Sizzle And Slush

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Winter in Manhattan

Ugh.  I’ll never eat again.

 I followed a fantastic lunch of whitefish salad, baguettes, and deep fried crispy baby artichokes from EAT today by dinner with good friends at Centolire at 86th and Madison.  OK, I will not eat until at least dinner tomorrow night which is at Peter Luger’s- a famous steak restaurant in Brooklyn that I’ve never been to before.

It was a much nicer day today, still cold, but the snow held off and it was great to walk around the city again.  Being Ash Wednesday it was somehow reassuring seeing that many people still attending church on an early mid-week morning. For a moment I thought I had missed some city-wide new style memo that crossed all age, gender and cultural barriers.

Windows NYC, slimpaley.comSlim Paley Photo

The windows at Bergdorf’s were fabulous as you can see, but alas- I find this a most difficult time to successfully shop.  All the sale merchandise is woefully picked over, spring collections are still just trickling in, and unless you are lucky enough to actually have a cruise or trip planned to a place involving white sand and turquoise waters, it’s hard to get excited about the cruise collections. Not to mention the horror of contemplating trying on bathing suits ( never pleasant at the best of times) when you’re layered in sweaters, scarves, boots, a winter coat and worst of all sporting a pasty white winter body.  The equation just doesn’t work for me.  Instead, I treated myself to a really good facial at Takashamaya and just enjoyed some window shopping, splotchy red face and all.

Windows NYC, slimpaley.comFab windows, but is it just me, or do a couple of these mannequins look like dudes?? Especially the one on the far right…

Windows NYC, slimpaley.comA little difficult to get good photos with all the reflections in the windows, but the displays were really gorgeous and highlighting a spectacular  collection of International Hats and Headdresses from Stacey Miller  (

Windows NYC,

Windows NYC, slimpaley.comThe vivid colours were such a pretty contrast with the slush on 5th Avenue today.

Headdress in Bergdorf’s window from Stacey Miller……………Photos of Bergdorf’s windows by Slim Paley

Night All!






  1. I love the photo of the yellow dress and yellow cabs with you in the center. Great shot! Your blog is absolutely perfect and very inspirational (have just ordered a three-months supply of Biotil and can’t wait for the results), stylish and fun. Best thing to pop into my inbox just in time for breakfast. Have a great time in NY and please tell us more.

  2. I’m soooooo jelous!! I’m trying to go to NY since last year but I never find the moment, a friend of mine lives there….this spring must be the moment!!

    SP: At least we can see your reflect in the windows :)You look great!

    Kisses from Spain

    Ah! I love the headdress from Stacey Miller.

  3. These window displays are amazing and I agree, some of the mannequins do look like “dudes”. ?????? Hope you will continue to share NYC with us while you visit. We are eating it up!!!

  4. There really is no place like Bergdorf’s, is there? Enjoy Luger’s, but do go hungry. (Oh those German potatoes – NOT a swimsuit shopper’s friend!) I like to see “my” city from your perspective. Great shots, both today and yesterday.


  5. I can almost see what you look like in reflection..LOL Make sure you chexk out the highlline and the Standard hotel above it. (and you just missed narc jacobs after party there on monday at the bar on top).

  6. I agree with Babe….it was more fun finding the reflection of SP…sorta like Where’s Waldo in the Bergdorf window.
    Also, just exactly how do you eat a roasted chestnut. That is one, right?

  7. Slim! Stop teasing..Keep snapping pics of 5th Ave and eat eat eat…..cos you can ! Youre SLIM!
    I had a delicious long boozy lunch at GJELINA on Abbot Kinney BLD….same maitre d ‘Beautiful Phoebe” that used to work at Pastis when I lived in NYC and where I met my wonderful husband!Have you hit BOOM BOOM yet?I want photo’s!Proof!Tell Nancy Im hungry…. all the time…have fun girlie girls!

  8. Ahh….. we finally see a glimpse of the elusive Slim Paley in the reflection of the Bergdorfs window.
    Your an riddle wrapped in an enigma which of course would be sprinkled with rose petals!

    When I grow up I want to be Slim Paley!

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