Setting The Bar



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Have you Set The Bar For Summer yet??!

Stash all your wintry liquors away and head for the tropics.  Think fine white sand stuck to the bottom of your highball glass, whispering palms, a deeply tanned, slightly dangerous looking man in a Panama hat at the end of the bar…“What’s a beautif

OK, we’ll stop there, but get thee to BEVMO to check out some of the fun in the sun libations they’re stocking right now.  I’m not willing to admit how long Older son and I were in our local store…let’s just say we changed our minds about it being “too early in the day” to go for the $1 wine tasting offer.

 (Saturdays 12-5pm, 3 whites, 3 reds $1- you do the math)


“Amuse your friends!”



Camomile Grappa- practically health food

and so handy to carry


The Ultimate Summer Bag



Slim Paley photo

How about creating a spa caddy for yourself and most certainly for your summer guests?!  Here, I’ve included salts to mix with coconut butter for a great exfoliating treat, a bottle of beer for conditioning the hair (rinse well after 🙂 ) followed by Moroccan oil for the locks and skin.

 Note; this spa caddy does not work well in teen-age boy’s bathrooms. Just sayin’



So, I’ve pretty much milked the hell out of my interview with the charming House Beautiful contributor Lisa Cregan for The Chicago Tribune in the last few posts,  but you may find the rest of the June 2011 article in my “PRESS BOX” tab  here and just under the “Slim Paley” header at the top of this page.



In the meantime, I’m taking my own advice and putting my smallest bathing suit in a place where I can’t fail to see it everyday.

We all have to face the dreaded moment when other humans are going to see us suited up this summer…

and my moment of truth is coming sooner rather than later

ooohhh- I just got a wave of nauseousness …







  1. Love all the goodies on the spa tray, Slim. Have you tried the lavender salt scrub from TJ’s? More Provence than Bali, but yummy sloughing just the same.

      • TJ used to have (but has discontinued) a grapefruit salt scrub that I liked even better because it harmonized nicely with Jo Malone’s grapefruit cologne. A study showed that people were perceived as being five years younger if they were wearing a grapefruit scent. Do I care? Why not?
        Maybe if lots of people asked TJ to bring back the grapefruit scrub they’d do it.

  2. Slim-
    Pretty sure you’re not called ‘Slim’ for nothin’ ! Get out there and rock that swimsuit. And you can always fall on your sword-this is a post about drinks. You could have a wee shot o’ liquid courage prior to your 2011 swimsuit moment.
    Great post.

    • Thanks for the tip, gonna buy me some of that Crystal Light for the weekend. Happy Canada Day Canuck!

  3. I LUV silver olive/onion/lemon picks for drinks especially vintage, which I am sure yours are! Do they have special name?

  4. Loved reading all your press news. The world is catching on to how wonderful we all know you are. Your pictures are still the best on the web!!! P.S. You can keep that lil bikini all for yourself! 🙂

  5. Love your blog and the drinks tray! Thanks for the lovely photos and yes, I too adore the Missoni bikini!

  6. Love the coverage of you in the Chicago Trib (where I live).
    You totally rock, Slim!!
    Glad to see you are getting wider recognition for all your talent!

  7. Slim, Ciroc Coconut Vodka is delicious with pineapple juice on ice. Keep the Ciroc chilled and you can be on a “beach” in seconds. I heard P Diddy owns Ciroc. Could this be true? This drink makes me feel skinny enough for your bikini.

  8. Slim I adore you and your sense of humor.
    I consider the entire summer to be holiday time so have a cocktail as early as you wish!!

    Fabulous looking bar & Spa Tray!

    Art by Karena

    Come and join my fashionable Giveaway from The Shabby Apple!

  9. I LOVE Bev Mo! Especially when they have their 5 cent wine sale (buy one, get the second for 5 cents.) It is a great time to stock up!

    The Pina Colada in a bag looks like a Capri Sun juice – so funny!

  10. One more thing, I just got back from Palm Springs and we were making all sorts of fruity summer Martinis. The best was this:

    Chili-infused Vodka
    Mixed Berry Puree
    Splash of pineapple juice

    We infused the vodka ourselves, much better than the ones you can buy premade.

    This drink is the perfect balance of spicy and sweet!

  11. I had some limoncello yesterday – sigh! thanks for the smile and the giggle – SP

  12. Mmmm that bar looks very inviting. We;ll have to do a remake at our girls weekend. Can’t wait. I wish I could fit into that bikini – in my dreams.

  13. Wow – you not only mentioned Nine Types of Light and The Hamilton Case in one post, but you also have my teenage son convinced that exfoliating is (or at least should be) an important part of his summer routine, and it would probably be best to keep multiples of the necessary spa items in the linen closet, or better yet next to the outdoor shower.

    • lol! Love those boys!! (and Nine Types of Light) 🙂
      Have you already read The Hamilton Case Debra?

  14. Thought I would put this out–may be off topic– but my summer reading includes the three books my son has to read for Stanford where the authors will have a round table during freshman week.
    1. March by Geraldine Brooks
    2. One Bullet Away by Nathaniel Fick
    3. The Violence of Peace by Stephen L. Carter

    Anyone read any of these? I am starting with March.

  15. hi slim,

    i think my boys would disagree with you about that bath caddy set-up not working for them.

    it is bathing suit time and reunion time. fffffff.

    i gotta lose 5 lbs stat.

    have a happy 4th.


    • Thanks Ali
      The tonic is “Fentiman’s Traditional Tonic Water” Fermented Botanical tonic water herbal extracts.

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