Tangerine Mimosas All Round!

Tangerine  Mims All Round!!



OMG–   I made it!  I’m IN!

THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH to everyone that voted for me!!!  I recognized so many familiar names and “faces” over on The Homie nominations and I can’t tell you how touched I am. You guys are The Best-  You really are My Homies!!  Not only did you help me make it into the top 6 9  (hey- whatupwidat BTW??)   but I received the largest amount of  nominations!   I’d also like  to thank my director, my make-up team, my lawyers…oh, and most of all, my MOM for finally being persuaded to enter her “Passport” information and place that swing vote for me!!  It’s fricking AWESOME!



OK, so you know when I said that part  before  about “I’d just be so happy to make it into the Final 6″…

Not taking that back, don’t get me wrong, but….


You know me,  you know where I’m going with this, right?!

What if…


Slim Paley photo

If I could just win the $50 grand prize we could all have caviar with our mimosas!!!

All you have to do is click HERE and vote for Slim Paley again, or for the first time, if you haven’t voted yet. The Good news is  it’s much easier this final go round! ;  I take that back- today the site’s been so shaky  Evi Quaid’s getting jealous.

When you get to The Homies Contest on Apartment Therapy, you will see this:

To vote again now if you’ve already signed in and voted once before  click; SIGN IN .

If you do not have an account,and are voting for the first time please click; REGISTER

You might have to click on the “Vote below” directly underneath the list of finalists to refresh the actual voting buttons- or you might not, depending on the site’s mood that second 🙂

I really apologize for all this boring information- I feel like  Jeff at Tribal Council!


Once again, Thank you so much for all your support and quite frankly all this fun!



I’m sending you  flowers from my garden with  heartfelt gratitude


Slim Paley Photo



In the meantime, I’m going to be doing a lot of this;



Oh, I almost forgot… Good Luck to all the other contestants…NO, really

I dedicate this post to every school volleyball, basketball & baseball team captain who picked me last 🙂






  1. you got it- and will wipe them out-
    especially since yoga dog is chanting
    there is no other winner here SP

    • There have been a few kinks to say the least- Please do keep trying though! I just have to hope that my readers will persevere … after all, sometimes a post takes me hours to write! 🙂

      PS. try signing out, and signing back in at the Homies, and try clicking on the big blue words “Vote Below” to refresh the page.

    • Thanks Spirit-I did, amazingly, win the first round, but
      everyone still needs to vote for me to be in there with a chance for #1. I up against a couple of much bigger, well known blogs 🙂

  2. Wow!! wowowowowowowooooooowwwwwww!!!!!

    I’m so excited for you!!!! I love your blog, your style, your persona and this is sooooo exciting! I’m so happy for you!!!

    Oh, it was great to get up today and read your comments on my blog and thank you for follow me on twitter! 🙂

    Now, please excuse me.. I need to prepare some Tangerine Mimosas! 😉


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  3. So happy for you, Slimmy. It’s that winning attitude of yours, y’know. How could you NOT win? You are dialed in!

    You so deserve every vote. I LOVE every line you write , every photo you shared . and the huge smiles you put on my face with your wit.
    Well done. xo

  5. Okay, I am putting on my virtual badge AGAIN because you really ARE the best and after I vote I will wear it ALL DAY so if anyone asks I can tell them all about SLIM PALEY – THE BEST BLOGGER EVER!

  6. Here’s to winning the big one and collecting your $50 prize! Can’t wait to see what happens!
    P.S. I would have voted for you even without you asking. Your blog is the best!

  7. I voted this time even though I finally got my emails to a level I can keep up with by unsubscribing to all the clutter (not Slim P, of course) just last Sunday. Everytime I register little bunny emails start appearing from everywhere–if it starts happening again I just make a mimosa and let them pile up again.
    What do you win? How fun. Congrats!!!

    • Thanks Nel- I know for a fact there is NO spam or irritating emails associated with Apartment Therapy.
      I would win $50 and a lot of great exposure for my blog- FUN! Not to mention it would be the first time I’ve ever competed and won anything!

  8. There was a grass roots campaign to get Betty White on SNL, maybe we can do the same for Slim and the Oscars!

    So proud to be your loyal fan, LuvYa-MeanIt Courtney

  9. I voted for you first :), but then I looked at the other blogs. They are all great, but they don’t hold a candle nor mimosa to yours. Thanks for enriching my life with your blog….

  10. Slim you’re doing great so far — got to get the word out — I was just over at Apartment Therapy — 90 votes so far….got to beat Young House Love….all in the spirit of fun (of course 🙂

  11. Slim-I voted. Not solely for the mimosas and caviar, but because your blog is the one I most look forward to seeing in my inbox and the one that I consistently have the best ‘take-away’ from. Keep up the great work !


  12. Fantastic. This has been fun. What a great group of people cheering you on. I am sure this will get a mention in PEOPLE MAG!!!!!!!!!!!. YOU ARE A WINNER SLIM..

    B J

  13. Of course I voted for you! Love reading your blog even if I don’t always have time to leave a comment…You’ve always been my favorite!

  14. OK, I’m going to all my other email addresses and lodging MULTIPLE votes, if you tell me how you trained your dog to do that.

  15. Congrats!!!!!!
    There was never a question in my mind and yes…I’ve voted again and emailed all the others I’ve passed your blog on to. Good luck! You are #1!!!!!!

  16. Yeay!
    You so totally deserve to win!!! You are the total package of class and sass! We are so behind you on this, Slim!
    You will be head cheerleader, Senior Prom Queen, and Valedictorian all at the same time!
    Woot Woot!

  17. I voted for your blog a minute ago. I love this post! It is perfect from start to finish, from the opening mimosas to the exciting news to the promise of caviar to one of your best flower photographs ever to crack-me-up dog yoga. The ending dedication was also great, but I can’t imagine you being picked last for anything.

    Best of luck to you from one of your Homies!

  18. Just voted. You have a lot, but there are others with more so you need to have your pup focus a little more :-). Love, love, love your site and hope you win the big one!

  19. Congratulations Slim! i am so happy for you! i’m on Apartment Therapy blog list as well – so i voted earlier today when i got their email – i hope you win and have a REAL champagne and caviar celebration – salut! bonne chance!

  20. Slim! My vote got in yesterday. Today friends and family who want to vote can’t get it to work, whats going on?!! I feel terrible about it, there are many trying to give theirs votes to you today!!!!

    • the site is a little bit finicky (to say the least), so they might just have to keep trying. Sometimes if you just refresh the page the poll buttons reapear. Also, you have to make sure that you are signed in and not just on the site as a guest. You can only vote once per account, so once you’ve voted those circles that you click will no longer be available to click, you will only see the green progress lines.

      A bit of a drag that the whole process is turning out to be so confusing and more work than it should be; but I know Slim is really appreciative of all the support everyone has shown her:)

  21. I just ran into your blog recently with all the Stylish blogger awards going around. I’m sure I signed up to follow but haven’t received any updates so I just saw your comment over at Quintessence and popped over. So glad that I did. I’m headed over to vote for you right now and I’ll be back for caviar and mimosas when you win!

  22. I’ve been quietly reading your posts for several months now and happily voted for you. Your blog is sophisticated, professional, original and fun. Best wishes!

  23. Dropped by from the AT link and anybody who loves barware and was picked last for team sports wins my heart. Looking forward to coming back to explore your blog during insomnia. Best of luck in the contest.

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