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Sun Valley, slimpaley.comSlim Paley Photo

Our front porch, Sun Valley, Idaho


So happy to be back up in the mountains of Sun Valley. No skiing for Slim. Didn’t even leave the house today and let’s not talk about what I ate, or rather, what I didn’t.  What could possibly be more perfect than a lazy afternoon in front of a roaring fire watching “To Kill A Mockingbird” ?

And may I pose this question;

Does there exist any more beautiful realization of a great book into a film than this? Perhaps I’m feeling particularly sensitive, having just seen the new Sherlock Holmes movie last night…a film at the opposite end of the spectrum, but just click on the link below and tell me if I’m wrong… .

To Kill a Mockingbird

Slim Paley Photo……………………

Peeking out the front door at night

To Kill A Mockingbird music and stills click here

You’re welcome 🙂



  1. ‘Mockingbird’ is perfection, Slim—“Miss Jean Louise, Miss Jean Louise, stand up, your Father’s passin'” is one of the many small, but magnificent moments in both the book and movie.
    One other beautifully realized translation from book to film is Robert Redford’s adaptation of Judith Guest’s ‘Ordinary People’. It was so faithful to not just the text of the book, but even more important, the tone.
    And one other, a movie that actually improved the book, and this would be Michael Mann’s ‘The Last of the Mohicans’. The book is heavily laden with formal Victorian prose and cluttered with a lot of extreme action at the expense of fully formed characters. Mann tuned this into a sweeping, romantic, literary eye feast—not to mention a great date movie. The score, by Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman, coupled with the overlay of Dougie MacLean’s ‘The Gael’, ranks up there with Bernstein’s ‘Mockingbird’.

  2. Wow! what beautiful pictures……very jealous. We haven’t had any snow in Vancouver this year, a few teaser flakes but they quickly turned to rain.

    I haven’t seen To Kill A Mockingbird…….yikes!…….I’ll get on it

  3. I just found your blog thanks to the Apartment Therapy Homies awards and am so glad! Love the name! The photos of Sun Valley are stunning and if I had a house that beautiful, I wouldn’t leave it to go skiing either! Happy New Year!

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