Petals & Pedals


Slim Paley photo

Well,  as you can see, someone has a new bike!!



I sort of feel like a little girl again, which is rather appropriate, as I will be celebrating my birthday this weekend 🙂

Slim Paley Photo

THIS IS THE WAY I RIDE   ( bike from Costco!)


As a kid, always having my birthday fall on Back To School/Labour Day Weekend, while hardly comparing to having a Christmas Birthday (like my poor sister), it did tend to blur the lines between ‘Birthday Present’ clothes and ‘Back To School’ clothes.

I’m over it now though. Totally.


You have to move on.


Except for that pink and blue jumper…That like sooooooo should have counted as ‘Back To School’, not a Birthday present.




Slim Paley photo

Guess what else I got for my birthday?!

New camera!

Check out this zoom



Slim Paley Photo

I haven’t had much time to play with the camera yet.  I know this isn’t completely in focus, but look at the light coming through the centre of this little ground cover flower.



Slim Paley photo

And here comes the beautiful September light…



Oh wait!  I forgot the best part!



Slim Paley Photo

What every girl needs 🙂



More camera details in an upcoming post-I promise, but it’s getting late and it’s been a long day.

Before I sign off though, I do want to share  ONE FRIDAY FAVOURITE with you!!

I’m crazy about this new song from the brand new band;

Click below for Ben Harper, Dhani Harrison and Joseph Arthur. This link will take you to their website and the video.

Fistful of Mercy




And Have a Safe and Happy Labour Day Weekend Everyone!!


Slim Paley photo





  1. very cool bike……beautiful flowers….
    Never would I have imagined that a Labor day birthday would involve back-to-school clothes!
    There you go!
    One of our daughters…….(poor dear) her birthday is Christmas EVE!!!!
    I actually try to OVERDO her birthday……it is impossible, of course.
    My birthday is in late February… husband’s is two days later and our anniversary (33 this year!) is the next day.
    I start celebrating at least a month before……and then continue a month after……pretty fun.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope you love your spread in House Beautiful as much as I did! And comments all around town!!!!!!!

    Just wonderful!!!!!!

  2. Wishes for a very happy birthday Slim.
    Cannot WAIT to see what you capture with the new camera if these few images are any indication!
    Enjoy the weekend on your sweet new bike!

  3. Happy Birthday, Slim. I love your bike and the flowers in it. I left “hot” Dallas to spend a month in Laguna Beach, so I hope your weather is as beautiful as it is here. I loved your House Beautiful article………….just beautiful. Have to run have a martini in your honor !

  4. Happy Birthday to YOU! I will toast to you with a glass of bubbly! Great b day present, your new wheels! Love the flowers in the basket! And your camera too! Awesome!Have fun with your new toys!–Best!

  5. Happy Birthday Slim! One of my sons was born Dec. 26, so we know all about the gypped feeling. And I LOVE Fistful of Mercy!!!! That is such a great group. Love love love the music. I can’t believe it is Fall when we NEVER HAD A SUMMER…..

  6. Happy Birthday Slim. I wish I was there to make you some special birthday Martinis !!!
    Have a wonderful day with your family.
    Love your new bike……especially the bling bell.

  7. Happy Birthday, Slimmy!!!!!!!!

    I sympathize with the b’day versus school clothes. My birthday fall on the 15th which used to be the back to school day back in the day. You’re more gracious than I. I just do not think PeeGees, Parker Pens and notebook dividers should count as presents.

    I can hardly wait to see what chic helmet you’re gunna wear when riding that pretty new bike of yours–(you are getting one, right?) Does the bell ring out a pretty tune cuz if it did that would be sooo cool.

    Speaking of melodic tunes–LOVE Fistful of Mercy. Dhani has his Daddy’s sweet smile!
    Must now go and ‘like’ them on Facebook.



  8. To my beautiful,talented,loving,bla,bla,bla, sister.
    Here’s wishing you a wonderful birthday weekend and special day on Sunday.
    As the years go by, we don’t see as much of each other anymore, but always remember
    how much I love you! See you at Christmas…..your Bro…xoxo
    P.S. Do you want some hockey cards for the spokes of your new bike?
    P.S.S…BEWARE , I have been practicing at SKRABL…

  9. Happy Birthday!

    I have a Memorial Day weekend birthday and all my friends were always out of town with their parents. I was never allowed to join any of them as my parents wanted me home and visiting my grandparents on my birthday (my whining never did any good, either). I always felt short changed although not as bad as my husband with his Dec. 23rd birthday, poor guy.

    Cool bike, I love that bell!

  10. Happy Birthday to you! And wow…did you score! Cutest bike evah! Can’t wait for more details on the camera but obviously your talent is innate. Gor-jus pics. Happy holiday AND birthday weekend!

  11. The band, the song, the bike and the camera–all are fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing your birthday—–have a wonderful bike riding, music listening, wine drinking, picture taking and loving birthday.

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SLIM….I too understand the back to school b’day as I’m the 10th…..told the teacher mid-year that it was my b-day … everyone was settled in, we all knew each other and there was time to really celebrate and get to wear the “crown” for the day and get that special dried macaroni necklace. Bliss! The gig was up when I tried to pull it off the next month. Celebrate and enjoy each day, all year. I envy your bike too!

  13. I LOVE that bicycle! Our costco definitely does not have them… boo, hoo! I love it! And congratulations on the new camera – I love getting new camera gear, and I get excited even if it is someone else’s! Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend. And as always, simply gorgeous photos!

  14. My cure for a ‘close to a holiday birthday’ is birthday month. All gift givers have the entire month to thrill me, feed me and send me lavish cards which I put up everywhere as reminders of how much I’m loved.

    What kind of camera? My granddaughter reminded me on her first day of school that I need a new camera. The cute little boy behind her in line pointed at my camera and asked, what’s that? First day of school horrors. I do need a new camera! Where is a birthday month when you need one?

    Have a wonderful birthday celebration — perfect weather!

  15. Happy 25th birthday. That is right, isn’t it because I thought you were the same age as me(!) Great bike, even prettier flowers and be careful because I may have to swipe that bell while you are at lunch.

    Have a great one.

  16. Happy Birthday tomorrow birthday buddy!!
    My jaw is still on the floor upon seeing that ZOOM.
    I have to have the camera….please share the make and model?
    When I had my stationery store, we bought a fabulous all
    wicker/bamboo bicycle with a basket. Had it in the window
    displays all spring, and it finally sold. Darn, wish I had that
    one now!! Yours is adorable, especially the BELL!! Fit for the
    birthday princess that you are! Spectacular flowers and photos…
    have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  17. Happy Birthday Beautiful Slim!
    Love the bike! I have a green Townie very similar to yours, but no flower basket!
    Ben Harper is one of my hubbie’s very favorite.
    We have seen him in concert many times.
    His new group is so cool.
    Glad you are introducing them to all these peeps!
    Again, have a wonderful day on your big day!

  18. Happy Birthday today Slim!! No really, TODAY! I’m in Japan and we started celebrating you an hour and half ago (yes its 1:30 am but you’re worth it!). Love the bike! I should have thought of putting a princess horn on your Pilates Reformer years ago!

    That little purple flower looks like it has water droplets flying off it too!
    Have a wonderful birthday weekend with your new toys and all your friends!

  19. Happy Birthday!!!

    I’ll see you in less than a month, we’ll celebrate your birthday with some very fancy cocktails!

    I Look forward to whipping your butt at Ping Pong and Scrabble and test driving that fancy new bike of yours!

    Love you!

    p.s when did you get hipper than me when it comes to music?

  20. “Where are you going with that bell on your bike?” It’s adorable, as are the willows with the perfect amount of sun setting on them. The flowers are so stunning, almost unreal. Beautiful post as usual.
    Hope you have a very Happy Birthday. Make it a lengthy one adding on Labor day (Labour ) ?

  21. Wishing you the happiest birthday ever! Loving the picture of you in my mind…so pretty on your pretty bike with pretty flowers. xbo

  22. Happy Birthday Slim. I am with the bro. I think you should definitely get those hockey cards from him for your new bike. (You will have to admit for him to even part with those hockey cards is a real sacrifice, oops, I mean a loving gesture.) Love your new bike! Looking forward to more great pics. with that new camera. The ones today are perfect. Have a wonderful birthday with your family.

    B J

  23. Happy Birthday, Slim.

    You are truly blessed with all the well wishers for your birthday. Have a wonderful time with your family and celebrate all the way into next week, past labor day.

    Thanks every time for the lovely pictures and words of wisdom etc etc.



    I can’t get over this bike! I NEED one for myself! Costco?! I would have never thought! It’s just perfect with those beautiful flowers. And such beautiful photographs as well!

    Enjoy your weekend celebrating you! 🙂

  25. i love how you roll.

    and my new nickname for you is “stuff.” that is a compliment. i call anyone who is really cool – stuff.

    i think the lambs ear photo brought a tear to my eye.

    happy birthday to my sweet blog friend!



    ps ~ is it hot enough for you now. today 107.

  26. Happy Birthday from a SP fan. Love the bike, gorgeous photographs, and music. Such an inspiration. Sometimes there’s so much beauty in the world.

  27. Joyeux anniversaire mon amie!
    I love your bike ! I have an old, beautiful English bike with the basket like you. That is my idea of bike riding, going for “pique-nique” or picking flowers. Those serious riders with their tight clothes scare me!!
    Brilliant for your new camera!
    Have a great celebration!

  28. A very special Happy Birthday to you Slim . . . you hit a nerve with a lot of us. . . I am a near Christmas baby with never a proper birthday – combined presents are not fair! I too bought a new Trek bike and am waiting to buy a new camera . . . do you own stock in the company my very best to you, merle

  29. Happy, Happy Birthday to you Slim…and MANY more! Love the bike!

    I REALLY liked the music from Fistful Of Mercy! It gave me goosebumps…it had a familiar vibe yet sounded new at the same time

  30. Happy Birthday Slim. I LOVE your new bike. I think it may have been delivered to the wrong house though. It is actually my birthday on the 10th and the bike is exactly what I ordered – colour, basket and all and I’m sure my husband would fill the basket with flowers too.

  31. Belated Happy Birthday Slim – I hope you celebrated it in style!! Love your new bike. Loved also reading your article and seeing the beautiful photos of your Beach House in House Beautiful that Lisa brought home (Dublin) to show the family. P.S. When you are with Canuck before the end of the month I would recommend you try a Chocolate Martini – Absolut Vanilia Vodka combined with White Creme de Cacao which creates a perfectly clear but deeply chocolate tasting sensation. They are to dye for and leave you wanting more. Look forward to seeing more amazing photographs from your New Camera.

  32. Just got home from a weekend celebrating my father-in-law’s 75th birthday and saw your birthday post. Happy Birthday, Slim! Wishing you many more!

  33. Can’t wait to hear more about your camera…the pictures are fabulous! Hope you had a wonderful birthday with your family. We celebrated our son’s 2nd this weekend as well. He got a new ride too…a vintage Shelby Mustang pedal car 🙂

  34. Thanks everyone for all your wonderful Birthday wishes!!
    I promise to share all the details of the camera in a post coming very soon- I’m not trying to be mysterious- but I’d like to include more photos and examples of Zoom power, etc.

    No joke- my new bike IS from Costco- and no, I don’t own shares in the company!
    So sorry Jess, that somehow it was delivered to my house instead of yours! 🙂

    Re Fistful of Mercy, I’m happy so many of you like the song…I did receive some emails asking why it couldn’t be found on iTunes…I believe the release date is sometime in October- Hey, never let it be said that I don’t deliver good gift ideas early!

    I’ll raise a martini to you all (yet again tonight- I love to drag my birthdays out…)
    Thanks again for all The Love! 🙂

  35. Hey! cool new ride – suits you .. especially the bell. woo hoo!! See you this week and we will share a smart adult beverage for your happy birthday. xoL

  36. Love the new bike!!! Congratulations. How fun. A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to get a beach cruiser as well and it is so much fun to ride. That bell of yours and basket are must-have accessories. Fantastic!

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