Sunshine Yellow Sunday

Slim Paley photo

I‘ve been editing this “Yellow” post for a little while now, but seeing as the temperature here in Austin, Texas dropped by about 700 degrees yesterday, it seemed like a good time to celebrate the warmth of yellow!  As much as I’ve adored hanging with my boys at SXSW, listening to rap or punk music with icicles forming on my nose is not my dream scenario.  Looking forward to getting back to Santa Barbara tomorrow and seeing if any roses have popped yet.

But back to YELLOW, which seems to be a popular trend for Spring/Summer 2010, despite, in my opinion, not being an easy colour to wear. Try as I might I can’t even remember ever buying a piece of yellow clothing.

I do have one mustard coloured coat, which my mother says “looks terrible” on me. I am fair and have the type of complexion where the term “High Colour” goes to die. I pray for a mild case of Rosacea. In her defense, she’s really the mother that every girl dreams of shopping with.  When I was young and vacillating over whether to take the plunge on something she’d always say “BUY IT-you won’t have that figure forever!”  Now she says “BUY IT-you’re only middle-aged once”


  In any case, I think I’ll be adding a dash of jaune to my wardrobe this spring with perhaps a woven bag or a shoe, maybe a scarf, although certainly not anywhere close to my face.  Bottega Veneta looks like the place to find the best yellow so far, but I’m open to suggestions…

A little sunshiny music for you;


.Alexander McQueen Scarf

The teeniest tiniest touch of yellow eye-shadow added to your other shadow colours will really make any green or blue in your eyes pop. But be careful- I said just a tiny bit…

that’s too much!

Bottega Veneta Spring 2010

Photo Kawaiine

A very old photo from my scrapbooks so unfortunately I don’t have a credit- I can’t look at this without just wanting to jump right in- It never gets old.

Bottega Veneta Spring 2010

Fossil watch

Slim Paley Photo………..If Life hands you lemons…let it be in Greece!


Gorgeous Happy Wallpaper!

A guest bedroom in my home

Bottega Bags

Slim Paley Photo

Wishing you loads of sunshine in your week! 🙂





  1. I just did a giant wall of yellow curtains for a living room ceiling to floor, bought 45 yards of yellow fabric, just gorgeous! It was a bold move and now glad I have your approval!

  2. OMG – you’ve just reminded me that I wore a long, ruffled, yellow dress, yellow capezio (sp) flats and yellow eyeshadow (this was the crowning glory – I thought) to PROM!!! It rained all night and I came home in ruins. Wish I had a picture to attach – everyone would get a good laugh!

    • OMG is right Julie- SNAP!! How about that I failed to remember that I ALSO wore a long yellow dress with a single ruffle to Grad?!! That is tooo funny!!

  3. This did indeed brighten my Sunday. But it may lead to expensive Monday. I love that Bottega Veneta purse the model is carrying! One thing you could have used in this was an imperial yellow robe of the emperor or empress of China. They liked the color too and no one else in all of China dare wear a bit of yellow on penalty of beheading. There is story of young English junior diplomat late 19th century who went home to England to find a bride. When the chosen one went out to China to join new husband she arrived with complete wardrobe of yellow — to go with her bright red hair. The horrified senior diplomatic wives kept her hidden in embassy until ALL new clothes could be made.

  4. Happy Sunshine and beginning of Spring to you!

    What is the sunshiny song??? groovy – but can’t place it … picture 60’s and yellow smiley faces …

  5. There was the lemony-yellow dress you wore to grad and the buttery-yellow ultra-suede number you wore in the 80’s!? 🙂 By the way, do I recall what I wore to the office on Thursday of last week? Not a clue.

    I love every shoe, handbag and garment on this post. The lattice-weave of the Bottega bags is so gorgeous and timeless. They do it year in and year out and it never looks old. This is one of your prettiest posts ever. The white and yellow daisy/gerb flower combo is perfection. Your mom has THE best eye.

  6. So it ISN’T just me! I have often complained about the difficulty of owning a sunshiny yellow couch, and it has spent much of the last two years under slip-covers so I wouldn’t have to deal with the constant dirt battle. But about a month ago I pulled the cover off and found myself newly in love with that yellow! Now I’m running around to find citrus colored pillows. But something like that is always happening in my house…

  7. So I just wanted to let you know that I went out and on an impulse bought OPI’s My Private Jet the other day . . . wearing it now . . . all your fault. =p

  8. Yellow=Scary for the most part. In clothing? Unforgiveable! Cannot fathom one attractive item that could possible be attractive in yellow, even the woven BV accessories. A very small handful of things that do look well in yellow? The center of a daisy, a stick of butter, certain Chinese porcelain, a tropical bird, a diamond, (just barely), a NY taxicab. Period.

  9. Beautiful, beautiful flowers!
    I loved that balcony photo. A great place to relax with a good book. I very much liked that Bottega Veneta bag. Hmmm, lust!
    So, have you been to Greece? I hope you enjoyed your stay.
    Always a pleasure stoping by.

  10. I needed this dose of sunshine today! I’m getting some wild decorating ideas….just to kind of customize my boring standard builder home. I’m thinking about tiling walls, and painting my foyer pendant light yellow! Actually kind of a golden, aged yellow…do I dare? Anyway, you’ve given me happy inspiration yet again! Thanks Slim!

  11. Delightful Post ” you made the yellow mellow ” I agree not an easy color to carry off fashion wise however with white I love it. Mother nature sure shows us how in your beautiful Photos I also love the Bottega Vaneta bag. The music made me happy. Looks like a beautiful week ahead Enjoy. welcome home and thanks Slim.

  12. I feel the same way about the photo you said you wanted to jump into! Looks soooo nice there. I also LOVE those yellow heels. Perfect color just in time for spring. Are those your flowers as well? If so you are very lucky and are a very good gardener!

    xoxo Bardot in Blue

    • Thank You S.L. !
      That’s so nice!!
      I appreciate all your kind words and
      I’m imagining a little crown on my head right now 🙂

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