Red & White Stripes (Part IV?)

It could even be part V

In any case, it’s that time again!

When I drag you all along on my capricious love affair with Red & White Stripes.

Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 5.32.59 PM

Remember these from yesteryear?

Marc JacobsShe could be a little happier about carrying that bag, couldn’t she?

013fullscreenPerhaps the models weren’t too thrilled about their hair. Seriously. I could have done the hair for this show.

And don’t worry… your computer hasn’t developed dandruff. It’s snowing!!

I always forget about this cute WordPress feature and I’m charmed when it returns every December.

A happy little vignette

L1140587and even happier strawberry cakes at Fauchon in Paris this summer


View from a cafe in Fecamp (1904) by T.F. Simon via Bloomsbury Life

Someone got their bold on

L1140351A beautiful example of turn of the century red & white wicker at the Marches aux Puces in Paris

Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2013


L1140581I even found red & white striped macaroons in Paris.

Damn. You can find anything and everything in Paris.

You know what I love? The grandness of the pillars with the down-homeness of the red & white stripes & bamboo-a bold combo in its own way.

_VIE0235.450x675Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2013

02-paper-straw-wreath-mdn-65136761DIY Straw wreath instructions HERE via Woman’s Day Magazine

and lastly, take just a minute to watch this beautiful video

PS. Would it be overly precocious to add a red & white striped hot air balloon to my Christmas Wish List?

Up, up and away…



  1. You said you would learn how to embed and you did. I’m sure with that attitude you’ll receive a red and white balloon in your beautiful courtyard this year. Won’t Oprah be envious.

  2. Marvelous post! Loved it all, although I would take chocolate or lemon macaroon in
    Preference to those red and white striped ones. Would love to visit that
    Beach and covet the Dolce et Gabbana glasses and the earrings. Nice to see you at Kendall’s event.

  3. I have always luffed red and white stripes and have a DVF top to prove it. Quite like Le Toddler in stripes too. So cheery.

    40 yes 40 degrees here today.

    Is like living in Soup.


  4. Slim,
    It could be your 15th post on red and white stripes and I’d never tire of it. I always marvel at the wonderful images you track down. So pretty.
    Enjoy your week.

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  6. Yes, you can find anything and everything in Paris Slim…………..most of all a big pile of smiling women who adore the city of light. Next trip will include a ballon ride too, just a little hike outside the city limits. Wouldn’t want to bump into the Eiffel tower. xx

  7. Absolutely gorgeous, loved all of it. Loved the columns and the stripes, awesome and I felt like I was lifted away on that hot air balloon, what a view.. thanks

  8. Every time I see the balloon advert I think it is the courtyard at La Louvre but I hear it is covered over now? I share the LOVE of red and white stripes but would love to know WHY they appeal? Red and white checks/spots/florals do nothing for me – weird!

  9. You should try and stay at the Barbara Hulanicki-designed beach house on Harbour Island in the Bahamas. (BH is the founder of Biba.) It’s all red and white stripes. It’s set right on Pink Sands Beach and the blue of the sea acts as the perfect backdrop for all that aesthetic red-and-white whimsy.

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