Stag Party


A post about horns and long pointy parts of wild animals.

Hopefully nothing offensive.


People seem to feel quite strongly about this subject, which is fine by me.

I like a healthy debate as long as it stays uber civilised…

and doesn’t shut down Congress.

(sorry, couldn’t resist)

bloodandchampagne4522Personally, I like antlers & horns used in interiors, and exteriors, for that matter.

I think they serve as an earthy connection to the great outdoors, as well as a primal link to the past.

I have little doubt that cavemen persons adorned their spaces with impressive, hard-won trophies.

metro-5-lgvia Erin Martin Design

Jacques Grange 4Jacques Grange

They also add a great sense of texture, depth, even humour, when artfully applied.

laughing goat At least he gets me 🙂

You’ve probably already guessed over the years that I’m not of the ‘hunting’ persuasion. I don’t eat game and I wouldn’t know a deer from a stag or an elk from a bison if it were two ft. away from me.

I think I might even have pointed out a ‘mantalope’ in one of my finer moments in Africa.

Let’s just say if the nose is bright red, I’m betting reindeer.

That confession out of the way,

I do know that deers/stags and other forresty animals shed their antlers naturally in the wild, so there need not be any hunting involved, though I’m certainly not naive enough to assume this is always or even generally the case.


toro-bull-head-jayson-homeA big faux bull from Jayson Home, Chicago.


“Winter’s Bone” linen fabric available through Dering Hall (I love the brown colour-way but it wouldn’t come up)

bloodandchampagne4466Go real or go faux, it’s a human desire to celebrate the beauty of animals.


and with so many of the faux antler and horn furnishings available now, it’s very difficult to tell they’re not in fact real.




I have the most beautiful carved wood deer head I bought years ago from John Rosselli Antiques. It hangs in a prominent spot in our home in Sun Valley and I love it, and remembering the saga of how I got it from NY to Idaho (Two cars, a very awkward  plane trip and one intensely quiet husband)

Ahhh, the memories…

b9964920ae770d516a9d02141d875d8dBut antlers, horns & such need not be relegated to cabins and mountain homes by any means.

In fact I think the more unexpected the better.

spring3source unknown. Any idea??

b4ba6063f4d0d65335d5171601ed129cParty animal

Disc_Interiors_13_07_05Very cool, by Disc Interiors

Tracie-Ellis-House-Kyneton-Australia-04Tracie Ellis-House, Kyneton, Australia

19328dcf5a25f0b44dbf7f0fe1626675Here you get the effect with none of the dust!

sun valley, slimpaley.comMy bathroom in Sun Valley.

The antlers wear garlands of pine in the winter. They’re part of a Bavarian collection I bought many years ago.

haynes-roberts-10-xlnElle Decor

witt-1-lgErin Martin Design



witt-6-lgErin Martin Design



LaurenCaron1002_smlThere’s a veritable stampede on the 4th floor of Bergdorf’s right now, including fabrics & accessories from Alessandra Branca’s new collection. I’ll be popping in to see it next week. Photo via 4thFloorWalkup

 and if you’re utterly, adamantly, vehemently opposed to anything even vaguely resembling the real thing…

IMG_7230But still have a sense of humour about it…

there’s always this blow up trophy deer I saw in The Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art gift shop.


Or, cooler still, bicycle taxidermy for the cyclist in your life, by Regan Appleton via Remodelista HERE


Stag ring,  sorry no credit (via Tumblr)

Screen Shot 2013-10-05 at 7.38.32 PM

Brass Rams Horn table base, a pair, via Erin Martin Design


antler hose holderlove this, via Remodelista


Alexander McQueen’s ethereal Stag Queen


Feeling just a step closer to Fall yet?!


PS. My posts are not updating in other blogger’s blog rolls. Is this happening to anyone else out there using WordPress??

Please say yes. I’m starting to get a complex.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have a great rest of the weekend!


Crown of Horns photo by Paul de Luna for Mojeh magazine. Decorative headpiece by Ashley Lloyd


  1. I went to a lovely New Year’s Eve party at BrokenTop in Oregon where the rack on the deer over the enormous
    fireplace had been replaced to better meet the esthetics of the space. I’m okay if the animal died naturally and the rack has been culled naturally…otherwise, not so much.

  2. Dear Slim…LOVE horns and antlers….naturally shed, or faux, of course. When my husband and son went to Jackson Hole to ski, and asked me what I wanted them to bring back, I asked for an elk antler…who wouldn’t? They asked around, and found one in someone’s garage (for next to nothing)…but then came the challenge of getting it home to Maine. The dirty looks I got from my son after traveling with an elk antler in his lap for eight hours…let’s just say that he was not a happy kid…C’est la vie! It hangs in our kitchen…I will leave it to him, and he will remember the experience and love having it….I hope!

  3. I have never quite understood the whole antler everywhere look even after growing up in Utah but I truly love your S.V. bathroom!

  4. I liked the hallways at Balmoral as portrayed in the movie “The Queen”. They’re lined with antlers. Very regal looking. I have a small pair of moose antlers leaning against the wall on the mantle above my fireplace. They’re very Alaska-y looking. Eating game is very pc here and also very healthy. Venison is my favorite. I just saw a little doc on hunting for your food, here. Just like me, the people in it prefer moose to caribou. I always enjoy your blog. Thanks for all the work you put into it.

  5. Must say I cringe every time I see antlers. It seems a lazy way to decorate and wayyyy too trendy for my taste. I’m also opposed to any type of hunting, so all-round, it’s not a look for me.
    Love your blog, though!!

    • Agree with Sally, both on the decor choice – all these antlers appearing in style magazines seem much too trendy and unimaginative to me – and also on hunting. Hanging antlers or other animal parts in homes is also way too creepy for me. I always feel sad when I see them. Nor do I eat venison.
      But I love your blog too.

  6. I like antlers in a city home but once saw a set fall down and it was scares so won’t put in my house as am scarred. Technically re blog roll, it must be your feed or hokey pokey theory is that we are the onset of mercury retrograde..! You could always turn on and off you computer, that’s what the IT guys always does. 🙂 xx

  7. Deer antlers are one thing, but, having lived in Kenya, I hate seeing antlers or horns of wild animals whose numbers are dwindling, or ivory of any kind. There’s a certain breed of people who want those things precisely because they are rare, expensive, forbidden and politically incorrect.

  8. Hi Slim, I’m so glad it’s not just me. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but, since you asked…I I have tried to leave comments, and they don’t post. They earase before you even see them. Even more more disturbing, is that my blog is delivered around three in the morning, but I always see comments from the night before from other readers. I compared blogs I have received from you with a friend and she had twice as many posts as I did. Hers arrive hours before mine as well. I thought that you just weren’t writting much. Some of the blogs I receive daily are delivered regularly, and some are not. Habitually Chic arrives later than the others, and later than my friends. I now think that it is probably a World Press issue? I loved your post with BD! I really wanted to tell you how wonderful I thought it was, so hopefully this will post. I am so glad that one made it! So inspiring! You both look amazing. I have one question today though. May I please hop over to Sun Valley and soak in your tub?! Wonderful, as always! Thank you so much, I hated writting anything negetive, but really thought you might want to know.

    • Thanks so much Pamela, I sincerely appreciate you letting me know. If I don’t know it’s broken, how can I fix it? I have NO idea how to fix it right now, but knowledge IS power, right?!
      In the meantime, you are earning great bathtub soaking points 🙂

  9. Interesting visually but … truly horrible feng shui. Dead animals. Especially hovering over one’s head in bed. Memento Mori. Egad.

  10. Hello Slim

    I love your blog and read it.  I have never been able to leave a comment.  (It asks me for passwords and such and even when following directions, joining wordpress and establishing a password it still disallows)  Your post arrives in my email. 

    I will take this opportunity to thank you for your blog, which I greatly enjoy.

      Helen Tilston To view our activity, click on blogs


  11. Great post! I’m loving the horns and antlers as well in interiors. For the upcoming Christmas hall at BG I’ve gone even more ‘buck wild’ with stag inspired paper. It’ll be fun!

    Hope you enjoy the visit next week.


  12. A personal favourite of mine. Your images are fantastic and varied. Depending on where you live, hunting is very much a part of the culture. The closer to the land, the better. We are active hunters and value the effort it takes to bring food home. I also love the look as it is incorporated into our homes. The only time I have a problem with it is when an animal is near extinction or needlessly taken; generally African species come to mind. No more Zebra’s please!

  13. I always like your blog posts no matter what the subject is…. but this one was difficult. I don’t understand the desire to decorate with animal parts… including leather sofas or bear rugs. My cat recently passed away but I didn’t think for a minute I might mount his tail over the fireplace…. even though it was a magnificent tail!

  14. great post……luv luv your bathroom in Sun Valley!
    Being from a family that hunts, I’ve always incorporated antlers into design. But I like to use them sparingly :).
    The gold garden hose and gold antlers were a great pic/idea. Not sure how well the spray paint would hold up in Austin heat, but it’s such a fun idea to recreate and try!
    have a beautiful Sunday!

  15. I shy away from antlers….they look appropriate in grand homes and estates.
    Would look odd in our wee bungalow.

    I AM having trouble getting my posts to appear on the blog roll! Thought it was just me!
    I press publish and it takes hours before my post appears on the blog roll in blogger….it is virtually immediate on my blog and Bloglovin but terribly slow on Blogger?
    I hope they fix this issue soon. Good luck Slim.

  16. I would love to help you with wordpress. As soon as I figure out what a blog roll is, I will be there for you! Love your antler post. Always amazes me how you tie design and fashion together so seamlessly. xo

  17. I luv your blog and all the lovely pictures but being a lover of animals I do not have a wish to decorate with any of their parts…but to everyone their own desire……that is what makes decorating so interesting and beautiful.

  18. My blog roll has been updating with random posts of yours, as though they were new. Some are a year old, some even older. No problem for me, I always enjoy reading you.
    I am embracing fall, wholeheartedly!! The “horny” aspect of it never entered my thoughts until now. You always inspire, Slim :-).

  19. Fantastic photos..I’ll toot your horn anytime!! Just spray painted antlers copper to go in the “just finished” kitchen. Whew! I have them in bookcases as well…course, I do live in a log cabin. franki

  20. First of all, love this post! Something about fall and all this is such a fabulous combination. And I get your blog long after others do which doesn’t bother me but as I have just read must mean something to you. Just as long as I get it. Love antler everything…buttons, chairs, mirrors all are beautiful. Those Pom poms are quite a treat, too.

  21. Not a big antler, or hunting trophy, person, but loved this post, beautiful pictures, the Steve McQueen Stag Queen, oh my, straight out of King Arthur’s world! My favorites were your Sun Valley bathroom, the picture right before it, love the lighting and the painting, quite beautiful how everything comes together, and the black and white picture of the (I’m guessing) moose pair with a bird perched on one of them. The red bed with the silvered skull over it, however, gave me the heebie jeebies! Did love the bed linens though.

  22. Those photos are fantastic. It’s kind of funny that this decor was considered tacky for so long but has enjoyed such a resurgence in popularity (even on the fashion runway). I’m taken with the painting of the girl in the chair)in the Elle Decor photo, wish I could source the artist. Thanks for a beautiful and inspiring post, Slim. p.s. Are you on Bloglovin’?

  23. There’s a hairdresser near where I live that has a mounted dear head on the wall . The salon’s motto is “For a head worth mounting”

    i have seen “chandeliers” made from antlers..I think they are pretty ugly though …though not as bad as elephant foot umbrella holders

  24. Your blog is one of my favorites! I was thinking, going through this one, that you may end with a picture of the HR Giger bar in Switzerland. Have you ever seen/heard of it? It is bizarre and incredible! The phrase “Terrible Beauty” comes to mind. They have a website with many photos.

  25. LOVE LOVE LOVE your Sun Valley bathroom! On a technical note, I do notice that your blog is not updating properly on Blogger blogs that have a blog roll. Your posts are stuck on a post from 3 years ago. Although, I subscribe via email to your posts and also via a Reader so I don’t miss a beat 😉

  26. I love the look but not in my own house – I currently have three mounted deer heads in my garage and one in storage. I unfortunately expect to have another soon since hunting opens soon in Northeast! Let me know if anyone wants to buy.

  27. As always, LOVE the post and the blog! I always look forward to seeing a new post in my inbox. Completely in favor of responsible hunting and responsible gun ownership. Wonder how many opposed like to order a filet of venison in a nice restaurant? Thanks again for the great post and look forward to the next!

  28. My favorite antlers are those hanging over the rifle, over the bar in the historic Joe Jost’s in Long Beach, CA. When I first saw them in the 1970’s, I was sure that they had not been dusted in the 50 years since they were put there in 1924. They represented a different time to me, of snooker and basement gin-joints.
    They are dust collectors but a great place for Christmas lights…and pom-pons!

    Fun Post, SP! Love the SV pic.

  29. Slim,
    I love the look and have a pair in my family room. My new DIL had antlers in her wedding bouquet…I know that must sound weird, but she and our son married at the L.A. Natural History Museum in the African mammal room…it was a beautiful December wedding.

    I hope this message gets to you, I don’t think they’ve been cut off lately. I get your email notices of new posts.

  30. California-Vegetarian-yoga asana-ing daughter married a Washington hunter: the most open-minded and loving man; he has taught our family a lot about Loving What Is. And so do You, Slim.

  31. Displaying animal parts as well as wearing them is a real conumdrum……..I am opposed to killing animals but am also opposed to seeing the parts go to waste from people who do kill them. Case in point…I have my Mother’s mink stole and would love to wear it rather than have it sit in the armoire but feel it encourages people who do kill them to kill more for the money……….see what I mean? It is a no win thing especially for all the animals who have died for naught. Interesting post and interesting comments.

  32. This is soooooo my style in every possible way. Of course, there’s MORE pointy things to love on! But I know Slim already knows that 😉

  33. Love the looks you posted, well, most of them! Coming from Southern Africa originally, I’m quite used to all that, so no worries here. As for updates etc, I’m on WordPress & recieve your stuff allright, although I haven’t been following long!

  34. My”Mr. Mike” is an artist and did a Bull skull with Blue ceramic mirror tiles. It is stunning! We find deer horns in the hay fields where we trail ride our Triple B and Fancy quarter horses. I did not see a horned toad, not a horny toad. 🙂

  35. I am not a big fan of antlers, etc for decorating, but I must say you have shown some great photos, as always. And, it’s what makes the world go around. Now, I just have to let someone know I do not want them to leave me the bearskin rug!

  36. Hi Slim, I just tweeted you because in a frenzy I was like how do I find her? How do I contact her and I couldn’t think. I didn’t realize but my referral stats said people came by Slim’s pickings and I clicked to see and I saw that you added me to your blogroll!? You’ve totally made my month 🙂 Honestly, so chuffed. I won’t go on because it’ll just get awkward. But thank you very much x

  37. RE: Slim Paley Idaho Bathroom: Do you ever immediately, go right from the tub and sit in the leather club chair?…………check out the tres chic acrylic racks/antlers (several varieties) at lovefeast in clear, pink, silver!!!

  38. Slim, First want to say, I am in love with your bath in Sun Valley! Gorgeous. I am personally not so taken with the antler look, but then I don’t have a rustic home either. I do like now that they have faux ones. Almost like the faux leather (pleather!) jackets all over right now that are being called vegan. I say great. Less cruelty and no one can tell. However, on the other hand are we still promoting the fur/animal/leather industry when we go faux? We are still coveting it…It’s a conundrum really. I used to live next to open space and we found antlers shed all the time, but rarely a pair..I suppose they match them up? I do kind of like them in chandeliers in the country.

    Noticed your blog was not updating this week! I had the same issue about a week ago on blogger. Not sure what the heck is up. I got mine to update by googling the problem and then following the steps to force an update. Also took the Feedburner thing off. Still took a while. Good Luck.


  39. I know this is always a controversial subject, naturally shed antlers are OK but I find that the copies that are synthetics (the good ones) are quite amazing and guilt free! I have a pair myself which I am trying to figure out where to put. Some beautiful images here!! Hope you are well.

  40. Does anyone know who makes the four white slipcovered chairs that are right after the goat photo? They are my idea of perfection.

  41. Thank you for the beautiful photos, Slim! I love antlers and all kinds of animal remnants for their incredible beauty and the awe I feel when I look at the wonder of the natural world. I would never want to kill one for the purpose of decor, nor would I want to buy anything that was killed for this purpose. I’d love to know if there are sources out there where you can find antlers, skulls, etc that are humanely procured? I do have an antler from a deer who shed it on my mother-in-law’s farm and I love it. I think knowing where the animal came from makes owning it meaningful. Thanks, Slim!

  42. I like antlers from animals that have shed them. It also makes me think that they’re really like dead fingernails. Ewwwww. Or is it ewe?

  43. Although I don’t decorate with antlers in my home, I have plenty of shells, starfish, sand dollars, etc. And quite honestly – I’m not sure there’s a difference between shells and antlers. Just another point to debate.

  44. i don’t know if i would use them in my own home, but i do love the earthy beautiful sense they bring to a room … the antlers over the bed are a little creepy though. There is something so wintery and cozy about them above a fireplace.

  45. Interesting discussion here. I was once gifted with a Deer Antler Dream Catcher. Made for me, and so unique! (Antlers were harvested in the wild, after shedding). There is a raw, natural power and energy that these bring to our interiors.
    I love merging the outdoors and nature with the indoors. On a tech note, can anyone help me manage spam on my WordPress Blog?

  46. Goodness, just saw the link to this post of FB and couldn’t believe it because my last post was about just this, after 7 years, I’ve given in to Mr. 24’s prize stag head (Limpy) being allowed to grace the walls above our fireplace. I’m not of the hunting persuasion either (at all), but he’s growing on me and I’ve been told by my young neighbor that he’s very ‘hipster’…so for now he’s staying, who doesn’t want to be hipster?!
    Definitely showing this post to the Mr. 24…
    xo J~

  47. Hello there!! Can anyone tell me please where can I find the crown on the first picture? I love it and want to make a photoshoot with it.
    Thanks everyone!

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