PhYsiCaL GrAffiTi

Slim Paley Photo

Sunlight catching the coloured pencils on my desk.

Whatever possessed me I don’t know, but while I was in Sun Valley last week I decided  I would graffiti my yoga mat.

Before we go any further, let me share something with you:

Be extremely careful opening large, waterproof felt pens at high altitude.

We’ll leave it at that.

Slim Paley Photo

 After I cleaned up and started to draw, the most amazing thing happened. The early morning light began throwing wildly vivid rainbows through the beveled windows of the dining room onto my “canvas”!  The photo above is not enhanced in any way.

I took this as a message from Heaven.

Basically, the message was this;

“SLIM!, Standard & Poors is about to downgrade the credit rating of the country for the first time in 70 years, so enjoy any and all forms of Art where you may find them”

Can you believe it??

From there, I began to ponder the true definition of “Art” and if, in fact, graffiti really could be considered a true art form.

From  “Art In the Streets” at the MOCA in LA

Though steeped in controversy, I believe it is, and a rather primal one at that if you think about how earliest man was painting on his cave walls.

Which might beg the question; Was he painting on his own cave walls, or someone else’s cave walls??

The age old rub with graffiti…

Personally, I enjoy a bit of well done graffiti in a very urban setting, say NYC, but I’m slightly horrified by it in a small town like Santa Barbara, and that’s not a case of “not in my town” as I lived in NY for many years and I love the city. Can’t wait to be there in just a few days!

“Bloody Tears” bracelet in silver and fluorescent enamel, by Delfina Delettrez for OPENING CEREMONY

(Eerily close to what transpired in my dining room 🙂 )

Shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood celebrates artist Keith Haring

Moschino’s doing it.

Slim Paley photo

Slim’s doing it…

and as really long time, faithful readers of S.P. know- whatever Slim does…

Karl does…

that little scamp..

Someone tagged  Daphne Groeneveld

Playa Vik Jose Ignacio

“Graffiti-esqued” walls are showing up in hotels

as well as underfoot

 modular area rugs ByHenzel.

Monday, August 8th  (tomorrow!) is the last day you can catch “Art in The Streets” at MOCA

If  you can manage to make it there

your entrance fee will be graciously picked up by BANKSY

You can see the trailer for Banksy’s 2010 film about Street Art “Exit Through the Gift Shop” HERE

.A little “graffiti” I wouldn’t mind owning…

Basquiat squared.

Miu Miu

96 Marks Place, the original building on the cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Physical Graffiti” album

Even old luggage titans like TUMI  are tagging

The Novogratz’ enlisted street artist Matt Siren to create this bedroom on the first episode of their new show on HGTV.

( hope they’ll be showing more of their adorable kids on the upcoming shows, don’t you?)


Banksy in NYC

Keith Haring

Nicholas Kirkwood’s Keith Haring shoes

(Special order only.  D’yathink?!)

Check out the Sumi Ink Club in LA  ( “All ages, all humans, all styles” ) Cool.

.Playing Safe for the home or office;

Flaunt your points on this very cool chalkboard pingpong table by Puma

and graffiti to your little vandalizing heart’s content 🙂


I love the whole vibe; the huge circular fire pit (including the genius round log holder), graffitied corrugated metal walls, & multi-coloured chairs.  Fun!

I’ve had this image on my inspiration board forever-I think it might be a hotel somewhere in South America.

 Free water-proof felt pens for the first caller.

Vivienne Westwood, a graffiti soul if ever there was one.


If it’s on canvas and worth a zillion $, can it still be considered “Street Art”?

Have to admit I love the combat of the graffitied wall and old classic floor tile.

Slim Paley photo

It’s not quite finished yet, but I needed to use it this morning!

 I started off with the best intentions of channeling Basquiat and Haring and crew, but somehow ended up with a rose… then vines & hearts…I guess you just can’t teach an old tagger new tricks 🙂

.I leave you with permission to draw on your walls,

and this little video I first posted in July 2010, but I like it for this post!

Color Me Crazy  by Sarah St. Clair Renard

Are you getting your felt pens out yet??!




  1. I’ve just joined your site and I have been having so much fun catching myself up with your last few years of posts. Great photos and visuals! We just got back from a road trip through Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. Did the Salmon River too! Amazing.
    Thanks for bringing me back to my 80’s days on the Lower East Side of New York and for inspiring me to tag my yoga mat here in Boulder, Colorado. I’m definitely going to invite my children to join in. I realize how boring my little old mat has become during downward dogging it. Now I will have something to read and remind myself of my intentions while heading into the next chaturanga. I think you’re on to something.

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  3. Hi Slim!!!!!…

    Always great to receive your fabulous blog….

    I love all your comments and photos…Very much well composed in a real story….The multi-color light which spread out on the first picture is called “diffraction of the light”….You can see it when you see through a lighted diamond…Enjoy…..X

  4. This East Coast conservative man at 5 AM without coffee in hand thinks you have crossed the
    line of good taste. I am scared looking at this computer screen! 🙂

  5. Dear Slim, Thanks for another great post. Thanks for reminding me of another movie I meant to see, but somehow missed – “Exit Through the Gift Shop”. I just reserved it at the library to watch soon. And thank you for the tip about felt tip markers at high altitude! I’m headed to Colorado Springs for a party next week and will be sure not to use markers for decorations, cards and such. Have a great day, Ruth

  6. I’m also new to your blog and loving the whimsy and creativity you infuse into it. What fun….grafitti! I am a native Texan, found your blog through Cote de Texas. Having lived in NYC as well, I learned to appreciate grafitti as an art form all it’s own. It’s everywhere….even where it should not be, like all over “Grant’s Tomb” on the upper west side. Now living on St. Simons Island, GA, I contemplate putting grafitti on my yoga mat as well. The process itself might help to make a hot, humid, sultry summer day go a little more smoothly! Shades of the past linger as we experienced a black out last night and our little part of this island was enveloped in darkness and steamy heat for over an hour. Much more bearable here than it was in the big, concrete city!

    Cheers to you Slim! Love your blog!

  7. Love the post! Your creativity is astounding. It is defined by the amazing recall you have

    and your ability to rearrange it into these thought provoking posts. I’m gushing must stop

    now. . .lol

  8. I have been putting initials on totes a la Goyard and now will get into the Chanel…the graffitti is reminiscent of Miro…love it….also loved your Fiesta Post…I am going to be a regular. from France in summer and Williamsburg, VA. in winter…Your blog makes me happy!

  9. Hi Slim,
    LOL, the truth reveals itself through our art…roses and such. That is more my style of graffiti. I do like the shoes.

  10. Great fun post my new friend…coming from Joni’s post and so much fun over here I think I will stick around, nice to meet ya 🙂

  11. Love your creative typography Slim! Not much of a fan of graffitti, since I see too much awful stuff in NYC. Luv the Playa Vik Jose Ignacio wall , like to look into them. Of course luv Basquiat, had a friend who dated him, heard stories…..

  12. The Banksy film is really fascinating. Not a huge fan of graffiti, but I do believe it to be a form of art. I do think some of the guys who do this work are quite talented, regardless of whether or not I like it.

  13. Exit Through the Gift Shop was great, but also don’t miss The Radiant Child, an incredible portrait of Jean-Michel. Captures an era in NY and LA, a walk down memory lane. As always, love your posts, sitting here in the Hudson Valley frustrated that I’m missing Art in the Streets at MOCA.

  14. Hi Slim!
    How fun is the Sumi Ink Club…thanks for that link and this beautiful post 🙂 !
    I LOVE the works of Basquiat…so thankful he was discovered…wish he was still with us.

  15. I unwind at the end of the day with color markers and adult coloring books (not x-rated – just no Barney the Dinosaur). Your yoga mat is divine. I’d mark mine up too except I have to figure out how to get puppy pee out of it first. Eww.

  16. You’re funny! thanks for making me laugh on a day in which I’ve become much poorer.

    I really enjoyed “Exit Through the Gift Shop”, and I love that chalkboard ping pong table.

    You should sell those yoga mats! I don’t think I’ve ever seen any that have writing on them.
    you could make ones that say “hate this shit”, “wish I was drinking”, etc…

  17. Fun post. I would love the Chanel bag please,with or without graffiti.
    I think Canuck has a good thought there (She may be on her way to starting same ) !!!

  18. Graffiti was such a huge problem where I used to live that at 67 years of age I had to show ID to buy a can of spray paint at ANY store in town! Annoyed me no end. Consider most of what you have shown as art-less graffitti–no bad words or gang talk which most of it is.

  19. Check out Tres Tintas wallpapers from Spain – they have a few very cool graffiti inspired patterns.

  20. Brilliant post! And although almost 83 I’m a Banksy fan. Also, good for you for leaving in a post that isn’t all compliments. I know some bloggers who don’t possess the lack of vanity to do that. All raves about them or hit the delete!!!

  21. Hi Slim, the first two pictures are amazing. The way you capture light is wonderful, You always seem to be at the perfect spot at the right time. I am with Canuck, this could be a good thing….. Looking forward to some more great pictures of New York.. Have fun.

    B J

  22. Fabulous post, Slim. Graffiti will always be with us, only transformed daily….Loved that circular fire pit room. Thank you to Lesley & Harpers Bazaar….does she win pens or something? Lucky girl.

  23. I am positively getting out my felt pens! And I think I will finally use that chalkboard paint I bought so long ago ~ love those ping pong tables. Fabulous, as always, just fabulous!

    Come by the market for some Spanish paella and tapas and a little stroll through the hills of Mallorca if you have the time…adios!

  24. I am currently in Sun Valley and have to say the light, weather, biking, concerts, and various events like aperitifs at the top of the mountain gondola at the Roundhouse have refilled my brain tanks… It’s just too lovely for words, this weekend is the Arts Show , last weekend was the North West Folk festival. Baked German pancakes for breakfast tomorrow at Christina’s… just about perfect. Saw everyone doing yoga in the town square at 8 am… I’ll think I will just sit with my steamed milk and honey and watch the sun hit the hills. Love this town.

  25. Such amazing colors! When are you going to start selling those yoga mats?? I’ll be the first buyer! I’ve had “Exit Through the Gift Shop” on my Netflix queue for a few months now, you’ve inspired me to move it to the top! Thanks mom!

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