Sunset Style

I haven’t been around lately to enjoy the Autumn sunsets so this one tonight caught me quite off guard. There I was, with my back to the window chatting away on the phone, only to finally stop talking, turn and catch these last vivid streaks.

It never fails to thrill me even though I’ve lived in Santa Barbara almost 20 years.

Matthew Williamson found inspiration in a sunset palette for his Spring 2013 collection

As did Donatella Versace

Stella did a gorgeous sunset clutch

Matthew Williamson





Dahlias in Santa Fe


Roses in Paris

And lastly, a little sunset-y jelly dessert bite for you!

Have a wonderful rest of the week and don’t forget to look up!



  1. Oh those crazy Cali sunsets. How I miss them! Here in Arles, we have a beautiful shot of a deep golden light every evening against the darkening sky…not as dramatic but lovely…sadly also at around 4:45pm…

  2. Believe it…that is the ENTIRE reason I purchased our cabin location…to see the most SPECTACULAR sunsets….there is NOTHING so amazing…especially for the price. Burberry….OMG….it is so beautiful I almost ache!! And…then there are roses…. franki

  3. Wow, fantastic sunset, love all the sunset colors in the fashions in this post. You are indeed lucky to live in California.

  4. Oh those clutch bags!!! But I’ll have to settle for looking UP at the beautiful oaks and mountains surrounding us! X

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