Rich Rusts


My front entry hall

I don’t know…something about this weather…it’s just not enticing me to come out and play. It’s not so much cold, as just pale, insipid, uninspired.  I’d much rather sit by the fire reading “An Object of Beauty”, Steve Martin’s latest book, the not so distant din of football on in the background every room.  Oh…my…Gawd.  Is there a gas station between me and the rest of this football season??!  I have a sneaking suspicion that Hockey Season is just around the corner too. I’m hearing “Syd The Kid” being bantered about waaay too much for comfort.  Were you aware there is a God amongst us named Syd (or is it Sid??)

Achh- sometimes it’s kinda tough being the only girl 🙂

I started off my day beautifully with some lovely, stretchy yoga followed by a big English fry-up complete with white bread fried in bacon fat and lashings of white truffle salt on my eggs. Courtesy of football watching husband.

Then, for some inexplicable reason, I felt the need to go back to bed.

Now, I’m back up, and guess what? Football is still on. I know. It’s shocking.

So.  I said to myself; Slim, it’s the perfect day to post your “Cayenne/Rusty/Rich” theme.

I’ll let you figure that math out 🙂

I grow these ‘Hot Cocoa’ roses in my garden.

Bob Art


Zac Posen





Jeeves… Please pass me my robe


Slim Paley photo

Parrot tulips through a shop window

Mark Jacobs suit, Tom Ford silk top, Prada platforms



Michael Smith

Slim Paley photo

Christmas wrapping with vintage silk velvet trim

Paul Smith Spring 11

Slim Paley photo

One of my favourite Hermes scarves.  Note the garden shears in the bottom right hand corner


. via A Gift Wrapped Life

A hotel




Diana Vreeland’s pad

Slim Paley photo

While not technically “Rust”, somehow this snuck in


Then this.  OK, I know I’m veering off track …

Slim Paley photo

Couldn’t resist this last one.

Back to rustiness now.

Louis Vuitton

via A gift wrapped life.

Patricia Van der Viliet

Slim Paley photo

Sun Valley


Wishing you a wonderful week!




I inspired myself to go buy some deep rust coloured nail polish today;

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in “Haute Chocolate”


  1. I seem to be having the best luck being in the right place when your post tweets. What splendor!! And a color that works for me (I’m the blue-white auburn haired sort). So much to love – let me be the first (of many I’m sure) to tell you how much I ADORE your bookcase – front entry not too shabby either!! So charming!! I own those shoes in the Paul Smith shot – think I just might have to own those spectacular pants as well! I could go on – but I’ll leave room for some others to fawn.

  2. Slim, This post makes me feel so cozy and comfy. You chose all the good, rich, deep, rust colors, not the brassy ones. I completely loved your question, ” Is there a gas station between me and the rest of this football season?” I am writing this as my husband has two TV’s on watching the game/s. He is probably watching on the internet, too, for all I know. Oh, and he gave rust colored vintage footballs from J. Crew as gifts this Christmas. He is forever asking, “What’s the score?” as I wonder, “There will be no scoring if you don’t turn those damn TV’s off!”

  3. OK. these are MY colors, my bedroom, my living room, my closet full of clothes, my lips, my hair (born with it, but now out of a bottle), my flowers, but how to show you??…………I tried to copy a photo and then paste in the comment box, but that’s not it……….thoughts?

    And, of course, looooooooooove the post, your eye, your thoughts, your style, your house, YOU…………. yet again. Thanks.

  4. I…Love…those…pants. Reminds me of the wide-legged trousers women wore in the thirties. I sympathize with you as the only girl in the house. My husband’s the only male. Can’t wait ’til the girls hit their teen years. Ha!

    My favorite “rust” is Ann Margret who portrayed Rusty in “Viva Las Vegas.”

  5. OH my! Love all of this…..the colors are wonderful!

    Those last Stubbs and Wooten remind me of my living room chairs…….they were originally upholstered with antique paisley shawls……(I think those shoes are made of those)………and then the cat………(we don’t declaw here)………..mistook them for a scratching post. A few chairs; actually…..not just the antique paisley ones…..

    We love our animals………..your pictures are gorgeous! What a gift you give! Thank you!

  6. such rich and cozy colors, love it!

    It’s Sid, but don’t even worry about it, all you need to know is “Sedins”

  7. Up until your post, the color “rust” was not even on my horizon, but as I think about it–it is a perfect neutral. I believe that some of the shades could even work with pink (and that is a tough one). As I think over my inventory, I have used this color not infrequently. Thanks for really broadening my horizon tonight. Have a great week–take heart: football is almost over and hockey can never equal football.

    • You are so right Mary- I never really thought of “rust” as being a neutral colour but it is. It pairs beautifully with so many colours; linens and creams,mustardy yellows, khaki and many earthy greens, browns, black, and yes, it’s even works with the right pinks and can be spectacular with lavender. Go Rust!!

  8. Funniest opening paragraph from a blog yet.
    This posting is the perfect nightcap after watching this evening’s premiere of ‘Downton Abbey’ on ‘Masterpiece Classics’. Both visual feasts. If you have not tuned it, please do. It’s terrific.

  9. I am rust. Rust is me. Oh, how I love rust. Your bookcase, front entry and flowers are delicious!!! This post will make me happy for life! Did you know Lipstick Queen has a rust lip: Rust Saint for day, Rust Sinner (matte) for evening? It’s fun to be a bit of an angel and devil! 🙂 Thank you, Slim, for the eye candy!

  10. As the wife of a Québecois/mad Montréal Canadiens fan, I can attest that hockey season has been in full swing since about October and will continue till…March/April? For what it’s worth, Sid the Kid is not too hard to look at (but my heart belongs to Canadiens goalie Carey Price).

    Great post as always. You are going to pressure me into saving my pennies for an Hermès scarf. It would have to match the 2 dresses I bought over the weekend at Wal-Mart, though! 🙂

  11. True confessions… I love NFL playoff games. Probably cuz I too am surrounded by testosterone
    (3 sons & a hubby)

  12. Hi Slim..sorry about all the football and television…I haven’t had TV in my house for 10 years…(well, I’ve been single for 10 years…hmmm..correlation?)…
    I think your foyer and library/bookcase are stunning….the rich colors and vibrant hues are captivating….
    have a great day in spite of football..

  13. Gorgeous Hot Cocoa rose photo! They are the longest-lived, most dependable and prolific of all in my rose garden. And the latter rose photo that snuck in is even more exquisite! Another hilariously beautiful post.

  14. SP!

    You described my day! My “oh-not-so-sexy-anymore-with-all-this-sport” husband was ALL DAY on the couch. At the end of the day I was with a headache and wanting to say “adios” to that tv.. but I couldn’t first I had to Tvo my “Brothers & Sisters”

    Love all the beautiful colors in this post.

    Have a blessed week and congrats for the “Stylish Blog Award” coming from “My design Chic”. Super fun! 🙂


    Luciane at

  15. I’m in love with rust. It runs all through my house. It’s a great neutral. You can pair it with so many things and it is so rich and yummy. You’ve already figured that out.

  16. I feel exactly the same way about going out at the moment.

    I love this colour. Gorgeous pictures and the interiors you choose are wonderful.

    I’ve just bought a Thirties style long dress in the colour of those parrot tulips from Ebay. I love every shade of red.

    Enjoy your week xx

    • Hi Christina
      I’m sworn off of EBAY. Too dangerous on so many levels for me. 🙁 (think Julie Hagerty in Lost in America)

      • Another visual feast, Slim! Always amazed at the scope of your pictures. I too, like you and Julie Hagerty am having some issues with “the nest egg principal”. (Loved that movie)

  17. Stunning post. Canuck took the words right out of my laptop !!!
    Every photo is exquisite. Loved those roses thrown in, just adds to your design mind.
    Love the Paul Smith pants and the Hermes scarf is to live for .
    Lovely way to start a sunny week.
    Thanks Slim.ox

  18. Football, football, football, followed in my case by dvrd episodes of Hardknocks, 30 for 30, some hockey show documentary and to round it out a bit, Top Gear. I did tape the new masterpiece theater to watch when no one else is around. I love a house full of boys!

    • Oh yes, Jass, me too. Of course we watch “Hardknocks” (the amount of times they can work the F word into one sentence is actually impressive) and 30 for 30, the hockey doc. but don’t tell me you missed the Roberto Clemente documentary?!

    • Ha ha!
      That’s salt in the wound Kris as there have been no Sawyer Sightings of late. I fear he has given up on stalking me 🙁

  19. Oh Slim, have I told you lately how much I love your blog????? and….I LOVE rust, especially with a grey linen. And guess what…..My house looks like Sun Valley right now deep in the middle of Georgia. Snowed in, it’s 5:30 p.m. and I’m still in my PJs. yep, and it feels GREAT!
    have a wunderful day (night) Slimmy!
    Go Ducks….
    (don’t like Auburn…or Cam)

  20. Slim, I seethe with loathing and intense jealousy. You live the dream; beautiful homes, family, incredible travel, gorgeous looking, and intelligent to boot.

    There, glad that it is off my chest. What a beautiful, interesting, captivating blog. I like your style, Slim. I bet you are a really wonderful friend. It is easy to read you as special (if I can still like and admire you despite your wonderful life)!

    • Thanks Mimi (I think!)
      My blog, for the most part, is a bit of an escape to a tranquil, light place- away from all the madness in the world, therefore I endeavor to keep it positive- it’s not “warts & all” (well, except when I talk about wanting to punch Camille Grammer’s face in. Once and awhile I fall off the wagon) and I’d certainly NEVER post a bad photo of myself 🙂

  21. Well, you certainly are not “rusty” when it comes to good blog posts Slim. It’s like you have been putting these images together your whole life! Seriously, you have such talent at this gathering of goodness.

  22. I have just spent the last hour trolling around in your gorgeous blog, having a lovely time. Such delicious images, and many beautifully photographed by you. How wonderful! I look forward to coming back and spending more time when I have more of it. Thanks! Reggie

  23. That bathroom is just TDF! WOW! I would be completely shriveled up and waterlogged soaking (for hours!) in that delicious tub! And the Dior dress makes me drool. The fabric has so much movement and texture. Just beautiful. Thank your husband for his football obsession, since it inspired you to write this lovely blog… whatever that connection might have been! haha.

  24. I’m sorry SP but I must correct you. Your blog is not just “a BIT of an escape to a tranquil, light place” it is a glorious beautiful peaceful oasis in a world of killing, lunatics, wars, stupidity, hatred. When the world news seems overwhelming and I can’t face word of one more friend’s death I reread your blogs, past and present and I am fortified to face reality once again. My deepest and sincerest thanks for offering this treasure to us.

  25. Of course, Slim, I adore your blog. And that is rare to say these days with so many to choose from; so nice to find such a wonderful one!

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