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It’s that time again!

I know we’re just fresh off the flush of the Golden Globes and all, but THE HOMIES are ON over at Apartment Therapy.

What’s that you say??  Hey-I didn’t know either, until one of my readers was sweet enough to nominate me today, but  it’s already been going for 3 days!

Nothing like arriving at the Beauty Pageant late, with your wig all askew and pantyhose on backwards, but there you go…


I’m asking for my very first shameless favour from you since I started Slim Paley – If you wouldn’t mind taking the time to register a vote for me, I would be ever so appreciative.  I won’t pretend it’s easy (OK, maybe it’s easier if you haven’t had a glass of wine)

This is what you have to do (to be my best friend forever…or, until the most popular boy in class likes you better than me 🙂 )

First go here:

Scroll down to the bottom of the page (WAY DOWN – cause Helloooo– alot of other people got here first) and click “register to leave a comment” (or Sign In if you are already registered at Apartment Therapy).

After you have registered (and confirmed your email) OR signed in, please leave the following comment EXACTLY as it appears below:

Name: Slim Paley

Click Submit Comment.


I realize this takes a few steps and a few minutes out of your precious free time, so I THANK YOU  IN ADVANCE so much!!

xx Slim

PS. Most of those other contestants- they stuffed their bras…I’m just sayin’  🙂



Slim Paley Photo

Roses & Apples from my garden




  1. You know how I always tell my kids (I know you don’t really know this, but play along here, it’s worth it) that they should love doing favors for people because doing something for someone else would make them feel good?
    They don’t believe me. But it’s true.
    So I’m going to that website RIGHT NOW.
    And thank you for asking me to do you a favor.
    It feels good.

  2. You’re right…it wasn’t easy BUT worth it… you either start or end my day (when you post) with a smile and positive attitude. You are the best. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

  3. Done Slim. Your blog is the one I look forward to and I feel like we could chill over a coffee or a glass of wine (after our intense yoga, of course).


  4. I voted! And loved the stuffed bra comment 🙂

    I just love this site and visit regularly. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

  5. Dearest Slim,
    I wanted to be the one to nominate you! I waited and waited for the Homies to open for the year but NO, my ‘puter goes down.

    Now, I must tell you I think we’ve made a wee mistake. You have already been nominated so we don’t need to do it again. We now need to wait until the 26th to VOTE for you and we will. Believe me we will.

    Read through the rules and see if I am right in this, I don’t want you to lose because we all think we’ve already voted.

    love & xx’x- j

    • She needs to be one of the top six contenders to have a chance at the vote. I have seen those pink boxing gloves and well used punching bag..ok, not so well used, but I think she can be a contenda…

      Here is how the instructions read on the site, so everyone should keep nominating 🙂

      After a week of nominations, we’ll collect up all your input and sort them down to the top six contenders. On Wednesday, January 26th we’ll post these top six for a week so that you have plenty of time to see them and vote.

    • Yes Jane, k9rovers is right! I DO need the votes NOW to even have a chance at getting into the top 6 final spots!
      If I am lucky enough to get into that final 6, then I will shamelessly ask everyone to vote for me one more time, so remember your passwords!! 🙂

      Thanks again so much for taking the time and having my back

  6. As we get ANOTHER snowfall here in Connecticut and my beautiful gravel driveway is a churned up by the plow leaving a lethal icy mess, you send us that gorgeous basket of apples and roses. How could I deny you one little favor? My vote is cast and good luck!

  7. Good luck! beautiful post today! I think I’ve used your flower arrangements and photos every season as my screen saver! You make my computer gorgeous, so of course I voted for you! Wishing you a great weekend!

  8. I’m more than happy to help you out! I have to say that when I saw another post from Slim in my reader this morning, I said out loud “Another one?! She’s spoiling us this week – what am I going to do next week?!?” and my son, age 14, mumbled “Must be Slim”. Love the comment about the lemons. Have a good weekend!

    • Sorry – I meant I love the comment about stuffing the bra…I was remembering a get well card I bought once years ago that said “when life deals you lemons, use them to stuff your bra”. Time for a little more coffee.

      • Well, actually, I never did specify WHAT they’d stuffed their bras with.
        (it could be lemons in California 🙂 )

  9. You guys are all SO AWESOME!! Thank YOU SO MUCH! I see and recognize many, many names over there on Apartment Therapy’s voting page and I can’t tell you how touched I am- you’re all making my day!!
    Please help me to keep it up and perhaps even ask your good friends or family ( mailman?…pizza delivery guy?…) to vote too!

  10. Voting done! I saw alot of slim paleys! Good luck and thanks for many a smile and I really enjoy the music!

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  12. I’m exhausted from voting And distracted by the possibility of other blogs. But nothing can come close to yours! 🙂

  13. Best vote I’ve cast in years! I’ve mentioned it to a few folks that I’ve sent this way over the last year or so and they all said they’d be happy to assist. You’re like George Bailey at the end of “It’s A Wonderful Life”, Slim! The whole of Bedford Falls is turning out!

  14. Done! I so enjoy your gorgeous blog, the least I could do was take a quick moment and vote.
    Thank you for the time you take to write and photograph such beauty.

  15. Martha watch out! There’s a new gal in town, and it’s Slim.
    Your taste in *everything* is simply stunning. I am always searching for a blog or magazine that
    reflects my taste, and frankly, I am always left just ‘short’ of feeling satisfied.
    Thanks for sharing your higher taste.
    Just let me know when your show is launched, I’m available to begin work ASAP.

  16. okay…I will wait to vote….as I read down someone mentioned the 26th as the start vote date. I am sure you will inform us as to what to do!
    Have so enjoyed your wordpress….love your humor and the way you share life!
    Good weekend to all!
    my best, JO

    • NO JO! Don’t wait! Please vote now, and if I get into the final 6 I will ask you to vote again 🙂

      Thank you for your kind comments!

  17. Slim,
    I am OBSESSED, and my vote has been cast! Had not followed a single blog until New Year’s Eve day when I discovered yours during our holiday visit to our Montecito home. Spent the next few days (totally ignoring football games) going through your ENTIRE archives, repeatedly interrupting family activities to read excerpts from your wittiest postings to anyone who would listen! Was moved from laughter to tears and back again, totally captivated by your all-too-similar sense of humor, touching references to your family, swoon-worthy style, gorgeous garden, floral arrangements/table settings, and warm, welcoming homes which I completely covet! 2011 will definitely be better with you in it. You’re the BEST!!!

    • Thank you SoozeB!
      What a lovely comment 🙂
      May I ask if you read about my blog in Santa Barbara magazine? Is that how you found me?
      In any case, I’m so glad you did!

      • It was indeed! But now that I am no longer a blog-virgin, I like to think that I would have found you through any number of lovely threads I’ve since discovered. 😉 I share so many of your passions but had neglected many because I never seemed to have time. You have inspired me to reorder my priorities just enough to allow me a little time every day to indulge in the things I love that restore me. And top on my list is time in Montecito later this week. Loved your post yesterday! One of the few things I kept from my grandmother’s home was a toaster almost identical to yours. It sits on my kitchen counter (right below my D&D truffle salt!) where I see it every day and think of her. And I’m sorry, but that Sun Valley bedroom…forget about returning to bed…I’m not sure I would ever get out… Thanks for letting us all live vicariously!

  18. Slim – this is no favour – I see it as an opportunity – a chance to share your wonderfulness with the whole entire world. Good Lunk – I mean, luck. Debra

  19. Hey Slim – talk about a devoted fan base – you’re all over the homies. Also want to add that I love roark’s comment about Bedford Falls – both charming and apt. Again – good lunk. Debra

  20. Happily done, …….headed back to do it again…….and again.
    Hope there’s wifi in the hospital so that I can vote next week.

    • Hi Marsha- I’m not sure (I didn’t read the fine print- shock) but I think you are just allowed to vote once per email address that you have.
      Thank you for voting!

      • OH, I have another address, I’ll definitely do that…but how do you get to other “categories”? I just clicked on your link and scrolled to the bottom. Was a supposed to make choices along the way? FYI, I voted at least 10 times in a row and it appears that they all took.

        Here’s to getting our Slim the aaccolades she so justly deserves………but promise me you’ll remember us, your loyal first adopters, when you hit the big time! Can we get buttons: “I knew her when!”
        Bonne chance mon amie!

      • Wow, talk about stuffing one’s bra. One person nominating a single blog ten times? That hardly seems in the spirit of this award, or frankly in the spirit of this blog.

      • Amy- only ONE vote per EMAIL/PERSON will be accepted in each of the two stages of the contest, so NO amount of ‘bra-stuffing’ will be tolerated by Apartment Therapy, I am pleased to say. I have mentioned this now a couple of times, but I guess there are cases where voters haven’t been sure their vote has gone through- and try it again, (It’s not the easiest process) and then a couple who, with only the best of intentions for me, intentionally voted more than once.
        I only hope that Apartment Therapy won’t completely discount all of those votes, but just count the one. 🙁

  21. I’ll be here to vote again – be sure to post a reminder lest I forget – crazy home life and all. You know how it is. I also got a few clicks from your site to mine, so thank you so much!

  22. I found your sa-weet blog from that incredibly long list at the Homies…so glad you have such active readers that flooded the vote! I had to come see what all the fuss was about….thrilled I did!!!


    • Hi Luciane
      I believe you may only vote once per category, and per email address, but I love and appreciate your enthusiastic support!

  23. Done,and sooooo happy to oblige.
    Right now it looks like you are winning by a land slide.
    No surprise I might add.

  24. It’s the least I can do for all the wonderful, entertaining, and even inspirational posts you write/design! Thanks for making the world (virtual and otherwise) a prettier, more gracious AND FUNNIER place! Good luck, SP! You really deserve to win because….”We like you, we really like you.” : )

  25. OKAY! I did it! I finally got through and voted for you. It was my pleasure because your beautiful photos and wonderful comments are always an inspiration. Love your blog.

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