Tartan Around With Plaid

.Max Doyle

Louis Vuitton Winter

 Happy New Year Everyone!  I’m back from Cold Mountain.  Expecting my frozen feet to warm up again any day now.  I actually invested in an electric foot warmer, which just arrived today,  but I’ll save that for Friday Favourites if it works well.  For some reason (possibly that I haven’t made any yet) I’m not ready to talk about New Year’s Resolutions, new starts or becoming a better human in 2011 yet.  I don’t want to suggest that my New Year began inauspiciously but when I removed the fur slippers I’d been wearing in Sun Valley all day, there was a mouse turd stuck to my foot.

I think I read somewhere that’s a Scottish sign for Good Luck.

How’s that for a smooth segue into a post about Tartan?!


Slim Paley photo

Sunlight streams in over vintage wool blankets, Sun Valley

British Homes & Gardens

Slim Paley Photo

A corner of our mudroom, Sun Valley

Photo Roland Bello

Vivienne Westwood rug

Slim Paley photo

Vintage chaise, Ralph Lauren olive green corduroy & plaid blanket, Sun Valley

Dior Winter

Dior Winter

A gift from the Highlands 



MAC Winter/Holiday collection

Commes des Garcons on the runway…

and…uh…camping glamping  (sometimes I worry I don’t make enough of an effort :()

Lynn Yaeger – She always makes the effort

This is one of my most favourite pieces in my closet- a layered tartan kilt by Jean Paul Gaultier.  Had it forever and a day.

Ruffled tartan wallpaper by Vivienne Westwood

Karlie Kloss wearing Celine jacket, Carolina Herrera dress

Carolina Herrera

Ralph Lauren

another great Scottish import.

Slim Paley photo

I warned you I’d recycle my Sun Valley dining room table in the Plaid Post

Holiday window at Bergdorfs via Habitually Chic

Ralph Lauren eyewear

Ralph Lauren

Just trying to compile a comprehensive post

Tulle skirt Ann-Sofie Back, Jeremy Scott boots

Commes des Garcons

 Maybe I just need to make a little more effort avec mes chapeaux

My Holden Caufield hat


Photo via The Gardener’s Cottage .

.Or get wheels on my heels

.Via Design Fetish


I hope your first week of the New Year  got off to a great start!

PS. Go see The King’s Speech if you haven’t already.




  1. Slim, I love your Gaultier skirt! and recognize the Yohji jean jacket 🙂 I love your post. I am not a tartan girl, though I have sometimes been mistaken for a tart. Does that count?

    • Oh, Dude- you’re GOOD- that is the Yohji jean jacket!
      and yes, being mistaken for a tart, like, totally counts 🙂

  2. Oh, the Carolina Herrera…I remember the day…love, love, love it all…especially the glamping and not especially the…’bursting the stuffing’ Commes des Garcons! TYUSP!

  3. Happy New Year Sweet Slim!

    May this year be filled with wondrous & luminous joy for you and for all your Slimsters!

    I L O V E all your tartan this year… 🙂 ..especially your Holden Caufield hat!

    and with regardfs to
    The King’s Speech…
    What dialogue.
    What conveyance of dialogue.
    What Continuity.
    Each picture frame was F L A W L E S S …!
    I’m not one to venture out to the cinama much, but W O W…
    I loved it.

  4. Oh me too – LOVE your amazing Gaultier skirt (belt not bad either)! And unlike Lady Eve, I ADORE tartan, in all its forms and your particular brand of Scottish imports. I have what might now qualify as a vintage long tartan skirt from Barneys (before they were uptown, just to give you an idea of exactly how old it is) that I wear every Thanksgiving. And I think I could move right into your Sun Valley house – just my style!!

  5. Comprehensive and then some. 😉

    Did not love it so much when I was young and very newly married though. The ex-hubby had a pair of plaid golf pants that I did not find up to par (v. sorry about that) and I decided the best thing that could happen was that I take my pinking shears to them and cut the arse out of them and then deny that I had anything to do with new tailoring the next time you-know-who decided to go golfing. The outcome was quite satisfactory – no more plaid pants in public and exhubby modeled them for fun when we had guests for dinner.

    Isn’t the MAC girl in the tartan headband cute! I think the nude lipgloss and lipstick combo that came out with this winter campaign looks perfect on everyone. (Small FYI ~I have the eye shadow you have pictured above and I’ve found it harder to work with than most MAC shadow. It doesn’t want to blend, is flat and dry.)

    The Gaultier kilt is incredible.

    Love this post

  6. I have seen you wear that Gaultier skirt, Slim… it is spectacular and you do it justice.

    Cold? You’re cold? It’s gonna be -1 tonight where I am 🙂 But nary a secreted mouse turd in sight… Happy New Year to all, and to all a good night.

  7. OMG. I copied and pasted that skirt with the three layers of plaid………..am going to copy it!

    THEN I see it is YOUR skirt!

    We live way too close to each other………so I need to ask permission……..I will use different plaids…? May I?

    I am millions of years older……..so we probably won’t bump into each other……..Can you leave yours in Sun Valley? Can we reach some agreement on this?


    One million years ago; I had a patchwork tartan long skirt….(past ankle length) .with the tartans on the diamond.(on the bias)..with black velvet trim around each one……..I think you would love it……..I will try to find picture. My daughter Ella, who lives here with her family; was 2. She is now 40 .

    Prepare yourself. It does come as a shock. Grandchildren soften the blow……….and then, the grandchildren make the blow totally disappear!

    • Be my guest Penelope!
      Although I must warn you, to my untrained eye anyway, the skirt seems like it would be very difficult to make- each layer hangs by grosgrain ribbons- I should take a photo. One false step after a martini and I have a boot poking out from the wrong layer!

  8. Slim – i love many things about this post – you definitely work hard at … your kilt plaid skirt is fabu and that belt! – great looking- can ask who and where?
    I am particulary fond of the photo with

    the Tulle skirt by Ann-Sofie Back, Jeremy Scott boots – very cool! you have made me see plaid in a new light

    And of couse thankful for Sean Connery -007 – ode to Scotland!

  9. I love tartan plaids. My favorite are the Gautier Skirt and the Carolina Herrera dress. Please (if possible) explain the comme des garcons creations. Now I have to go look up the family plaid (I can’t remember it exactly.) Thanks.

  10. OMG, I’ve been having “Slim withdrawals” . Seriously girl. I’ve looked every day! Living vicariously through your life right now. Mom’s still hangin in there. Can you believe that right now? by a thread. Painful but we are at peace. Thank you for your blog. It makes me happy! (and I also LOVE that tartan skirt)…and the hat,,,,and the shoes,,,,and the table,,,and,,,and,,,and…

  11. Yes Slim, you ARE back!! You had me choking on my morning coffe laughing at your comments. Seriously LOVED your Gaultier skirt (I’m thinking of copying it, bec. I have a few kilts in the closet that I could go to work on). Love tartan and an occational tart . Your home in Sun Valley,..OMG…would it be very wrong to try to copy that look in South Florida:-(?

  12. Love tartan, always have, always will. Especially like YOUR shots! That skirt: killer! We did go to King’s Speech last night. Rich! The acting, history, every-single-detail. Wasn’t Geoffrey Rush brilliant??? And Mr. Firth, “spot on!”

    • Those were my two “just gotta make a comment” items as well… Works of art! I’ve only worn trad plaid in flannel winter shirts, buy Ralph Lauren ones for the young men in my life (uh- stepson, nephews).. But now may reconsider!
      Happy to have found your blog, Slim

  13. Whenever I see Tartan, I’m reminded of the Bay City Rollers. Back when I was into Shaun Cassidy and the Bee Gees, the Bay City Rollers were going strong too. I read an article that they always called plaid “Tartan.” Love your mud room also. I wish we had one at my house when the dog runs in with muddy feet.

  14. hi slim,

    i’m a little faint at the moment. i think you know how much i love plaid, tartan, whatever you call it…

    i adore your skirt. adore it. may i ask where you wear it? i mean do you wear it around town, etc? i have a long rl menswear skirt that i love but i never really wear it around b/c it is so statementy or whatever.

    i love your holden hat. you look gorg. and you sv home makes me want to weep.

    ok that’s enough for now. i’ll prob be back later though. fair warning.


  15. Oh Slim, you do make me smile. And Linny – pinking the arse from your husband’s (ex) pants – too funny. Keep it coming, ladies – January can get pretty dull. Debra

  16. Totally agree with you that “The King’s Speech” is to be seen. I have my fingers crossed that Colin Firth wins the Oscar. What an amazing performance (as always).

    Kinda giggled about all the plaid. I really can’t stand to wear plaid. Wore the green plaid (that is shown in the MAC cosmetic ad to the left of the purple eyeshadow..and it has a name which escapes me) for 8 years at Catholic grade/mid school. Then moved to ugly gray/blue plaid skirts throughout those formative all girls Catholic high school years. Husband wants me to please, please put it on again. groan. Atleast it made getting dressed for school a no-brainer. But boy did it leave a scar!

  17. Half way through this glorious post I ran to a back closet (in NYC that means the next room) and pulled out a J Perterman Company plaid belted wool shirt I found in a recyle shop in Berkeley last year (didn’t you used to love those fantasy catlogues they had, and then Seinfeld!——–but stop the presses—just did a google search and they still exist! Par example who wouldn’t want to buy whatever this was describing?:
    “We meet at Café de la Paix. Alabaster skin, crimson lips; her pale blonde hair seems to be pulled back even more tautly than usual. She sips Cancale oysters from their crusty shells and washes them down with an extra-dry champagne that I, for one, have never heard of. I help her on with her long frock coat. We head out for the Opéra.”
    Sigh…………..and darn, now I’ve gone and ordered that frock coat!
    But, I digress……………anyway, simply inspirational, again. Have a wonderful year, no resolutions needed.

    noble attempt to inject romance into getting dressed

  18. This is perfection…. like that guy wearing the Ralph Lauren underwear (all I am saying that the underwear is perfect, ok? 😉 ).

    This post is so cozy! I love the pictures with the wool blankets. I love wool blankets! They’re so warm! I need one.

    By the way, SP… it’s hard to believe your houses! Seriously! I love them all… they’re so different from each other, they’re so unique and I don’t even know each one I love best. What about you? Which one is your favorite? I admire the way you decorate them… they all have a strong personality and uniqueness. Love that!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  19. Plaid is one of my favorite colors! Love just a hint of the leopard with it. The Commes jacket? Wrong kind of puffy coat for me. I have a few great pieces…but tend to like touches for home instead of wearing it. Except for your skirt…fantastic! I think you’ve inspired me to add a red plaid to the wainscot panels in my black dining room! THANK YOU!!
    I love my handsome husband in a plaid flannel shirt….irresistible!

  20. With a last name like (o’) Hanahan…how could I not love plaid. The leopard peeking out from her blouse caught my eye, too.
    Thank you, once again, for your ‘comprehensive’ post. Is that Old Spice I smell ? 😉

  21. WHERE do you FIND this stuff! It’s like traveling through a museum for me; love it! Ditto on King’s Speech–LOVEly story.

  22. I have never really liked tartan (plaid ) I do however Love your tartan skirt, it is such a conversation piece. and the Holden Caufield hat adorable.
    I am going to purchase an electric blanket today.
    Again thanks for colorful post.
    Linny I am laughing at your comment, re the pants . “Good on ya ”
    Happy Healthy New year to one and all.

  23. Hi Slim,
    Can I borrow that Gaultier skirt and the one two below it. I’m not a tartan girl but those are too gorgeous (though I am sure we all have a bit oif tart in us hopefully). And I see a gorgeous doggie on the porch. Happy to hear you are warming up! You certainly warmed us up with this post. Much love XO

  24. I love tartan too. You have gathered some wonderful images and I thoroughly enjoyed them all, especially your own personal photos. That layered kilt! OMG! Loved the Carolina Herrera dress. My girlfriend was given an original and we had so much fun analyzing the details of her original creation.
    She wore it when her daughter walked the red carpet, also in a Carolina Herrera. But also, I love the Ralph Lauren plaid pants on the gentleman. I don’t know, I love every photo of plaid. haha!

  25. As I’m polishing off the last of the Candy Cane Jo-Jo’s, I feel compelled to offer one to a couple of the models – gorgeous, but I bet they’d like a cookie!

    Lovelovelove your mudroom!

  26. Love the kilt….you’re so hip!

    I haven’t seen The King’s speech yet, but I did see The Fighter last night, I think I liked it better than both Black Swan and True Grit….Christian Bale is fantastic in his role, and I always love Mark.

  27. Love the tartan! Big fan of antique Scottish tartanware! Winter and warm fires and tartanware! What a skirt! Loved the King’s Speech! Saw Black Swan with my 20-something daughter. Oh my! As in, lions and tigers and bears, oh MY!

  28. You had me at Tartan/plaid but alas no Black Watch – my favorite. . . I had a full skirt in the 4th grade that I continually flipped up so you could see the lime green netting under the plaid – little did I know I had the makings of a fashionista even then .. . Hah!

  29. I really like plaid and just realized the last article of plaid clothing I owned was a flannel shirt in grade 10, believe there is a group photo floating around somewhere with me in it at B.B. The King’s Speech is absolutely brilliant, I think Colin Firth is amazing in all his roles. The Black Swan is next on my list. No resolutions for me yet either. Does anyone keep them?

  30. I sometime believe the second I came out of the gate my Mother swaddled me in Tartan. I’ve really never known life without it. I even loved my school uniform Tartan kilts. Great post, Slimmy—and get a cat.

  31. HI Slim, thanks for your lovely message on my blog. This post is incredible what a wonderful selection of tartan and photography. Your skirt is a knockout. Carla x

  32. Slim,
    This has your name all over it. Is it too late to apply? Tumblr is Sending 20+ Bloggers to New York Fashion Week http://t.co/bWYpNcH via @Fashionista_com

    I would definitely say you are an “Inspiration-based blog”.

    P.S. Love the tartan curtains in your S.V. home especially with what appear to be R.L belts for the curtain tie-backs. Love, love, your vintage tartan skirt also!

    • Thanks so much K.T. but the bastids never invited me. Might have something to do with the fact that I’m not actually on Tumblr though!
      and yes, the curtains in the front entrance hall are held back with old leather belts.

    • I don’t know anything about it Claudia
      Geez- between this and the Tumblr snub (see above) I feel like a wallflower 🙁

  33. Great post! I see that we share a great love for all things plaid. Your place in Sun Valley looks like an amazing place to have spent the holidays!


  34. That Skirt! Your Post! Your Blog! -Love, love, love

    what sort of camera is that you are wielding, if you don’t mind my asking? your photos are amazing! -T

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