Put the Metal to the Petal



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OK, so these titles can’t all be gold!

I’m dancing as fast as I can here.

Still haven’t done the tree, but tomorrow is another day...


Metal leaf night lights via Viva Terra


Hot off the press;

The CHANEL Pre-Fall 2012 show in Paris TODAY!



credit unknown


Valentino SS2012

Ferre via Vogue Italia






Chanel pre-fall 2012





Chanel Pre Fall 2012

What do you think?



Chanel Holiday Palette 



Alexander McQueen SS2012


Photo via West Elm


A silver tree is quite chic, especially in the city don’t you think?


Day 6 Kids





  1. Gorgeous! Icy…shimmery… yummy! Thank you for squeezing in all these. I look forward to each day. (Of course now I’m rethinking my warmer, gold-tone decor…)

  2. All that Silvery Glittery Stuff is Fabulous. But the hair is stupid. Sorry Karl and Amanda but it just is! I had 11 girls round for dinner last night and at least a 1/3 wore silver glittery sequins. Makes me want to get my mitts on some! Hope all is well with you Slim. x

  3. What are those models so upset about? hahaha. Many ladies in the land where I live break out their “good” flannel shirts for a holiday gathering. Just kidding! Always look forward to your blog. I love this once a day treat until Christmas! Thank you.

  4. S.P. Girl, seriously, how do you pump out all these fantastic posts? And with freaking falling snow as a backdrop??!! Chanel 2012–yeah love the material..too many buttons for minimalist me…but weren’t you cutting back for vacay, or something? LOL! 😉 Umm, thanks!!

  5. dazzling silver ice princesses! with dreads! I like it! I know I’m ignorant, but what season exactly is “Pre-Fall”?

    let’s hope it doesn’t have anything to do with these kind of falls…

  6. I would like to order the silver macaroon laduree tree please, can they carefully ship these from Madison Avenue to Texas?? unique yumminess! the silver branch menorah -or hanukiah with nine branches for Hannukah – is the most lovely and unusual i’ve seen – i want one of those too! Happy Hannukah!

  7. oh gee whiz–how cruel to show these poor young women falling down in the impossible shoes they put on them…..and to laugh at them is really really cruel.(what if one of these girls was your daughter?)

  8. These photographs are FAB, Slim! Just a little delicious break from the madness of the holiday season. Thanks. You never disappoint!

  9. Hi Slim
    Me again. Damn straight I did my own hair! In about 3 minutes flat during the Witching Hour while the baby stared at me and demaded dinner. The secret is heat and bleach abuse. Oh, and hairspray. The Chanel hair Upsets Me No End. You can just tell that Amanda Harlech would have thought the whole thing was Visionary though x

  10. LOVE! Thanks for reconnecting me with the joy of silvery chic! I think I have hidden memories from childhood coming up…I must have been fascinated with shimmery silvery fabrics and decorations as a wee one and am only now remembering because of your photos! I definitely need more of THAT in here…now!

  11. Short & shiny. Absolutely gorgeous. Looking forward to my daily post fix! As I walk into the office I have to see what goodies you have unravelled! Want to put the Ladurée macaroon tree on my Christmas table.

  12. On the 6th Day of Christmas Slim Paley Gave to Me…….
    …an incredible snow show! silky, frosty, crystallized talent!! yowza! LOVE the dreads…. love love love the juxtaposition. lagerfeld does marley. …and that vid clip — carmen electra hittin’ the skids STILL looks amazing…..

    ps. branch candleabra is also west elm.

  13. Slim,
    Love the branch with candles! You’re on a roll, way to go, this is fun (well, at least for your readers, for you it’s a little bit of work! 🙂

  14. Wow! Some very beautiful things here. Thank you for dancing as fast as you can for us, Slim (you’re so cute and funny!). And you are SO on the cutting edge!

  15. oooooh this posting was sublime!
    Just a bit Dr. Zhivago to it…will bring on lovely Christmas dreams.
    Thanks for day #6!

  16. I like doing my ‘real’ tree between the 8th — 10th so you’re right on my time, no worries. I did our beach tree on a funky driftwood tree (locally made) with silver and gold seahorse and shell ornaments. I felt it was a bit glitzy for my casual life style but your post made me want glitz everywhere!

  17. Love the silver glitz! You are doing a remarkable job keeping this up while preparing for the holidays.
    The Alexander McQueen…… right here please.

    A note, those models are made to wear shoes that coordinate with the clothes, probably several sizes too small or too large. It’s a wonder they don’t fall more often.

  18. Crazy, Crazy, Beautiful. I have always LOVED the glitter,The hair, not so, but it’s all part of the glam story isn’t it? Keep them coming Slim. xo

  19. *&^#%^*(*&$%#%#!!!!!!! …..wonder what I can do with that pile of silver and aluminum left over from that jobsite?……..i wanna drink with you on “Survivor”………

  20. Girls, girls…isn’t the world of fashion always pairing the bitter with the sweet, the metal-edgy with the dread-y?
    SP, those “Petal-Metal” Chanels…Yikes!…DAZZLING!
    and the Al-Mc…always edgy and innovative…
    Love the sparkle, except the ‘poke in the eye with a sharp stick’-y ones!

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