Slim Paley Daily #4

IMG_4308“Cecil Brunner” climber outside my office window this week.

 Thank you so much for all your kind words and wishes on our 25th  anniversary yesterday, both here and on the FB page.

I was truly touched.

Happy Thursday night!

Now, back to the daily share, before it’s Friday…

If you’re anything like me (and you know you are because you’re here) you have about 50 million photos saved on your computer but aren’t printing any of them. Am I right? Sure, digital photography is utterly awesome and we’re taking TONS  more pics than we used to, but other than on a computer screen, they’re not tangible…

One of my Spring resolutions is to change that.

You saw my Moo cards-I’m on a roll…

Here are two more fun ideas to help get your memories off the screen and into the hands of someone you love ( that could just be yourself!)

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 9.30.23 PMI’m totally in love with the look of these photo books you can create at Artifact Uprising

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 10.36.21 PM

I’ve been following them for a little while on Instagram and I’m so inspired by their style and company ethos.

They also have a blog that might ignite some grand ideas for your photos-they attract a charming crowd.



Have you ever thought of making tiles with your photographs?

These large slab tiles (12 x 12) at  Image Snap are only $35


Or an 8 x 8 square for $27.  Dude. Seriously.

Great gift idea.

You can even make teeny 2 x 2 tiles for $4 each.

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 9.54.52 PM


I could do a bathroom wall of my roses!

Have I made anything with Artifact Uprising or Image Snap yet? No.

Am I sharing them with you to push myself? Kinda.

Great. Now I have so many ideas and images swirling in my head, I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight.

Thanks a lot. Until Friday…

Good Night!


  1. Slim – that Image Snap site is an absolute cracker. I am going to have some of my Instagram beach snaps made up into tiny tiles for the beach bathroom splash back.
    Thx xoxo

    Ps Rose Tiles? Yes.

  2. For my 20th anniversary a few years ago, I created a leather-bound photo book of our life together for my husband….the gift actually moved my strong man to tears. <3

    I also read about Jamie Lee Curtis celebrating her 50th birthday by creating a book of her photography for her closest friends. I think that is a fabulous idea and may just do it myself for my own 50th in a few years. That Artifact Uprising link may just be the ticket!

  3. Just last night, I was thinking that I should do something with some of the great photos I have stored on my computer. Thanks for these great ideas!

  4. I have always collected tiles on trips, easy to bring home, and just seeing that one from Positano brings back memories every morning I set the Hubs coffee cup on it …oh and when the Grands drop them on the ground I glue them back together and the cracks make me smile knowing they were here…now my head is swirling too with ideas of how many more I can have from the places we went that didn’t sell them….

  5. I have made many books with My Publisher . Com and they are fabulous memory keeper . It does take lots of time, though, so I will try this site. I do love the size and scale of my publishers biggest book with the cover shot being the favorite picture of that trip. Great coffee table books to be sure.. You might take a look there. But I am so excited to look into this one and Moo. Thank you for this. I love making things with my photos. Treasures!!!

  6. I am in love with the climber outside your office. Everything spring-y fascinates me a lot these days. Thanks for sharing that. 🙂
    Loved the way to put the photographs on paper. Miss those days when we used a to have loads of family photo albums and enjoyed seeing them time and again. Some old technologies and trends were really worth it…

  7. Slim,
    As a “mature” person, I still love holding pictures, whether in albums or just by themselves, and looking at them in detail. I love the ease of storage and filing for digital images but for the truly special ones I need to figure something out as well. This sounds like a great idea.

  8. The Cecil Brunner is a favourite of mine too – especially those darling buds… I have some by my side of the bed now….
    As an avid photo taker I also make cards and books – thanks for the Artifact Uprising link –
    I have not heard about them here in Western Australia.
    I am attending a photography course in Paris in a few weeks ( lucky me) so naturally hundreds more photos will be coming up – so thankyou for this inspiring post…

  9. Will definitely check out both of these sites. Perhaps this is the push I need too! Thanks for the tip. A wall of your roses would be heavenly!
    Can you let me know what the brand etc is of your new camera? I’m researching a new one now and your pictures are always so phenomenal. Many thanks!

  10. Happy 25th anniversary Slim! My husband and I will celebrate 25 years this July.. I’ve had that same thought recently about all my digital photos and I just created my first photo book! It’s supposed to arrive in todays mail. It was a gift idea I had for my future daughter-in-law. We fly to California to meet her next week. I thought she would love a collection of our oldest son’s memories…school pics, family vacations, relatives from both sides of the family, etc. I skipped putting in text…thought it would be more fun for him to tell her all about it.

  11. I love this, all these photos living in that digital world have been bothering me lately. Thanks for ideas on bringing them to tangibility. Happy belated anniversary!

  12. Slim, Great stuff here. It is also one of my wishes to get my photos actually printed one day. The books are very cool.
    How lucky are you with those roses? Love your house!

    • I do Rachel! It’s the 4th pink button down on the right hand side of my blog; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest 🙂

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