The Carpet Bagger Bag

Love this bag!  It’s like an old fashioned Doctor’s bag, if your doctor was Karl Lagerfeld

(oh, that’s a scary thought)

.Have you clocked these really pretty and unusual new Fendi “Peek-a-Boo” bags that appear to be a handbag within a bag?  Some look like they’re actually doubled, with one side folding down to reveal another colour or pattern on the bag inside. Others have pretty little linen, floral appliqued or needlepoint “dusters”, that simply slide on and off and attach with buttons or snaps. Quite ingenious really, given it must be virtually impossible to come up with truly inventive concepts in fashion at this point. Not to be negative, but most fashion is a re-invention of a style or concept that has existed at some point before.

I’ve always been a great fan of Fendi since Karl arrived, particularly their coats and bags and I still have my collection of Fendi Baquettes that would put Poilane (there’s another post-yum ) to shame.  I never use the Baguettes anymore, which is silly and lame as they are still in gorgeous, pristine condition. What an embarrassing admission that I would allow fashion trends (sometimes) to dictate  how I should be dressing. Eww-slap, slap Slim!  Especially given the fact that I always bridle at the What’s In/What’s Out” Lists in magazines, especially as they have often just shilled for something in the “Out” category only a couple of months before (occasionally even in the same issue!)  You know what?  I say F— that. My mother always taught me  that individuality and having your own sense of style was infinitely more important than fitting in with the “In” crowd (She also taught me not to say F— that too, but not everything sticks)

Here’s my New List of Criteria determining what I’m wearing from now on:

-I like it! (or I STILL like it!)

-It’s comfortable but NEVER  frumpy

-No where will it ever have the word “Juicy” written on it (well, this is hardly new to my list)

-It will be age appropriate(ish) but never boring or Mumsy, or signal I don’t care-‘cusI’mjustgoingtoVons…

-It will celebrate ME rather than the designer I’ve already paid to “make” it for me-no double dipping, Dudes.

-My husband will like it too (but can someone please tell him that high heels don’t really go with everything?-no, scratch that. Say high heels really hardly go with anything.  Ya, that’s better)

-I will start wearing more jewelry and stop feeling I’m totally accessorized just because I threw on a scarf.

-Lastly, What I’m wearing now is all about what strikes me as -fill in the blank here; Chic, fun, fashionable, interesting, appropriate, cozy, and most of all, MY style, not anyone else’s.  I’m happy, indeed EXCITED to be told what is new in fashion, I just don’t care to be told what’s “OUT”.

So here’s to dusting off one or two favourite Baguettes and moseying down to Whole Foods.

What can I say- I’m a REBEL.  I might even uncover my Peacock feathered bag from Tom Ford’s first Gucci collection.




.All photos from Fendi Ad Campaign

Are YOU good about holding your own, or do you sometimes fall victim to  FASH-ICISM too?



  1. The bag concept feels alot like the “Bermuda Bags” from the 1980’s. Wood handle with button on and off cover options. I think you could buy them at Papagallo. Popular with the Etienne Aniger/Talbots crowd.

  2. Love these bags. It must be a way to get people to feel they’ re getting their value in this economy: 2 bags for the price of one. Love the versatility. Slim, I still wear my Fendi baguettes and wore one the other day, in fact. I still love them. They’ re so well made and so so pretty. And , be forewarned, I believe SMALL purses are coming back. Check out Marc Jacobs bags on his website. Lots and lots of 8 inch bags. I have one on order already! So don’t go on a baguette diet just yet!

  3. Beautiful Bag Blog Slim. To think there was a time when I was not at all a carpet bagger. Girl’s night out we insisted we should take turns being on purse duty, just carried our credit card and lipstick. (not gloss ) Love them so much now, as do my friends. Perhaps it’s because they’re the only thing we don’t look fat in !!!! Love the idea of two for one Lady Eve. Sorry to hear though that small ones are coming back. Well, as Slim’s mother said, I will do my own thing. Thanks again for sharing

  4. Slim Paley (today):
    It will be age appropriate(ish) but never boring or Mumsy, or signal I don’t care-’cusI’mjustgoingtoVons…

    Irish Independent newspaper (today):
    Tesco has banned customers from wearing pyjamas while shopping at one of its stores in Cardiff
    One of the first casualties of the ban is reported to have said “I’ve worn my best ones today: just so I look tidy. It’s just when I’m in a rush or busy with the kids . . .”

    Just an interesting coincidence that these posts occurred on the same day!

    PS. Readers – trust me, I KNOW Cardiff is in Wales, but the article WAS in an Irish newspaper. And I know SP would never wear pajamas to Vons – maybe Neiman Marcus or Barneys, but not Vons!

  5. Great post! Very creative bags and your list, thank you! I absolutely agree – I despise wearing the actual label for label sake, and frumpy should never be in anybodys wardrobe.

  6. I agree, Cashmere — I remember those bags, with all of the different monogrammed covers way back when. I think we called them Nantucket bags (or am I thinking of the baskets)?? I love the little Allegra bags available through Vivre. Just big enough, similar size to the Fendi I think.

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed this post and everyone’s comments. Would love to see more fashion posts! I’m not sure about these bags … they seem too small and a little too fussy for my everyday life.

  8. I like your style! and I swear I had one of those carpet bags when I was in my Mary Poppins phase all those years ago…when did that movie come out? To your point on reinventing styles…Mary would be tickled pink..
    Jeanne 🙂

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