Seeing Red

metal roofs of Iceland | slimpaleyReykjavik, Iceland.

Peeking through a canopy of summer trees, mingling in the golden hues of Autumn or, best of all, like a beacon on a snowy vista, red roofs proclaim  ‘Here we Humans Be!’…working the land, lighting the home fires, living a life.

They seem so hopeful to me.


Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 11.48.07 AM

I love their exuberance and bold punctuation of the landscape.



You might say red roofs (like my husband and that silly old ‘spell check’) but I still say ‘rooves’.  I know it’s old-fashioned, but I say my way is right (there’s a shocker 🙂 )  because it’s my blog and  I’m the Official Red Roof Spotter.


75p-Louisville_Morning-8x10-1Louisville Morning (artist unknown)


red metal roof, Iceland | Slim Paley

I took these photos out of the car window, driving through Iceland last week.  Such amazing scenery there!


Red roof Iceland, Slim Paley



Waterlogue-2014-10-19-12-16-01Not a great ‘Waterlogue’ example but a reminder to use this App again, lest you’ve forgotten about it, like me.  A friend staying at another friend’s home recently sent a lovely Waterlogue ‘painting’ of the house in her thank you note.



A red roofed cabin across and down the river from us in Sun Valley, Idaho.



Roadside Cottage c1889, by 19th century artist Dennis Miller Bunker


red tile roofs of Galle, Sri Lanka |

The red tile roofs of Galle, Sri Lanka (taken from the roof of the Amangalla hotel. Sigh)


Jasper Conran

From the beautiful book “Country” by Jasper Conran



Downton Reykjavik. Look at the beautiful old glass in the windows and door.


SFD918D47B96B244C8D9EDAF7BA85F08374_730x650via Pinterest





SFD8A69A524210948709FF1BC59F1D7DE6C_730x650via Pinterest


WURM Fat House

“Fat House” by Austrian artist Erwin Wurm

I do love a slimming house.


red metal roof

via Tumblr


323849816_kKfQVwPh_c via Tumblr



And, lastly, this post wouldn’t be complete without including my favourite red roofed house



The home of Karen Blixen. Stills from the film “Out of Africa”

Double sigh.


Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 13.40.16



PS. Speaking of seeing red, I’ve been waiting several weeks now for, amongst other things, resolution regarding the issue of separating “Daily Paley’s” from regular post email alerts.  Ideally, subscribers should receive an email for regular posts only, not D.P’s. Unfortunately,  the ‘professional’ I hired to help with my re-design, despite initial (read: before final payment) assurances to the contrary, turned out to be anything but.  A most frustrating outcome and the reason I haven’t been posting “D.P”‘s as planned. I’ve also been waiting for a promised handbook to help navigate through my ‘new’ design since July 2nd.  I can tolerate many things ( I’m not good with confrontation) but unethical behaviour and rudeness? Not on that list. I guess more fool me for blindly trusting this person instead of getting references.  🙁  I’ve read of many disappointing website design experiences over the 5 years I’ve been writing S.P.  Fellow bloggers, I now feel your pain!

In any case, please bear with me if you receive D.P. email alerts for just a while longer until I sort this out.

Lastly, to end on a POSITIVE note, Cheers to all the people in the world who take pride in what they do. Like “Francisco from San Francisco” at Jet Blue Air, who helped me recover my lost luggage (and sanity) this week… and I wasn’t even flying with Jet Blue!!

(PPS. Icelandic Air did not lose my luggage either. An American carrier did. Not to mention any names)


Have a lovely week!!






  1. I so enjoyed this post…made me feel good all inside and all over. I especially liked the Karen Blixen house pics, I have read the book multiple times, and watched the movie around 50 times. Wish I was a bee on your shoulder on this trip…but will be happy vicariously through your photos. Thank you.

  2. awesome Slimmy! I frequently paint red roofs in my paintings!!! Thinking that I LOVE that little white house with the red roof painting! Going to get out the palette knife tomorrow! Thanks for the inspiration!!! xxxooo

  3. I am a WordPress website designer and do all the bits with the emails, auto posts, seo, etc. please let me know if I can help you untangle your DP’s. A blog shouldn’t need a handbook, maybe an easier navigation, or a page with the what’s what would make sense. Your posts bring me lots or happiness, I would be delighted to give you something in return.

  4. What amazing country Iceland appears to be. I’m with you, the Karen Blixen house (even if it was for the movie) is one of my all-time favorites. That movie remains one of my favorites forever in part because I so admire her strength and determination, coupled with kindness and consideration for the people she encountered. What a bummer to have a less than professional to deal with on your blog site. We had an encounter not long ago with a photographer that took the photos of our sons wedding and then would not answer emails or phone calls regarding the photographs. He finally came through, but seriously?
    I do love the story of finding lost luggage and the random act of kindness by Francisco.

    • Me too K. I absolutely adore the film, the music, the book… Karen’s life story, determination and sense of adventure. Along with ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ and a handful of other films, it’s a movie I’m happy to watch countless times.

      PS. The wedding photographer-really??? I honestly don’t understand what some people are thinking, other than perhaps they’re not thinking at all…

  5. I recall the first time flying into Heathrow and seeing all those red roofs..the red tile roofs on
    the townhouses.
    What a sight! Your photos of the cabins on lakes were the best. The contrast of the blue
    water and the red roof is so satisfying. I agree on your pronunciation of “rooves”, when
    others say “roofs” it sounds like a dog trying to bark.

  6. Love red “rooves” “roofs” how ever one wants to say it, always have. Those photos are idyllic and again you have managed to make my travel list grow…..thanks, I think! Not that you need any encouragement, but my web designer was a man, a man who did what he wanted to do, rather than what I was paying him to do! Consequently, I ended up with a product I didn’t love and really didn’t tell people about…..and isn’t that the freaking point!? I confronted and confronted to no avail and just wanted the torture over! It still isn’t what I had envisioned, gun shy, I guess. Better luck to you!
    Have a blessed Sunday

    Cathy 🙂

  7. I can’t tell if all my comment went through….just sayin grateful for your blog whatever form it is. Just don’t stop, please. We need ya.

  8. I really enjoyed this beautiful post! We do not travel far (my fault due to FEAR of flying) so this virtual tour was delightful! Thanks. I hope you get your issues resolved soon. My blog angel is a dear and very talented (I think). XO, Pinky

  9. So pretty to see that shock of red amongst green trees and fields. As for your website “designer” I would be seeing RED for sure. Perhaps you can take the offer of the oh so generous reader above and solve the issue. Still, Slim Paley is something I look forward to always.

  10. I know what you mean about website designers–lost a chunk when I had to completely trash the site that I had a “website design specialist” design… and learn. Have a wonderful week. Mary

  11. First of all, love this! Wonderful red ‘rooves!’ Driving through Iceland! Wow. Another thing for the bucket list now. Your photos are beautiful and it truly looks breathtaking. Slim, I would never be bothered to get any Daily Paley’s so don’t stress about it. Sorry about the web design. I have also heard WP is a lot more work. I want to switch, but not sure I am equipped for more tech hurdles. The blog does look gorgeous though. Happy week! Kim

    • Hi Kim. Firstly, thank you!
      Secondly, I wouldn’t know, to be honest, if is more work than As one update caused the D.P. email glitch, I’m afraid to touch or update anything! I now slink around my W.P. dashboard like it’s a sleeping tiger.

  12. Dear Slim

    I love this post on Iceland and it’s unique landscape. The red them running through is uplifting on this Monday morning in autumnal Ireland.

    I wish you a week filled with joy and resolutions to all your issues.


  13. My greatest compliment… remind me of my mother! I am much older than you…and my mother would be 107 if she were still alive……she was an “adventuress”!

    It is true!

    Brava! No wonder your husband is such a fan!


  14. Hi Slim, Karen Blixin’s house, is that her real house or a set from the movie?
    I love red, it’s a brunette’s best friend.

    I used to say ruffs, being from Minnesota but someone corrected me and I now say rooves, like you.

    Beautiful, as always, Nice way to end a fun weekend! Unexpected friends showed up at my door and we made a mad dash for Talkeetna (at the foot of Mt. McKinley) to get there by sunset. The next day we headed down south. Whirlwind tour in 36 hours. Tons of pics and videos. Now, I’m unwinding from all of that.


  15. Dear Slim I love all of the art you have included with red roofs, your fine photography and the paintings. Loved seeing the Blixen home from Out of Africa as well (a fave film).

    The Arts by Karena

  16. Well…we STILL say ruffs…had to smile. Once again, this really “hit home”…looked at a 227 year old “farm house” (five fire places, barn, ice house, boat pier, etc.) with “metal red ruffs” for sale a mile or so from us….very tempting with a price in the $400,000….lots of work though….your photos are much easier!! franki

  17. Absolutely love this post! I’ve always had a thing for red roofs. Yours are beautiful! Many thanks for making my day.

  18. I would be seeing red over my luggage and being held hostage by website builder.
    However, red rooves against a sparse landscape wins out.

  19. I so look forward to your posts, Slim! I DROP EVERYTHING I’M DOING TO READ THEM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. EVERY TIME I RECEIVE YOUR INSPIRATIONAL PHOTOS AND GLORIOUS COMMENTARY, my day is better. I love your slim, red “rooves” photo! (The spell check on my phone gave me trouble with this as well…but, I won!!!!) ROOVES RULE! Love those little cottages as well as the Out of Africa home. Keep it up!!

  20. Pretty!

    I want a cabin with a red roof:)

    Ugh so frustrating about your unprofessional website designer, hate stuff like that!

  21. Love your theme Slim…my Mr. H would be jumping up and down with this post. When we had to decide on a roof for our RED barn…he said RED roof. I ignored him….and he has not let me forget it. He thinks it would make an interesting statement. Thankfully, I did not see one red barn and red roof in your collection of lovely images. Phew! We still have a few more buildings to go in our renovation…I know the red roof will come up again. He is a man in love with the idea.

    Your blog looks great!
    Thanks for the comment today, much appreciated. 🙂

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