RainDancer Rambles in Gotham


Slim Paley photo

Don’t let this photo fool you-  The sun only came out for about 5 minutes yesterday just as I happened to be walking past Central Park so I dashed in and ‘lensed” this  (See, I’m hip to all the new lingo on the inter-web 🙂 ) with my new camera. This photo was taken with my super sonic  12X lens fully engaged.  Although it isn’t crystal clear, you can  see the quality in full zoom is still pretty good..There were only 7, no maybe 8 leaves that had started to turn for Fall.


Most of the time  the weather’s  looked more like this…

Slim Paley photo

Reminding me of this fabulous scene that Rutger Hauer just kills in Bladerunner;


Watch the clip here

Sigh.  it’s so poignant- it gives me chills every time.


OK, back to me 🙂

You can only imagine the  effect the rain and crazy humidity have had on my hair. I return to the hotel with my head twice the size of  when I left.   Yesterday, after I managed to wedge it back into our room, I was about to suggest we go down and have a cocktail in the sexy hotel bar when I caught sight of my husband. He was sitting on the edge of the bed donning day-glo ear buds, and Bose headphones, and a huge black Batman sleeping mask, complete with molded nose cup.  These on (and precious little else) he cocked  his index finger at me like he was jauntily shooting a pistol,  said “YOU put a ring on it”  and promptly fell fast asleep.  Apparently I’m married to Bethanny Frankel with a beard. It was 5pm.  Is it really that untoward for a woman to sit in a hotel bar all alone, nursing a martini while constantly  patting her hair down as she  laughs and quietly mutters to herself??   Oh- that’s so sweet- I knew you’d be on my side!!

It’s one of the things I love about New York – you can always be assured that every time you walk down the street you’re going to see 100 people that look far crazier than you and another 100 that make you want to head straight to your parents and ask “What’s up with the lousy gene cards folks??”

And then there’s the things you “Overhear” in NY;

A couple in the corner booth of a nice restaurant;  she, mid to late 40’s, attractive, very blonde.  He, late 80’s, early 90’s  and virtually bald except for, wait for it… silvery bangs striating to gold  (like the finale dress in Marc Jacob’s Fall show)  BANGS! as in Anna Wintour, that somehow sprung from nowhere, as he was hairless above.  Donald Trump- you’re goin’ down! This guy just combed you  under the table my friend!   I’m not being cruel, simply setting the visual for what came next.  In a loud voice ( I’m no Gladys Kravitz, but I was two tables away ) he said to her “WELL, You’re certainly NOT the most beautiful woman  in the world, but…you’re good enough for me. I think I could fall in love with you.”   He really said that!  Thankfully, he didn’t make the pistol shooting gesture, but he said those exact words.  I wanted to go over and throw my martini water on his head.  The poor woman said nothing.  She just kept nodding and smiling sadly.  UnCOMFortable…I’m only repeating this  because I’m pretty sure he doesn’t read Slim Paley.  If  by any chance I’m wrong- I meant the other old guy with the silvery golden bangs, not you Sir.

His bang colours, only in reverse.


But I’ll leave you with something a little more fun and pleasant in silver and gold…


Slim Paley photo

Miu Miu in Bergdorf’s



I’m off to possibly overhear more snippets of conversation

(Hope we have a strategically placed table at Quality Meats.

OK, maybe you can call me Mrs. Kravitz 🙂 )



  1. My husband just left NYC today and texted me photos of some of our favorite spots all week long. Got me super jealous! And no, he does not have silvery golden bangs. Can’t believe you overheard what you did!!!!!!

  2. Slim, tell your husband he has company with the orange day glo earplugs and the Batman sleep mask, I never travel anywhere without those two essentials, good for him! (Neither of these accouterments plus a sleeping pill aid and several red wines allowed me one minute of sleep returning from Fiji yesterday into LAX, can anyone share a secret for sleep on this itinerary for future reference please? I am still horribly jet lagged and its been 24 hours….)
    It appears you are in the Trump Hotel there on Columbus Circle, are you sure that was not the Donald himself that you overheard? Sounds very similar in every way, the hair, the conversation…….
    The restaurant there is definately superb, no?
    I love to eaves drop on conversations in NY, one of the great pastimes of all time.

  3. We were in Manhattan for the weekend and had a lovely meal at Marea thanks to your recommendation. I’m always leery of NYC hotspots but the food was delicious and beautifully presented and the service friendly. We were even sent home with a box of their salted caramel chocolates and a breakfast “muffin” which saved our lives when our flight home was canceled!

  4. You have far more control than me, I would have been saying obnoxious things about gross old men very loud. I only wish you would have gotten pictures of both the old man and your, what sounds like, a super sexy husband.

  5. Ah Slim, love your your observations about the good and bad about NYC. Sadly though, your story of “bangs” man rang too true as there are plenty of icky guys like the one you described in the city, I’m sure it was his financial security she was attracted to, so very sad that on hearing his rude, yet all too common comment that she didn’t simply stand up and walk out. Hmm, change that – stand up, snip off the sad little hairs on his forehead, and THEN walk out.

    Too funny, your husband and his quest for sleep, hysterical description.

    I know you feel like the rain is following you but sadly most of the East Coast is in a drought and needs lots of rain!

  6. I know how that poor girl feels- one bad date, another bad date,
    then some more bad dates- sometimes I wish I’d been raised without manners
    or regard for the feelings of others- Ha- martini water on the head – perfect

  7. Thanks for making me laugh–just walked in the door after LA rush hour, the 20 lb. monster siamese is holding my hand and I get to experience the glory of New York vicariously. What more could I want?

  8. I know what you mean about the effect of rain and humidity on the hair!!! I have just returned from 5 days camping and yes it RAINED!!! Mud and full “volumed” hair became my friend 🙂 I think New York in the rain may be easier to take than Lamington National Park, Australia. It sounds like you saw as much “wild life” as we did.

  9. Having returned to NH, from NYC, (for the leaves–so far more than 8 but not that many), we have also been enveloped in rain and crazy humidity, except for this glorious day. So I walked in from our evenng fire on the deck to read your post and found myself spitting out my lemon-ginger tea at your description of your/my (what I call hedgehog) hair, that was twice the size as when you left, needing to be WEDGED back into the room…………..if I weren’t crying I’d be laughing (or vice versa). Do you write your husand’s material?………………you should.

    So, now I can’t wait for the leaf peeping to begin/be over so I can get back to one of MY favorite NYC activities, which is watching young lovers on the subway…………..not in a perverted way………….really!…….but where else can you basically be in someone else’s bedroom without paying for it? I’ve got the technique down pretty well which is to look at the reflections in the windows, rather than head-on……….it feels cleaner that way and no one is the wiser…………I’m just saying……….

  10. Slim, this is truly one of the funniest things you have ever written! I really and truly was Laughing Out Loud, not just, you know, LOL’ing. I so wish I could be with you in that bar. I would have a martini with you! And we would be telling that girl to get a move on from Ol’ Gramps. Once when I was in NYC I was in an SUV with my entire family as we drove past a guy berating a girl on the street, as she stood there not knowing what to do. I don’t know what compelled me to do this but I yelled out the window to the girl, “WALK AWAY!” Our entire car broke into laughter and hopefully the girl walked away. So even in a car, driving, you can overhear a conversation.

  11. Slim and Babe, oops! It appeared to be the Trump Condo and hotel in the former Gulf Western Bldg there on CPW and CC. Sorry!
    The best place to overhear NY conversations is definately for some reason, in restaurants, and the better the restaurant the better the conversation in my years of observation. I have heard the most outrageous unbelievable things said in normal voice, not even whispers, things about sex, infidelity, kink, even murder, mind boggling gossip about very well known people, etc. These tend to be women dining together or a man and woman, rarely do you get anything good from men, at least not straight men! Luckily, for some reason these people seem to feel entitled. Thankfully. Just try to make sure I am sitting within earshot.

  12. Seriously Slim. You are really the funniest blog I read. I wish you lived close to me cause I would SO make you be my friend. Yes, I would MAKE you!!! 🙂 Oh, love the shoes. Also, thought you’d be interested in a blog I’m about to do. New designer and friend of mine. Wes Gordon. GREAT reviews and great stuff! Check him out!

  13. I sitting here chuckling to myself over your post and wondering, how I could possibly have missed your blog… My entire morning has been consumed with your SPECTACULAR photography and writing!! Just cannot wait to go add you to our “blogs we love”…and by the way, I covet those miu miu shoes –

  14. Falling off my chair in laughter!!!!!
    What did I say? Slim’s in town; must be raining! But check out the newyorksocialdiary.com – photo of the sunset last night! Hubby can be excused for being tired, but he should spring for the BIG views of NYC!
    P.S. I was in New York last night and I did not see that view either (note to kick husband..)

  15. Not sure if most of your readers know who your husband is since I don’t think you name him in your blog. I put it together from something else I read about you. The things you say about him are even funnier since I think he’s got such a great sense of humor and can imagine him delivering the lines.

  16. I still don’t know what You put a ring on it means??? But the visual is hilarious
    Actually I thought your hair looked good in the big A Lobe love love the miu miu pumps
    Yours pics are fantastic, how new is your camera??

  17. My family knows when I’m reading your blog… I’m loudly, obnoxiously, laughing by myself.
    What a hoot… it feels soooo good to laugh like that!!
    By the way, I happen to have “that kind of hair”, I have way too much and add a little rain, fog,
    drizzle or bathroom steam and wa la… the Yeti has arrived.

    As usual, another good read. Have you ever considered writing a book… you should.

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