Postcard From NYC


Slim Paley photo

“A Tree Grows in The Upper East Side”


I’m checking in from NYC where we’re attending our older son’s graduation from college. (Tear pops out of eye) I’ve got the extra strength tissues at the ready.

I know many of you have been through this emotional experience before, while others are casting loving glances at your little ones and thinking you can’t even imagine the day potty training will be finished, much less discussing cap & gown pick up.

I hope I don’t embarrass myself.

I really hate crying in public. Seriously. I have tricks I’ve almost perfected at sad movies and plays and can no longer watch anything to do with animals.


Slim Paley photo

It’s a beautiful time to be here. Springtime in NY…

It gives Springtime in Paris a run for it’s Euros.

The weekend weather was perfection. We walked and walked – one of the things about living in NY that I miss the most.



Slim Paley photo of Prada’s windows

Although today it clouded over and rained, just as predicted, I still walked over 6 miles (of course I have my trusty pedometer with me)

As my shoes were totally flat with leather soles, my feet are burning with the heat of a thousand suns and my toes are cramping up like little crippled Cheetos.

Drinking $8 bottles of water doesn’t seem to be helping.

How so many woman in Manhattan walk all these city blocks in teetering heels never ceases to amaze (and slightly irritate) me.



Slim Paley photo

The ‘heel-less’ sky high platform, first seen at Alexander McQueen, is still around.

Not surprising given the obvious  practicality, not to mention never having to worry about getting your heel stuck in the hem of your pants or a side-walk grate.

Genius, really.



Slim Paley photo

Loved this display in Prada of the  paparazzi, I assume perhaps a nod to  the Met Ball last week?


Slim Paley photo

and the Barney’s windows- a tribute to 10 years of Alber Elbaz at Lanvin



The Ralph Lauren windows, while at the other end of the spectrum, are always delicious.

Can I be Ricky Lauren when I grow up? (but  still be married to my husband, though I don’t know quite how that would work)



Slim Paley photo

#1 Son and I walked for hours downtown too.



Slim Paley photo

I snapped this photo only because I felt it incapsulated a little bit of everything downtown- a lot of beauty, a little garbage, promotion of the Arts and graffiti.



Such GREAT people watching too. Probably the best in the country in NY, don’t you think?

Bloody hell, there are a lot of gorgeous woman downtown.

As my mom would say, “Every Dog has it’s Day”


And speaking of’; my moonlighting job as “The Barktorialist” also kept me busy.

Slim Paley photo

Meet “Martin”. She likes to sing when having her photo taken. (and yes, “Martin” is a girl. It’s NY, after all…)


.Slim Paley photo


Unfortunately, because I have a mild aversion to getting arrested, one of  my  favorite NY moments had to go without photo documentation today.

3 New York City policemen locked out of their squad car on 5th Ave. and trying to jimmy the window open with one of those coat hanger/window shimmier thingies.


You can’t imagine how hard it was not to grab my camera (or ask if they needed me to call the police 🙂 )

More than a couple of 5th Avenue doormen were having quite a chuckle at the NYPD’s expense.

And what’s with President Obama coming to NY every time I’m here?!



Finally, I treated myself to updating my make-up collection with a late afternoon visit to Barney’s. God I love the guys that work in cosmetics down there- they’re the best!

Im such  a sucker for getting caught up in the moment when I finally  succumb to the cosmetics department- are you?

I usually sprint through, just to save my credit cards the burn, but once I sit down for an application …it’s all over.


Naturally, I’m firmly convinced I’m going to look like this tomorrow morning


After all, a girl can dream.

Especially in New York.


Wishing you a wonderful week and please, one last reminder that the “Circle of Mom’s” Top 25 Design Bloggers” contest closes at 4 pm tomorrow.

If you’d like to help me win this year , just click HERE to place your 1 click vote. It couldn’t be easier.

Thanks to all of you who are voting and voting daily!- xoxo

PS. please excuse any spelling or grammatical errorz on this post- It’s been a long day and I’ve still got a lot of make-up to remove 🙂




  1. That’s why I always have my iPhone camera ready. I’ve taken some pretty risky shots of mean looking characters here in Alaska, in their pajamas–at the store. I always pretend I’m texting. I would have loved to have seen some of NYPD’s finest jimmying their car door open. Beautiful post. Thanks, Slim. Just what I needed. Now I can go to bed!

  2. Love, esp Lauren window. Last time in NYC was also with my son (and ‘The French Girl’) lots of fun.

  3. Love it when you are in New York Slim, as we are always in for some great pics. Enjoy your son’s grad. Hope the good weather continues. How come no mention of the FOOD, or do we have that to look forward to in the next post?

    B J

  4. Another laugh out loud moment avec Slim “Cheetos cramping toes”
    We can all idenify for sure. A very proud moment you are having Slim……enjoy every second. Now on to vote………….

  5. This made me so homesick for NYC! All of it, the noise and the splendor, the ability to be monstrously entertained just by walking out your front door. And yes, ah the Barney’s makeup department. I was such a good client for awhile there that one gentleman would have me stop by before a hot date so that he could do my makeup for me for free and fun–those were the days.

    Good luck with the tears tomorrow but it is only natural to cry and really, really you won’t be the only one. No one will ever notice!

  6. Congrats to your son! Maybe someday you can share your “don’t cry in public” tricks. I cry at everything!

    Love those shoes. I’m gonna wear them to the next PTO meeting & shake things up around here 😉

    • I will share them, and do wear the shoes- heel-less is the new bra-less. And God knows I’d rather walk in NY with those shoes on then without a bra!

  7. ships that pass in the night…We will be there the 3rd June for our son’s graduation from Law School…I miss NYC everyday! Looks like you had a perfect weekend!

  8. Slim, Welcome! so glad you had a great walk downtown……there and here in Brooklyn is where it’s happening in our great city……come walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and visit our trees here. Every day I walk around NYC I think I don’t need to travel anywhere else….(except to the lake in NH for the summer!) cuz it’s all here….the architecture, the food, the variety of people, the art, the music, yada, yada.

    I often go to Barney’s to “try” new makeup just before a (rare) big night out…..sssshh…’s like having a personal makeup artist for a day!

    Congrats on your son’s achievement. Enjoy! My youngest just had first baby on Cinco de Mayo… about feeling old!

  9. Thanks for taking the time to post your interesting photos. Congratulations to your son on his accomplishments and best wishes for a wonderful future.
    All the best, Ruth

  10. Wonderful photos from New York! Wandering all over the Lower East Side last Saturday in search of apartments for my daughter, we also noticed these gold aerialists crawling up the building. I love how New Yorkers don’t bat an eye as they glance up to look.
    I must invest in a pedometer to see how many miles I put in when walk in NYC. But the interesting part would be to see how far I walk when I don’t even leave my kitchen!
    Congratulations to your son on his graduation!
    PS Have you been to City Bakery in the Flat Iron District?

    • No, haven’t been to City Bakery yet and my son raves about the peanut butter & jelly doughnuts from a bakery in his downtown neighborhood, but so far I’ve resisted. 🙂

  11. Great post as always. There is no place like ny, felt like I was right there. And our son graduates this year too. You may not have enough tissue for the occasion even if they are supersized– cry on, you only live once.:) thanks for great pics once again.

  12. A “girl”friend just wrote this morning…let’s do NY and see “Priscilla Queen of the Desert”…can’t wait. Your photos just make it more enticing!! franki Voted: check

  13. Last night the husband and I watched the movie New Year’s Eve, with all of its New York City crazy splendor…so it’s perfect that I wake up today to read your lovely postcard and enjoy your pictures. I’ve not yet visited New York but I will.
    Blessings ~ Lina

  14. This couldn’t have come at a better time for me — I leave for NYC next week & will spend a couple days with my college roommate. Where was the pic taken of the golden figures on the side of the building? I plan on doing a lot of walking while I’m there and would love to see that in person…

    • I don’t know the exact address Julie, but it was downtown, I believe on Bond St.
      Have fun in NY with your friend!

  15. Oh, good luck with the no tears policy on graduation. I was fine until I heard Pomp and Circumstance. It was like someone slapped me! All those memories came flooding back…literally.

    Love that Ralph Lauren window!

  16. I’ve cast my vote, I think it’s the second time…I sincerely meant to vote daily but life got in the way.
    Congratulations to son #1…I remember the day so well. Then I smothered son #2 with hugs and sappy words, figuring I could enjoy the short years before he would be graduating from college! Alas, I’ve survived the transition and son#1 is now married with my first grandchild and the other will marry the end of the year. It’s so much fun, this adventure!

  17. I adore the store windows in NYC. I also am miffed that women can walk all over the city in heels!! However you go girl, I just got a pedometer from my friend Emily at splendid Market and am working up to a mile a day..(still rehabbing)

    Art by Karena

  18. Congratulations to your son! And of course you will cry – what a wonderful milestone:) I will visit my son in NYC next week and I can’t wait. Just gave you my vote!

  19. Ahhhhhhhhhh … NYC. Nothing left to say. Big hug to #1 son from and auntie who remembers his potty training and is crying here in LA. xoL

  20. Congrats! for your son! and i hope you win.

    would you mind sharing what pedometer you use? I have not been able to find a good one. Thanks!!

    • I use an Omron pedometer- you can find them in all different styles & colors on Amazon- I suggest buying a bright colour as the black ones tend to get thrown in the laundry more easily.

  21. Lovely post and it brought tears to my eyes as I’m on my way to NY next week for my oldest child’s (daughter’s) graduation from Bard College – we’re spending a couple of days in the city before heading up the Hudson to the graduation. Such an emotional time; I couldn’t be more proud – I’m sure you feel the same way. Congratulations!

    • I do Nicole- Congratulations to you and your daughter and hope you have great fun in NY next week.

  22. Thank you Slim for the wonderful pictures, and congratulations on your son’s graduation. I am going for a short visit in August to look at colleges with my son, and I wish the weather could be as nice as what you are having!

  23. Congrats to you and your husband for facilitating! And to your son! Quite an accomplishment, in NYC, no less!
    I vote for NYC & YOU!
    xoxo, Chris

  24. Congrats to #1 son. Awesome windows! Whoohoo you’re in #1 spot now, thank goodness, you so deserve it.

  25. beautiful post slim. i esp love ralph’s window. he makes such beautiful sense to me.

    congratulations to #1 son. i remember the intense feelings of joy and admiration at our first graduation.

    good luck this week!


  26. Great post. Can’t say which is my favorite but the one with the blue-jeaned fella with the two magnificent dogs made me a)wonder what he looked like – good arms, good posture, interesting effect with the mega leashes… and b)what about the little kid in the stroller behind him wearing those huge dark glasses!! NY is heaven for anyone with an eye.

  27. I could do with a little NYC about now… love a tour of Barneys always… The voting continues…. so close! xv

  28. I would like to echo Christines sentiments for sure. I would also like to see ‘Martin” romping in my garden . Bon Chance Son # 1.

  29. Aren’t those shop windows wonderful ? and the people climbing up the building. I’ve never been to NYC and it was great to see non travel type photos. I wish your son all the best.

  30. I think that the Ralph Lauren window is divine. I’d love to own a bicycle like that one.
    Flats don’t usually have much support for lone intense walking and I know becuase I’ve been there.
    You won’t embarrass yourself…
    there will be many moms with tissues and wearing waterproof mascara.
    Congratulations to your son.

  31. I just love your blog and voted for you a while ago – just saw the results – second by a whisker!
    Congratulations and keep it up. Reading your entries is like a little dose of happiness in a cold Aussie winter.

  32. I just left NY and you now I am a tiny bit annoyed with myself for not looking up enough, taking it all to seriously, and generally rushing past it all. I’ll just pretend I saw what you saw 🙂

  33. We love NYC, we love Dennis , and we love Slim. Those shoes are the best. NYC is such an education for us from the other coast. We go once a year, and now I know we’re going to Barneys .

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