Thanksgiving Tables

Time to start thinking about the Thanksgiving Table…  Any great gourdless suggestions out there??

The last couple of years I’ve  moved away from the traditional Thanksgiving/November colours but I am totally open to suggestion- just no blue on Thanksgiving, please.  As this holiday is all about giving thanks for sustenance I like to combine fruits and vegetables with flowers to create a nice bountiful feel.  Who wants chic and minimal on Thanksgiving?  Actually, I’m sure many people,  just not me!

L1020595Slim Paley photo

Last year’s table

.L1020597_2Slim Paley photo



Sun Valley Feb 06 041Slim Paley photo

Unfinished table from previous year

Sun Valley Feb 06 044_2Slim Paley Photo

PS.  Who brines their birds and do you think it’s worth it??  I did it two years ago and other than getting a good workout and salt water all over my wood floor, I couldn’t really taste any difference.  I think I might just leave a big bag of salt out on the counter and say I brined this year.  🙂





  1. Ahh. The old “to brine or not to brine” question. I did brine my turkey a couple of years back…..and while is was good, I’m not so sure it was because of the brining. I believe the cooking time/temperature/glaze/no glaze/stuffing/no stuffing carries more weight with me. And I think that the side dishes are super important. Every year I try a new cranberry sauce and every year I determine that my favorite one is still the port/dried cherries/rosemary one on Epicurious. What about the tators? What kind of stuffin’? Veggies? I need to get on my menu. I love your tables by the way. Beautful!

    • yum! now my curiosity is peaked about Epicurious- what is that? a website?
      I adore recipes with port in them- like Cornish Game hens with port wine glaze.
      Martha has a fab recipe for stuffing with lots of green apples and meat balls and I if I remember correctly, chanterelle mushrooms…I might have to dig that one out again. I like to add dried apricots to my stuffing. They soak up all the juice and get all plump and delicious as well as adding a little colour. oh oh. So hungry now.

  2. Brine is not so much for taste as it is for keeping the bird (or anything cooked in a thick layer of salt) moist. Have you not ever had fish that is completely covered in rock salt and then baked. It doesnt taste salty .. just wonderfully moist moist moist. Time,temp are also very important – stuffing just extends the cooking time. nothing like the wiggle the legs theory .. works everytime. My favorite meal – yum yum yum !!!

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