The Day After


Happy The Day After!

I hope everyone here in America enjoyed a happy, meaningful Thanksgiving Day in whatever way you chose to celebrate.  I’m guessing there was probably some turkey and pumpkin pie involved.  I don’t have too much to report here.  All went well, and we were very thankful for all our blessings, especially having both our lads home with us for the holiday.  As readers with older children will appreciate, this becomes increasingly harder to accomplish as the years fly by.

I managed a one-armed table set at the barn.   The flowers and napkin folding were not quite up to snuff, but the overall effect was a success (even if I do say so myself! ;-))  I bought orchids,  persimmons and longan berries at the Santa Barbara Farmer’s Market on Wednesday, and my sister picked some berries for me.

Heritage Turkey

Heritage Turkey

My older son and his girlfriend cooked the entire dinner over a two day period. It was absolutely fantastic. They even made home-made stock earlier just for the gravy.

brussel sprouts with lardon

Fresh brussels sprouts from the farmer’s market with lardon, simmered in butter & chicken stock.


Delicious ham and fresh green bean casserole.

orchid & football

Flowers & football.  Story of my life 🙂


Maple pumpkin pie with chocolate crust (adapted from Bon Appetit magazine) with freshly whipped cream


and pecan perfection!

My son made these. From scratch. Home-made pastry.


Almost everything was perfect

sweet potatoes with marshmallow

Keeping two eyes and one arm on the final broiling of the whipped sweet potatoes with fresh ginger, coconut cream & marshmallows was my job.

Honestly. The lengths some people will go to to try and catch a glimpse of a fireman.

whipped sweet potatoes

But never let it be said that I’m not a master re-cycler.

The entire charred top popped right off and the slightly smoky flavour remaining just took the edge off the sweetness.

Good as new!


Have a wonderful weekend!



Chartreuse linen napkins from “Linen Me”, candlesticks Georg Jensen, sandalwood runner from ‘Botanik’, Summerland, dinner plates “Target” (!) ‘vintage goblets.


  1. ❤You are THE WONDER WOMAN! One armed bandita….getting it all done. Your son sounds like a chip off the young block. Wishing you all the best with those leftovers, if there were any.

    • I used to try to be Wonder Women, then amazingly I became smart. Sharing the process has ended up creating the best Thanksgivings ever. Funny how long it took me to figure that out!

  2. Our son is an amazing cook like yours is. What a blessing and fun it is to have our whole family create the Thanksgiving dinner. I used to do everything, then, made the decision to email the family and ask them to choose their favorite recipe, send me the list of ingredients which I shop for, and then to find time in the kitchen to prepare their dish. Cooking the meal is the best part of Thanksgiving we all feel. We are laughing and talking and helping each other. Plus, I am not exhausted like I used to be. Blessings to your family and thank you for sharing your memories. Kathleen

  3. The Barn! I was trying not to be a creeper on Facebook when I saw your photo there and wanted to say, “Hey! This is not a Slim place I’ve ever seen!” So glad you explained. It looks so cozy {and familiar ~ at least the TV+ever present football. Yesterday I mentioned to my crew that I can only keep track of the various games because the “outfits” change. Big eye rolls all around.}. I was wondering how you were doing Thanksgiving with the arm ~ SO clever of you to have a child with a special friend who both make/bake!! I might borrow a shoulder sling at Christmas and see if that would work here. : ) Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!

  4. Dear Slim,

    Sounds delicious! Did you cook the persimmons and loganberries, or do a table scape/centerpiece with them? Also, I would love to know your/your son’s recipes for the brussels sprouts and the sweet potatos with ginger, coconut cream and marshmallows.

    Lisa D.

  5. Sigh! So inspirational……
    down here DownUnder my husband arrived home and announced that although we had had a group Thanksgiving dinner out with an American group last weekend, he was missing the homemade variety… with 2 hours to prepare……we did the deed….only with few turkeys in the Spring time here, I substituted roasted chicken, sweet potato pancakes (to honor that is was also Hannukah) blueberries ( I burst them purposely…NOT…… they would remind us of the piquant flavor of cranberries…..!) and lemon tart with pecans scattered on top……we had so much fun putting it together, telling each other what we were thankful for….and then eating it on the balcony in 75° that it almost made up for not being with the kids…..but we did skype and that was great……ain’t it a grand world?
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Sounds absolutely amazing, all of it, and especially a SON and girlfriend preparing almost the whole meal? That is an incredible accomplishment for a mom to witness. One never forgotten, I’d guess.

  7. We had the same food except I had a huge pot of turnip greens and my mother’s cornbread dressing. D. Lawrie from Arkansas

  8. A gorgeous table for a feast in your barn and wonderful menu. Your son and his girlfriend are so great to do so much for the dinner.
    Enjoy the holiday weekend!

    The Arts by Karena

  9. Talent, of all kinds, certainly abounds in your family! Lucky mama! Looks like it was a memorable feast. Hope your shoulder continues to heal well!

  10. Dear Slim, this looks amazing and delicious and well done to your son for making pastry! I watched an amazing documentary about David Geffen last night then it occurred to me that he is probably your friend. What a fascinating life he’s had. Hope your arm improves x

  11. Slim,
    Your heart must burst with pride and happiness having both boys home and to have budding master cooks in the mix, what could be better?! Our youngest son (a newlywed) and his lovely wife hosted…this is the icing on the cake of raising children. 🙂

  12. I was invited to a lovely family’s house who really stepped in and helped when I first blew my hip out. (I got a total hip replacement a year ago, September). I brought homemade dinner rolls and cranberry chutney that I was really proud of. I was sitting next to the youngest daughter, Megan (14? I think) and turned just in time to see her take a bite of the chutney. She spit it out. Ha! Chutney is an acquired taste, I guess. Hope that shoulder heals up quick, for you. You set a table one-armed that some people couldn’t do with two arms and a crew of helpers. Beautiful, as always.

  13. Just you wait! What a great Thanksgiving story!

    Just you wait until your grandchildren are ALL TALLER THAN YOU ARE!!

    And they used to LOVE coming to see the chickens and the ducks…….now…….they do……so sweet they are! NOT at the top of the priority list!! Surfing, swimming…..cousins…….all really great! Just lucky for me that 5 out of 7 live HERE!

    Two from the east coast! Good grief! Grandchildren looking at colleges? HUH???? Caltech??? HUH???? Yowzers! It will be in the blink of an eyelash! About two years ago our girls were looking at colleges…..I took them! Amherst, Yale……USC!!! Lordy! What? Their KIDS are looking at colleges?? I BEG your pardon??

    Sheesh! Transitions are HARD!!! That is just the way it is!

    I have decided to TRY to live my life as a “dog”! They don’t worry about the future…..they enjoy every moment…….if I step on a tail or a foot! “Whoops!” no grudge….no pouting….”they know I didn’t mean to!” They don’t cry when they are getting old! (I cry when the dogs are getting old!!!) The dogs sleep more. I’ll start.

    They don’t even think about the future…….(good idea….there may be none!) they never look in the rear-view-mirror; that’s gone! the best idea of all!

    They just wag their tails….happy to see us….happy to sleep on the bed (sheesh! we now have 3!! (dogs, not beds!!)
    one rescue I was fostering got through the “rules”! ( the rules are: we have only two dogs; and two cats!)
    This little dog was found going down the onramp onto the freeway from downtown LA ….a rope around her neck she had chewed through ) my friend saw her….saved her……I was only “fostering her” She slept on his head the first night…..did not leave his ankle the next day……slept on his head the second night…..the next morning….. … husband says…….”I am not changing the rules!!! However; we now have two dogs and a ‘back up’!!!” She is the most lovely and grateful little dog!!

    Live every day…..and LOVE every day! Think like a dog!! Just my opinion!!!




  14. This is an absolutely beautiful post. It will definitely an inspiration I refer to for the next Thanksgiving that I host, which won’t be for a few years. Overall, there is such a feeling of calm and abundance – two wonderful things on Thanksgiving!

    I am MOST impressed with your son (and even more impressed with the implications to how he was raised). I know many families whose sons (and husbands of the future) don’t lift a finger at Thanksgiving.

    I didn’t cook a Thanksgiving dinner until I was in my 30s, but now I have a goal for each of my daughters to cook Thanksgiving for the family before they leave the nest.

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

    – Holly

  15. FIrst of all, love your table! Those plates from Target!? Wow, so cute with the napkins. I also loved your flowers and persimmons! Wonderful that the sons did all the cooking! You obviously did some good parenting. This would be my dream come true! I have a few more years to get there… That pumpkin pie with chocolate crust and your sweet potato bake look amazing. Glad you got treated a bit Slim and are still taking care I hope.
    Thanks for sharing! xx

  16. My sons are 12 and 6 – hopefully I have enough time to groom them to become as wonderful cooks as Your Son – absolutely wonderful job by him! And a most beautiful tablesetting!

  17. Your posts are always sooooo inspirational. Thank you for contributing more beauty into my life.
    But wait, …where do I go to get me some of those delicate snow flakes to gently fall on myyyyyy photos???

  18. I have just “come to” from a Thanksgiving stupor…it was sheer bliss. Your day was right out of a good movie!! On to the next…. franki

  19. What a lovely Thanksgiving and how nice that your whole family was together! The meal and table setting both look fantastic. Very good save on the marshmallows. Your son and his girlfriend appear to be amazing, serious cooks.
    My mom recently reminded me that when I was in my early 20’s I called her from my new apartment and asked her how to make whipped cream. I must have been making Spanish Coffees.

  20. What a sweet son…and girlfriend, all looks so beautiful and delicious. You know, the crusty & charred bits are always the best…whether it be brownies or sweet potatoes…always the best!
    xo J~

  21. I just love the floral design, photography, and delicious looking food. You did such a wonderful job here. I can’t wait to see more from you and your site. I’m so sorry that I didn’t run into it sooner. I feel deprived that it’s no longer the Fall because there are some beautiful ideas. I guess I can look forward to alter this year… -Holly

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