Seeing Red (II)

Valentine's chocolates

Here we are already, just a day before Valentine’s.

 A day that has everyone seeing red-whether they like it or not.  Many will partake of romance, roses & chocolates, while others will take issue with the overt commercialization of Cupid.  I agree the bloat of mylar hearts, pink bears on a stick and tightly bound fluorescent flowers invading the local markets can be off-putting.

Valentine’s may also strike a sensitive chord in those who are sweetheart-less on the day and truth be told, that’s a lot of folks, as the plethora of on-line dating sites will attest. Being forced to assess our romantic status whether we want to or not…just what we need-more pressure!

As I’ve mentioned in the past, the day could be quite an emotionally scarring affair as far back as elementary school (in the old, less sensitive days before everyone received a token Valentine) It was usually the girls with double hook bras that received the most cards. Single hook, or worse, training bra girls received a small stack (oh dear-no pun intended)  including a pity card from the teacher. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about.


Funny the things we remember. NOT.


But let’s kiss and make up.  All is forgiven if not forgotten!

And let us get back to RED, shall we?

Whatever you make of it, it’s certainly THE Colour of the Moment.

red hair

There’s a chunk of it in my hair. You heard me.


and happens to be the colour of my new favourite cocktail, the Negroni Unknown

Go Red For WomenThe 11th annual “Woman’s Day Red Dress Awards” at Lincoln Centre in NY on Tuesday.

Most importantly, it’s the colour of the month to honour Heart Disease Awareness For Women.

Many of us still associate heart attacks with men, but heart disease is actually the #1 killer of women in this country.

Why not sport the colour red in whatever fashion or form you wish this month to help raise awareness?



 Segueing back to a little lighter fare…

Le rouge, le rouge is everywhere!



I too was in the hunt for a red gown for a dear friend’s big birthday bash this month. Ladies in red, gentlemen black tie.


I was slightly worried  (panicked) as red, as I’ve also mentioned, is definitely NOT my colour.

There isn’t a time after the age of 30 I’ve applied true red lipstick where I haven’t thought of Bette Davis in “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane” and off it comes.

Plus it really interferes with my eating..


Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 7.50.10 PMPaperFashion via Instagram


 I’m neither light enough or dark enough to wear it well. It brings out the red in my chest, the white in my face and the mouse in my hair.

Did I mention I wear earth tones well?

Eventually, after my usual pre-party angst-ing  I found something.

655653 It wasn’t this.

It wasn’t even close to this.

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 7.23.08 PMDennis Basso photo via Paperfashion

The runways were absolutely throbbing with red for Fall 2014/15 this month.

ed5164a0f062366bef89bb7dbb68635cPrabal Gurung Fall 2014/15

Zac Posen Fall 2014

Zac Posen Fall 2014


Pink & red roses in the window of one of the most beautiful rose shops in the world in Paris


Karlie Kloss being fierce in red. Donna Karan Fall 2014


Sneaking back for another shot at night (The Hotel Costes Bar is next door!)

523a3d99c4d6142c562e2caabe5a172dPrabal Gurung

carolina herrera Fall 2014

Karlie again in Carolina Hererra Fall 2014


Ralph Lauren Fall 2014

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 7.24.41 PMmodaoperandi Instagram

Even Andre Leon Talley was wearing a red dress this week.

No wonder there was a scarcity.

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 7.24.17 PMvia Vanity Fair

Oscar de la Renta Fall 2014. Wow.

Elie Saab

Elie Saab Fall 2014-15

And what a stunningly beautiful, magical birthday celebration it was.

In fact after this week there are two more things I’m adding to my list of

‘Things I’d Love to Do When I Grow Up’

1) Design male figure skater’s costumes

2) have a party planned by Colin Cowie.

Visualisation is the first step to realisation!


Wishing everyone a Very Happy Valentine’s Day!


(I mean, if you go in for that sort of thing…)

and remember…


Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 9.42.49 AM

Mwah, Mwah


Blasts from the past;

the last time I was Seeing Red

A Valentine post from 3 years ago today; Romance & Roses





  1. Ha! I’m with you on the male figure skaters costumes! I couldn’t quit making comments about them…I think some of my descriptions were…Bellboy, Fred Flintstone, etc…not very flattering.
    My husband’s new favorite cocktail is the negroni too…and the sazerac…
    As a fair redhead, I have a hard time wearing red too…I find if it’s not blue based I can pull it off..more of a tomato red. I was hoping you would show a pic of the dress you chose! Well, I’m getting chatty since I’m supposed to be painting my living room…back at it!

  2. So…..where was the picture of YOUR dress? I scanned this post 4 times thinking I missed it!! Silly girl.
    That Elie Saab dress is to die for!!! wow! Just stunning.
    I was also wondering where that one gal got all those red band-aids to make that barely covering it up
    floozy thingy dress? Sure got that man’s attention…yeesh.

    And negronis…ahhhhh, been imbibing all winter on these gems. Soon the weather will change from being
    polar vortex here in Chiberia (Chicago + Siberia) and maybe the thought of a springtime drink will be doable.

    Happy Valentine’s Day Slim!!!

  3. I am lucky that I am over thirty and I STILL wear red lipstick AND red clothing. I’m sorry, but you can not pay me to part with my true red lipstick OR red clothing!

  4. Oh, thank you; I needed an excuse to pour a glass of wine; i
    t’s red and good for my heart. 😉 I hear you: wearing red now (once a favorite color!) brings out the red in my eyes. Waa! Gorgeous post. Thank you again, Slim.

  5. Happy Valentines Day to you and your debonair Valentine – May the Roses be Fragrant! and the Love Linger! I too want a viewing of “the” Red Dress.

  6. Ah…All that gorgeous red! I’d bet a tomato or rusty-red, similar to the Zac Posen, would be perfect on you!
    Here’s hoping Mr. SP read the Colin Cowie hint…
    I wear red at every opportunity, including all of December and I am taking this post as encouragement to do so!

  7. Speaking of seeing, I saw YOU at the Beatles tribute. What was it like standing next to Yoko Ono rocking out? I was thinking of your blogger’s block and I thought, one doesn’t normally start a sentence with, “So I was sitting behind Paul McCartney while Ringo Starr played ‘Boys’…” You must be cured!

  8. Sorry, I’m not being coy, really! I just don’t have a good photo of the dress-if I did I would post it. I take terrible ‘selfies’ and I’m always rushing on my way out! Aren’t you?!

    • Just lay the dress across a chair and snap of photo of the dress….
      I think you can see from all the posts that the overall majority of your
      fan base is curious about the dress…iPhone photo of it hanging on a door even! 🙂
      We all know you have good taste which is why we are so curious.

  9. Seems appropriate to express a sharing of love on this day…so here is mine to you…for your delightful posts… always catch my breath when I see a new posting! I envy the women that can pull off the vibrant red lip and bold red dresses–I have always tended to go the other direction to blend in to the woodwork…pale pink and buff lip…I did for one moment imagine myself in that gorgeous Oscar de la renta at your friend’s magical birthday–ooh la la…so thank you for that!

  10. Happy Valentine’s day to you, Slim P!
    A stunning red floor length dress is just the sexiest most strikingly elegant thing! Love them!

    Being single, I’m not fond of Valentine’s day. it hurts. But nonetheless, I take myself out to a fabulous dinner to celebrate the fact that I cherish and value myself, and I’m worth it:)

  11. Prabal Gurung’s . high necked, long sleeved ,tight bodied dresses and Elie Saab’s blood red, sparkley skirted number, (with pockets??) .are just superb

  12. Slim, I very much enjoy your posts! Valentines was never very special to me, until my daughter was born on this very day. This year she turned 13…and had her first Valentines Day letdown. My husband and I tried to make up for it with the birthday celebration. Seems no one is immune to the expectation and resulting disappointment of this particular day of the year. I just hope that future Valentines Days aren’t this dramatic for her!

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