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Simple Summer Table

An unbleached linen table cloth and white garden roses strewn between oversized turquoise votives create a simple but pretty Summer table (even if I do say so myself 🙂 )

Less than a week to go now until the first day of Summer people!  Let’s share a few more ideas to bring some Summer vibrations to your surroundings, shall we?  I’m trying to calm myself while watching the Stanley Cup Final-I need a big distraction right now.  It’s either write a Slim post, or finish off a bottle of vodka.  Please excuse any grammatikal errors  🙂

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Summer-ize your fireplace

Here; some vintage fishing net and an antique hourglass help to create a placid tableau against a cool summer hearth.


Create A Summer Mood Board

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 I keep this one at the beach. It’s filled with nautical pics, menus, water colours, shells, crab claws, beads, & old photos

Start your own board this summer!

This one measures about 7′ X 5′ – I bought it from Ballard Designs a few years ago- hopefully they’re still available.

If you don’t have room for a board, leave a big scrapbook out on the kitchen counter to collect anything & everything over your summer;  Have friends sign in, your kid’s summer camp artwork, poems, cocktail napkins, butterfly wings, jokes from The New Yorker…anything goes!  




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Liberate your drawers & closets- pull all your summer “Jewels” and accessories out; try grouping complimentary colours together and spread them around the house!
Fill a basket, or a big bowl like I did here, hang necklaces & scarves on door knobs, across mirrors, on the mantle;  let your Significant Other’s patience be your only restraint! 🙂   It seems silly, but seeing your ‘stuff’ all out & about (that’s my Canadian, sob sob, Canucks) does inspire you to wear it more.  With a colorful bowl like this on the coffee table, who needs flowers?!   (well, OK, maybe just a few…)

And may I  add; how great would this new Louis Vuitton beach bag look sitting beside the front door in summer?!! Just sayin’…



Stay tuned for more Slim Summer Suggestions soon,

and please DO feel free to share any of your ideas and old stand-bys here!



Ps. God, I hate hockey and I’m cooked with sports.

Hey- who ate my olive?!




  1. We put up a sleeping tent and furnish it like an outdoorish bedroom. It was supposed to go up yesterday but the soupy fog …

  2. Love the coral and turquoise jewellery Slim, particular favourites of mine. I think we had our summer here 2 Fridays ago, 25 deg! Next day it was down to 13 deg. I guess that what I get for living in Scotland.
    Did you watch the final of the hockey game, what the heck happened.! Looking at pictures of downtown Vancouver it looks a mess, such a shame.

  3. I like to change the quilts or coverlets in my kids rooms to simple white cotton, like pick-stitch or matelasse from Pottery Barn, for the season.

  4. thanks for such a beautiful post, one bright spot to wake up to on this terribly depressing day for this Vancouverite:(

      • 99.9% of Vancouver people don’t understand either. Supposedly (according to the police) it was a group of mostly young drunk men that probably would have rioted whether we had won or lost. The spectators loitering around taking the photos and videos didn’t help at all (besides incriminating some of rioters), it made it much harder for the police to control the situation, had they all left it would have been dealt with much quicker.
        Over 15,000 Vancouverites volunteered their time the next day to help clean up the city, that is definitely more the Vancouver that I know.

  5. As a so cal girl I am sick of this May gray that worked into June gloom. What’s next? July dry, July sky, July ???? Whatever we call it I hope it is warm, blue and sunny.

    Love your idea board. I bring out bowls of sea shells we have collected over the years and when I place them on the table I feel like summer is finally here. I have not yet brought those shells out (sad face..I dont know how to work the emoticons) I also, of course, switch out the throw pillows, change the duvet to a wonderful summer quilt, all the usual things. I do switch the family photos and disply old vacation photos, family bbq’s etc which are always fun to look at. Kind of like Christmas pics from years past.

    They are predicting more gray for a few days but it might even reach 75 degrees by this weekend…keep your fingers crossed!

  6. Love the linen table cloth!! and the inspiration for the mantel. Summer is definitely here in Orlando!! Yikes.

  7. Hey Slim – Are you as shocked as I am by the very un-Canadian-like behavior of last night’s Vancouver fans? I honestly didn’t know we had it in us! If you haven’t yet, check out the Globe and Mail website – the photos are stunning. I’m sorry your beautiful hometown has been trashed.

  8. I love the piece of coral on the fireplace! And that Vuitton bag!

    I’m heartbroken by the behaviour of a group of boys (after all, they can’t possible be called men) who headed into downtown Vancouver with the sole purpose of burning, breaking, looting and fighting. I’m convinced that the same thing would have occurred even if the Canucks had won the cup. These boys didn’t care what the outcome was … they were simply hell-bent on destroying something. Lost in the reporting of all this destruction is the fact that a fine team won the cup and an equally fine team worked incredibly hard to make it this far. Congratulations, Bruins! I still love you, Canucks!

  9. I was shocked when you said that summer hadn’t started yet—-here in Alabama, it’s been summer since April (and then the tornadoes)—- and now my flowers all look like it’s August. Thank you for your INDOOR ideas for brightening our space! (it’s way too hot to go outside again!)

  10. I’m living summer but the weather isn’t cooperating! This is Southern California for pity’s sake, what’s up with this gray, Seattle-like cloud cover? I’ll just have to have an extra margarita to help bring on a little sunshine to the day!

  11. 99 hours… but who’s counting… bring on the Summer sun!

    Thanks for a touch of color on this gloomy day 🙂

  12. Love your votives Slim. Where did you get them? Fab coral and turquoise jewellery. Summer – WHAT Summer. Still raining in Dublin. It is more like October here – very cold, wet and grey. I could do with some Californian sunshine when you get it back!!!! Had two sunny days in April. Hope weather improves for overseas visitors coming soon 🙂 xx

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