Postcard from Paris

Dani Roses, Paris

Through the window of Dani Roses, Costes Hotel, Paris



I am thrilled to be writing my 400th post from Paris

I really can’t believe that I’ve been penning “Slim Paley” for 3 years now-

Mon Dieu!

To have 400 posts under my belt

(albeit one notch looser after a week in Paris)

feels like quite an achievement.

I must admit, I’m quite chuffed with myself.



Slim Paley, Paris

In the gardens of Versailles



Angelina, Paris.

Angelina, Paris.



Angelina Paris hot chocolate

.Angelina hot chocolate to go



Paris bistro

.Cafe Life



seafood tartare, Le Bristol

A fresh and beautiful seafood tartar at Le Bristol.



le Seine

Boats on the river Seine on a blustery warm day



I have  many fun photos and tidbits to share

but I’ll leave you with just these few for now.



Walter Steiger pumps

A little window shopping at Walter Steiger



The Louvre

The Slimtorialist strikes at the Louvre



Hotel Costes Paris

Hotel Costes



L'Entrecote, Paris

closing time



.Louvre with a View

Louvre with a View



The Louvre exterior

As you can see, I’m having fun on Instagram!

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.Laduree Paris

Window of Laduree-the prettiness- it just never gets old



Paris Night shot



After walking miles and miles

and miles

I seriously need to hit the mattress




gorgeous roses



  1. J’adore Paris!! Truly my favorite city. What a wonderful summer of travel you’ve had! Enjoy, enjoy and thank you for sharing. Would always love to see more…

  2. 400 posts!!! Congratulations and Paris is the perfect way to celebrate. I wish that I were a small fly on your camera. Mary

  3. Felicitations! Bon travail! Bravo! to you, dear Slim….an inspiration to your loyal followers each of the 400 times and continuing.
    … Lauderee macarons sont les meilleurs!… I once tried to make them after returning from a Paris trip suffering from withdrawal…… 14 steps to the recipe! A disaster and not close…….so glad they are now in NYC!
    Amuse-toi en France!

  4. Hi Slim, I love your blog. But this “follow Slim Paley” gigantic grey box to the right interferes with the pleasure. I do follow you. I really dislike this thing. Can’t we get rid of it if we already follow you? Bleh, sometimes it’s there, sometimes, just “follow” is there. Thanks in advance.

  5. Lovely Post,
    Congrats on the 400 posts! I love your photographs, as someone who has always wanted to go to France you’re making me wish I was on the other side of your lens 🙂

    Adieu, scribbler

  6. Beautiful photos as always Slim, makes me so wish I was there! Have you tried Le Relais de l’Entrecote? Best steak ever. Amusez vous!

  7. The perfect place to celebrate 400 posts! I am celebrating now being a reader for one year, after spending an epic several days last summer at our beach house reading ALL of your posts consecutively!! (Remember that?!). My children and husband were so glad i finally got caught up so they could be properly fed and cared for again. I am raising a gin and tonic to you, and have gobbled several Kettle chips in your honor. Many fond wishes!

    • ha ha! Have you tried the new “grilled steak” flavoured Kettle chips?! Cheers Dana! (hope that’s an “Old Raj” gin & tonic 🙂 )

      • well, it was Bombay Sapphire, but i hope we can still be friends. not sure about ‘grilled steak’ SP….sounds a little suspect! Kettle ‘Salt and pepper’ all the way!! Obv none of this compares to the fabulousness of Paris, but i am just trying to make do. one chip at a time. 🙂

  8. The beauty of Paris never ceases to amaze…and you have captured it. Thank you for taking me there, if only for a few moments.. 400 and still looking great!

  9. I would go back to Paris just for Angelinas, well maybe Laudree’s too….I’m envious, but August? Is is too hot now? Are most on “vacation” mode and not open? These are the things I have heard about Paris in August….

    • Hot, but not too hot Kathy. And yes, many places and favourite restaurants closed in August-unfortunately it was the only time that worked for us-once again, these ‘kids’ with their own lives… whatupwiththat?!

  10. We are indeed lucky to have you as our eyes in Paris! Love the hotel! Love the pics! We who subscribe get a gift every time you post! Thank you!!

    Bravo!! (also love the sunglasses!!!)


  11. Bon Anniversaire, 400 posts!! Felicitations!! Sorry we won’t be in Paris at the same time. I’m going in October for 10 days, renting an apartment on the Iles St. Louis. Enjoy your trip and show us Paris!!

  12. Congrats on the 400 posts–quite a feat considering they are always filled with your gorgeous photos! Now if I could just steal those red velvet chairs………yum.

  13. Congratulations! Amazing how many posts you have turned out! You really deserve to celebrate and in the best place possible. Wishing you a wonderful trip. Thanks for sharing all your journeys. I always love your photos and observations.

    Cute picture of you!

  14. Hi Slim, what beautiful images of Paris sights and congratulations on your 400th post!! Enjoy the rest of your trip and we wait with bated breath for the next post!
    Take care

  15. 400 blogs?….It’s been so fast!!!…So many good things to show us through your journey!….You have a special eye to capture the essential of the light and to give us back your feelings!….

    Thank you,merci,grazie,toda raba,danke schen,gracias!!!!…

    S’il te plait,encore,encore,encore…..


  16. Bravissima! 400 is nothing to sneeze at and you are so obviously doing so in style, as you always do. I love thinking that for once you are just a TGV ride north of me here in Provence and will be sending thoughts for good weather while you roam the City of Light. And if it does rain you can always pop in to float amongst Monet’s Nympheas in the often forgotten L’Orangerie…
    Thank you for all that you do SP!

  17. Congrats Slim!! Fabulous photos here! What camera are you using? Need to purchase one for England in October. The one you are holding looks the perfect size. Thanks!

  18. Dear Slimtorialist,

    My Mum’s just been in Paris, I wonder if you crossed paths? She is short with a grey bob and an Australian accent.

    Meanwhile I am almost 40. Any tips?

    I am tired too. And I haven’t even been walking in Paris. Send Bob Marche’s food court my love xxxxx

    • Damn FF- I saw your Mum everywhere! She was tearing it up in Paris!!

      Hmmm…almost 40- can’t remember back that far…

  19. Bravo on three years of posting and 400 gorgeous and entertaining posts. I’m so happy for you! Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos of Paris.
    All the best, Ruth

  20. 3 years, 400 posts…wow! Congrats. Cannot imagine a more beautiful or inspiratinal place to pen your 400th post! Beautiful pictures……makes me so wish I was there, loved Angelina too!

  21. be still my heart! Angelina’s….oh my goodness…love love love their presentation of “serving” liquid chocolate divine-ness….and I agree, never get tired of the beautiful packaging of goodies…so pretty to window shop in Paris…congrats on your accomplishment…am so glad I stumbled upon your blog…relish your life and your talent, but mostly for sharing….

  22. Whao.. 400th post, and I have read and enjoyed EVERYONE!!! Can’t wait for the next 400!!!!
    P.S You give us “eye candy” in every post, here is one for you (and it’s from Paris!)

    • Wow! I am amazed, in awe, and appalled all at the same time at the use of these 1,000,000! flowers……hope there was at least a grand party after the Dior show to make use of all of that life and work!

    • Two questions: How do you imbed a video? (at least I know it’s “imbed”)

      How do you keep a wall of moist floral foam from leaking all over the floor?

      Such amazing effort – puts the investment level of Dior clothing into proper perspective.


  23. The Slimtorialist, I love it! Congrats on your 400th exciting and inspiring post. I can live vicariously through the travels I used to adore!! Once again very soon!

    Art by Karena
    2012 Artist Series

  24. TRES JOLIE!!!!!!! Congrats! !!Yes!! we arrived Nov 8th………3 year anniversary of us living in LA coming up!!! TRES fast!!!!EISHAA!!

  25. I love the Slimtorialist pic! And the picture of you too – after 400 posts, we deserve to see the person behind all this talent more 😉

  26. Happy 400th Slim! You and Paris look marvelous! You know with both your kids off I think you should just keep traveling and sending us pics!!!

  27. Slim you know how to travel. I am living my travel dreams vicariously through you!
    Enjoy the sights and sounds of Paris.

  28. Gorgeous hair day, as well as the weather, at Versailles. I love the windows at Laduree too! Hope you didn’t have to wait too long to get into Angelina’s. Paris! How lovely!

  29. S.P. – Ditto congrats on 400! Ditto I read back through all of your posts when I first found you too!
    Ditto Fabu photo of you in the garden! Ditto bring back Angelina hot choc to go! Ditto your “Slimtorialist” entry. The women, their fashion and the stone architecture – truly WOW.

    Not yet having made my trip (or trips) to Paris, I too would take summer if that is what fit in the family schedule – we Moms are so flexible.


  30. Off for a surprise trip to Paris in two weeks! Of course I came here to jog to my memory of where to go see…any new ideas for off the beaten path….? Thanks, as alway, for the Devine inspiration.

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