls work by battery, so they’re great to run down the centre of your table mixed in with fresh greenery or to hang on the front door in a wreath or garland. (also from Target)

890A5048It ‘snowed’ in our barn this year too! 🙂

I leaned my antique water wheel from Sri Lanka up against the wall and wrapped it in fairy lights. So cozy.


So, that’s it for me. The wrapping is finished, the tree adorned and the dining room table is set. Both my boys are home for the holidays-YAY! (though one is sick-we’re actually hoping it’s food related and not the flu :()

Tomorrow, all going well and to plan, I’ll be back with pics of our tree and the table.

Safe Travels & Sweet Dreams my friends!




  1. Wow…just wow! That’s some seriously creative wrapping. Way to go with the styrofoam peanuts in the blender! Creative genius, not crazy. Was Vodka involved:)
    I hope it’s food related for your son too.
    Merry Christmas Eve’s Eve

  2. Wishing you a wonderful, faux-snow-filled Christmas with the three boys! Your winter atmosphere is so different from the sweltering temps here in Australia at the moment, where Melbourne has just suffered the hottest December night on record – 86 fahrenheit! Still… there’s nothing like Sydney and its steamy, summer fireworks on New Year’s Eve. Thanks for so many funny, witty, gorgeous, engaging and uplifting posts this year. Look forward to more Slim loveliness in 2013.
    Janelle McCulloch | LIbrary of Design xx

  3. Just beautiful and uber creative…and maybe a little crazy. This is one to be pinned and kept for future inspiration. Have the best of times with your family and friends.

  4. Chopping up packing peanuts on the food processor is my kind of “why am I doing this?” activity. I knew I wasn’t alone!! And the presents and barn look beyond lovely. Happy Holidays to you and the entire family! xx

  5. Slim,
    The packages look great. Do you sometimes wonder if the rest of the snow bound winter regions look at us SoCal folks in amazement with our desire for a bit of snow?! …as they shovel the snow to be able to use their driveway! lol I love the inviting feel of the Sri Lanka wheel and the candle lit lanterns…so pretty. I want those silver balls with lights from Target!
    I hope your son is feeling well again today. With the family at home all is well, right?
    Enjoy! It’s raining here this Christmas Eve morning…I’ll take it, it’s liquid snow.

  6. Merry Christmas, Slim! Very clever packaging, though I expected nothing less! The barn looks beautiful! Will you be posting pictures of that now that it’s complete? Pretty please? With sparkly faux snow on top? 😉 Enjoy your boys’ visit and fingers crossed he will be feeling better soon!

  7. Who needs snow when they have “Diamond Dust glitter!!” Your home just rings out merry and bright!! EnJOY it ALL!! frankki

  8. Wow! That is impressive wrapping. My boys always know which presents are from me because I am severely lacking in the wrapping department. I can do boxes, but that’s about it! And they’re lucky if they get a ribbon. Have a very Merry Christmas with your boys (I hope the one who is under the weather recovers in time for all the festivities)! And, perhaps we’ll see a little more of the barn in 2013???
    P.S. Got an early Christmas present yesterday when we were able to get tickets to go to Next in March!

  9. Merry Christmas to the best of the best! Loved the snow. Thank you and hope Santa is good to all the “slims” 😉

  10. White on white on white. What a beautiful finish for the best time of year. Merry Christmas wishes to you and your family. Hope your son is better and will be enjoying all the wonderful treats to come.

  11. Very cool wrapping!

    That last photo would make a really good Christmas postcard, so pretty and cozy!

    Merry Christmas to to you and the family, sorry to hear one of your sons is not feeling well.

  12. Your decorations look so lovely Slim.
    The parcels are too pretty to open!
    I would never have thought of putting packing peanuts in a food processor!
    Merry Christmas.

  13. It is Christmas Eve-what am I doing at the computer screen? I have much to do! Love your all white, snowy Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  14. Slim, your intricate description of your wrapping technique (as far as detail goes) lies somewhere between Philip Roth’s description of glove making in “American Pastoral” and Melville’s masterwork on whaling. Merry Christmas! Ishmael Roark.

  15. Slim, that wrapping must have taken you eons to do! Were you stressed at all? It is so beautiful. I think I would cry if I had to shop for gifts AND create the wrapping paper. Merry Christmas! Hope the boys feel better.

  16. Who knew Slim was so crafty? Actually, we all did..this posting though, shows how *ingenious* you are at
    using things to make beautiful decorations (it was the reused peanuts that got me!). Enjoy your holidays and drink some vodka martinis for a job well done!
    Thanks for being so generous all through the year by posting your blog…it’s merry and bright on some dismal days! 🙂

  17. Thrilled to see the snow pAckages…. Happy Holidays Slim, thx for always inspiring us with your wisdom, wit, style and beautiful Photos…..xoxo Marla

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  18. Lovely, lovely………but why are you not in Sun Valley at your gorgeous home where there is alot of the REAL white stuff this Christmas? Merry Christmas!

  19. Kinda crazy? How about kinda genius! So creative and fun. Wishing your guy a speedy recovery. Happy Christmas, Slim!! Thanks for making the world merry and bright.

  20. Love the barn…romantic space for making………hey!…… better not shout, you better not cry, you better not pout, I’m tellin’ you why, Santa Claus is coming to town 🙂 …….Have a holly, jolly Christmas Slim! Thank you so much for your wondrous spirit!

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