Slim Paley Daily #1


Mini Monday

Welcome to the launch of “Slim Paley Daily” !

The plan is to share one fun thing a day for a week just to shake things up a bit.

Think of it as a “Friday Favourites” facelift (remember those?? Favourites, not facelifts)

As it happens, my first share is something I mentioned waaay back on Friday Favourites but never ended up doing myself…

until just recently

890A7901and boy, do I love my Moo Cards !

890A7894Half the size of regular business cards,they’re really inexpensive, easy to create and the Moo service is great.

and they’re funny, those Moo folks. Always a plus in my books.


Simply pick whatever images you wish to print, drag them to the templates on the create page and off you go.

If I can do it, YOU can do it.

They have a multitude of combinations for fonts and background colours (though they could use more font choices) and the best part? They print on both sides!  Choose a matte or glossy  finish and load up to 100 images.

YES- 100 IMAGES People!

  I picked 100 of my own photos, most of them from previous Slim posts.
890A7884and went with a matte finish because I didn’t think my card case needed any competition. Ahem.

I think I ordered 400 cards because that seemed to come out to a ridiculously good price.

FYI- you can also create regular sized business cards, stickers, and other fun stuff.

Check it out.

PPS. This mention is only with affection, not affiliation with Moo-nies.


See you tomorrow with Tuesday’s… thing.


  1. Love this Slim! I’m visiting the Moo website this morning and taking a look at what I can do to create a unique business card for The Permanent Tourist! I always learn about interesting things from you…..thank you!

  2. Your photos look great on the small cards. I love the small format & printing on both sides of the card. Thanks for the tip!

  3. what odd timing; I just ordered samples from them last week upon Heather (habitually chic’s) recommendation! I had run out of my blogger cards and she said these were the best -they look great!

  4. Excellent Slim! These would be perfect as my new “calling card”. I had seen these before but forgot all about them. I have the feeling I won’t be quite as fast but I will give it a go. xx

  5. I’m with you Slim! Moo has the greatest ideas for biz cards. I like the smaller size too. Interestingly enough, the smaller, the more it stands out! Great pics too!

  6. I use Moo for little ‘love’ messages and secretly place them where they’ll be found later. Much better than the post-it notes I used for years!

  7. Well…I just learned something really cool from you today (which is usually the case!). Thanks so much for sharing. I’m off to check out

  8. Yay!! A daily “like list” curated by my favorite blogger! These are darling and oh so timely. I’m actually mulling over a new job offer to come out of empty-nest “retirement” to produce a new radio show and am needing cute business cards IF I take job! {Having waaaay too much fun in this empty nest stage!} So thank you, Slim! Could also use a fab card case ~ is yours vintage OR new that I could find somewhere?? Looking forward to tomorrow’s ‘thing’!

    • I’m afraid it’s too old to remember where I bought it, but not old enough to be ‘vintage’
      Best of luck with your big decision Phyllis!

  9. Huh! And here on first glance, I thought you had come up with a Slim Paley board game!! Seriously!
    Just need diamond studded dice to roll around in a martini glass. Sigh…would’ve been nice…there is
    still hope. Maybe one of the “dailies” could cover the breakfast cheese posting you promised awhile ago…hint, hint.

  10. Beeeeeautiful! I can almost smell that gorgeous peachy appleish fragerence.
    Will be up to experience in person this weekend. Thank you once again for all this heavenly fun.

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