Psssst- Wanna Buy a Faucet?


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So please don’t call the Green Gendarme” on me but my favourite way to get around the new low- flow, piddling bathroom faucets is to use  tub fillers at master bathroom sinks.  Naughty, but nice!!  Obviously this doesn’t work in small sinks or bathrooms and you wouldn’t want to do it in a powder or guest bath, but in the master where the sinks are used constantly- it’s geeenius!  Plus I love the hefty beefcake look and feel of these fixtures-  I think they work particularly well in a masculine, modern or mountain location.   Calling Martha… it might not be green, but it’s GOOD!



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And while we’re on the subject of masculine or modern bathrooms, I also love the “Fired” granite  I used in this Sun Valley guest bathroom.  The granite has a very grainy look and feel, much like volcanic rock.  I ran it right up the wall to the edge of the mirror, creating a back splash high enough to install wall mounted faucets.  I really like the organic look of this in a bathroom but it would also be fantastic for a mud room. I wouldn’t recommend it in a kitchen as even though it can be sealed, it feels slightly too textured to be hygienic enough for a food surface.



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For this shared boy’s bathroom in Idaho, I used a fantastic antique trough sink I found outside of London.  All the wood for the cabinetry and the walls was reclaimed from old barns so I figure that I more than made up in buying carbon footprint miles or whatever those things are that Al Gore sells, for using tub fillers at the sinks in the earlier photo.  The counter top and back splash, which runs all the way around the room to encompass the bathtub, are zinc.  My plumber fashioned the faucets from regular copper piping and then I had them plated in nickel.  The floor is poured concrete (with heating coils- divine) and little stones were inlaid to create a border around the room and  a “mat” in front of the sink.  With antique photos in sepia around the room this truly is a great bathroom for boys!



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Hello…we’re still on Potty Talk.  I so wish this photograph was clearer, but I am madly excited about how great the faux pony skin wallpaper turned out in this small Sun Valley powder room. The room stays true to my belief  that  1) you can’t make a dark room light, so play up the drama of the darkness, and 2) You don’t have to go small because a room is small- just make it interesting and unexpected and the size becomes inconsequential (hmmm…I suppose that could applied to other things in life)




  1. So… size doesn’t matter, as long as it’s an unpredictable pony? OK… I’ll go with that.
    Do love the fab faucets… when the water issues really come to bear, at least they’re big enough to install a credit card swiper alongside and not look out of scale 🙂

  2. First—-everyone who knows me knows that when you are down to your last few bucks you should blow them on the most expensive, gorgeous bathroom fixtures money can buy!! I’m obsessed with bathroom and kitchen fixtures.
    Second—–I have an overwhelming urge to bite that ‘fired’ granite.
    Third—–the sign of an advanced civilization is great water pressure—-take that, Mr. GreenJeans!

    • Don’t get too excited- making the fixtures out of the pipes and nickel plating them was all my idea. And I am already spoken for 🙂
      my ironmonger is single though. How do you feel about a plethora of tatoos?

  3. Beautiful bathrooms … the ponyskin powder room is a masterpiece. The oval mirror and wall sconces almost look like antlers … and the antique trough sink in the boys’ bathroom is so original.

  4. Love what you do! Your house in Sun Valley is incredible, can’t get enough. I have been on your blog for about 4 days, straight, no joke!

    Interested in the faux pony skin wallpaper, can you tell me who makes it? Is it still available?

    Thank you for all the inspiration!

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