Squirrels and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails


Slim Paley photo

Apparently someone wasn’t satisfied with his ‘digs’ in the garden, caught a free ride into the kitchen and copped an attitude to boot! I see no shame in his posture, do you? Looks like he’s just really enjoying the view from here 🙂


After almost 10 days of being on the paved streets of NY (in-between stuffing my face in restaurants) it was nice to come home and spend a little time in the garden again.
The roses are still blooming, the hydrangea abundant and the critters have been running rampant!  Our frog population is in incredible voice, though my $5 reward for catching one still remains unclaimed.  There’s a crazy amount of rabbits out there as well- Has anyone else noticed them in the garden this year? What can you do?? After all, there aren’t too many creatures cuter than baby bunnies (and all ours seem to look like babies).



My frogs are very ‘Garbo’ when it comes to having their photo snapped, but we did lay down a little ‘session work’ on my iphone one night- a little GREEN noise anyone?!


Despite all the activity in the garden still, there is a decidedly Autumnal note in the air already. Hate that! I always feel slightly melancholy when we arrive at Back To School week, so I thought today’s post would be a fun opportunity to share a few images  I keep on my desktop that always bring a smile to my face if I’m having a bad day ;



Take this guy

Now here, I do sense a little shame- but oh, he’s soooo sweet!!  Look at that face. He’s begging his Mom to take his little suit off!   (sorry- can’t remember where I found this photo)


.Slim Paley photo

For the second year in a row, owls have made a nest and produced 3 babies in the corner right beneath my bedroom window! (don’t look at the blue twist-ties)

This year we held one of the babies just before they flew away;



How cute is he?!



we also found this little prowler…

Not quite as cute, but he had his charms.  Eyes weren’t one of them.



Traveling further down the ‘Cuteness Quotient’ ladder…


Meanwhile…down at the beach house, something had to be done to catch the uninvited guest who was tearing up the garden in a way no rabbit would dream of.  Not entirely sure, but I think it’s a Skunk Wolverine in need of a serious “MAN-icure”!!  As you can see, this trap catches the animal unharmed, just super pissed!  Luckily, I was able to call upon the services of nice strong man to help me ‘relocate’ Nosferatu to a more desirable location, further down the beach.




But let’s get back to Cutesville for a moment.  For the Squirrel who has Everything…

How about these “Tighty Whiteys” I found in NYC!

Squirrel Knickers available here



And  if we’re on the subject of cuteness, It would be impossible to leave out;



Wellie Piggie

I’m still obsessed with these little Tea Cup Pigs! Come on– it doesn’t get much more adorable does it?!



I want one!!

A Chic-let (she uses Revitalash!)



And lastly, if you want to see something really really adorable, click on this link below- it’s bound to make you smile!

Marcel The Snail (click)




P.S.  No animals were harmed in the process of photographing this post 🙂

Ciao Ciao Ciao!




  1. Very cute post. Love the little dog in the Superdog suit – perhaps one for Noel for Halloween this year ? I think her legs would be too short. 😉

  2. Reading your post my responses were:

    ARGH! (Mole thing!)
    OMG!! (Unidentified hissing animal!)
    and…thank god the rest of the pics that followed were sweet. (Adorbs red wellies!) My boyfriend calls me snortlepig sometimes as a term of endearment. I am usually less than impressed but that mini piglit is just so durn cute!

    Those middle two pics really woke me up though and I can’t stop peeking at them…sometimes things are just so grotesque they are actually cute.

    LOVED this post! Thanks!
    I would love to see another one on exotic animals and animal fashion that you’ve seen on your travels.
    Have a great Friday!

  3. The snail makes me think of the giant pink sea snail from the movie Dr. Dolittle (the Rex Harrison one, of course). Speaking of Rex Harrison…I think he could be the sexiest man of the 20th century (Blithe Spirit, OMG). But, I digress. Love your animal photos – just fantastic! I cannot believe you had those owls. M is going to be so, so jealous. He’s always wanted an owl to roost at our place, but we seem only get nasty, screechy hawks.

  4. The creature with hands is a mole, the thing in the cage is a possum!

    Those owls are incredible, you are so lucky Slim! Shoot, even the snail was cute.

    But that video is the cutest , sweetest thing I’ve maybe ever seen. Also, the kitty with the headress should say “Ma sallama”.

  5. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

    except that prowler thing with no eyes:(

    I LOVE that Marcel the Snail vid and the dog in the superman suit is priceless!

  6. Marcel and Jenny, et al ought to have their own program ……on Comendy Central or PBS…….seriously………I’d watch them for hours……..thanks for sharing!

  7. hi slim,

    very funny.

    i love that snail on your roses. and your owls, how cute.

    we have tons of rabbits and squirrels too. they don’t do any damage at all here. the rabbits scratch at the lawn a bit but the squirrels are just running up and down the trees all day. they are all so busy and make me feel so lazy.

    that critter you have captured would really scare me if i encountered it. i’m so glad you were able to relocate it. and is that little guy you caught a baby opossum?

    and i’m so very happy that no animals were harmed in the making of this post. now what about dinner?


  8. I am jealous of your frogs and owls….we have a pond with Koi but no frogs…you can not even buy them in Seattle…we had owls in North Carolina and they were charming…Love the creatures in your garden…and the little snail/slug looked happy happy happy…

  9. Simply LOVED this post, how adorable all the little critters are. Mother Nature providing us with ever so many reasons to love being alive. Gosh i love them all… that piggie in the wellies- did you ever see any thing so cute? well then the baby owls… A super super happy post Slim. As i am writing you there is a beautiful woodpecker having a ball pecking away, has been there quite some time.
    Thanks for sharing, xo

  10. Slim — love the post as usual — bunnykins are EVERYWHERE this year — here in Chatsworth the population has exploded — people say its because there are fewer coyotes — don’t know about that I’ve seen them too recently.
    I want a teacup pig too — and if she could come with little red wellies and stylish earrings all the better!



    The baby owl photo – one of the best photographs you’ve ever taken.

    Wellie Piggy made the (email) rounds at my office today. What a hit and he’s now my new desktop background.

  12. Oh, this Back To School week post has me remembering children’s books: Wind in the Willows, Charlotte’s Web, The Tale of Peter Rabbit and The Owl and the Pussycat…such great photos!

    I’m in New England and we have had an abundance of rabbits this year. I call the two that live and eat in my yard Flopsie and Mopsie. And if I see three three, then the last is Peter Cottontail. Fortunately, they have spent way more time eating my grass than my flowers, although they did do a job on my basil. The past couple of years we had (or were rumored to have had as I never saw him) a coyote in the neighborhood and our rabbit and fox population dropped but this year’s infestation of rabbits suggests Mr. Wyle E. Coyote must have moved on.

    That dog in the Superman costume is a riot!

    • I almost called this post “Where the Wild Things Are” but I decided the Tea Cup Piggies weren’t quite ‘Wild’ enough, especially the one with the chandelier earring!

  13. Slim, would you rebuy your Leica D-lux 3? do you miss having a viewfinder or did you add one to the camera? I’m fantasizing that if I owned one instead of my Canon Elph, I’d tke photos like you do…………a girl can dream can’t she?

    • Hi Marsha
      I will have more info for you in the next few days as I am test driving the new Leica V Lux 20 (it’s my birthday this weekend 🙂 )
      In the meantime, the Leica D-lux 3 is a great camera, but would I be willing to “rebuy” it at $1,700 which is what it is selling for right now on Amazon? No- because the newer versions, strangely enough, are half that price, and I believe I originally paid about $450-$500.
      The Canon Elph is a good camera too- my friend has one.

  14. Lovely post! Your owls were extraordinary, and to have them under your window! (No, I did not even SEE the blue twiney things…) The snail was absolute nobility! That wolverine creature, good god, what is that thing? Its vile and disgusting and I love all animals, however, this particular one belongs underground in some hole somewhere, not for human eyes!
    I feel very differently about autumn. I am always relieved when I feel that subtle change in the breeze temperature, the gradual altering and clarifying of the light, the slow turning of the leaves, gives me great energy and optimism! In fact, my very favorite time of the year, almost anywhere.

  15. You have a family of Great Horned Owls………that is the bunch of owls in your corner! They consume rats…..gophers, ground-squirrels……..(ground squirrels are just gophers in disguise); mice……moles….vermin of all kind! Those owls should be making lots of money! They rid us of the worst vermin! (all except the human ones…….)

    I put nest boxes for them! You are sooooo lucky! Honestly; they are the most beneficial animals!

    We are close by…….forwarding address? Come over here??? All kinds of owls welcome…….yours are so so handsome and beautiful! Lucky you! (I was going to say…..”lucky duck!” but I am the one with the ducks! Funny

    Wonderful animals………no rats where those owls live……they consume them daily!

    The possum……..boo hoo…….I really will give you my address……. so the can release them here in the nature preserve, they are looking for grubs……to feed their young…..they don’t get lawns……they don’t think they are pretty……so they don’t mean to mess them up. I have no lawns, maybe we could just transfer them…………think?

    I will welcome them…..and they love the preserve………..

    Have any bats? I love them!! They eat 4,000 mosquitoes an hour!

    Let’s share the wildlife!

    Fabulous blog!


  17. I love all the critters and I happen to be one of the very few humans who likes Possum. Wish I could print out each picture, frame ’em and put on my desk. Smiles all round. Very cute.

  18. Slim, this post is so excellent. I cannot believe those owl babies…The photos you snapped are amazing.
    I thought I was content with my camera until I saw your owl photos…I better consider the Leica again after this post…

    And the snail looks so pleased with himself for being on the inside looking out. Who can blame him, he is one smart snail!

    The little kitty saying Ciao Ciao Ciao is adorable.

    And I want you to get a tea cup pig just so we can all see what you would do with him or her. I can imagine the pictures now…

  19. I love the baby-owl!!! And the little pig wearing wellington boots is superb!!!

    I’m smiling at the office again..THANKS!!

    Kisses from Spain.

  20. OMG, I feel you must have serious blessing to have owls residing at you home. So cool. They are beautiful. And I agree with the Tea Cup Piggys 🙂 Thx for posting.

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