Peacocks, Dragonflies and a Sea of Music


Slim Paley Photo………………………..

Close up of Vintage Tom Ford Gucci bag

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Time for another burst of colour, this time of a more irridescent nature.  I know I’m such a girly girl but I simply adore all the feathers, frills and froth of the springtime collections.  Don’t get me wrong, I love black and cream, and white and beige, and brown and khaki…  well, I guess there isn’t too much I don’t like, come to think of it, but these are some juicy colours, aren’t they?

I’m half tempted to pull out my “Vintage” (and what is the cut-off age for VINTAGE, BTW??) Tom Ford Peacock feather bag from his earliest moments at Gucci-  Those were the days!  Hurry up with that new Women’s collection Tom!!

Proenza Schouler 2010

Proenza Schouler

The male peacock sports about 150 of the long “eyed” peacock tail feathers with which most of us are so familiar. These feathers are shed annually during the molt and gathered as a valuable “crop” in many countries through its range.  These feathers are actually long extensions of the upper tail covers.  These feathers grow to be several feet long, but are shed each year just after the breeding season.   Each of these long feathers also has a design near its tip which resembles an eye.
The shimmering color of the peacock feather is due to a phenomena known as interference. Each feather consists of tiny flat flat branches. When light shines on the feather, we see thousands of glimmering colored spots, each caused by minuscule bowl-shaped indentations. This same principle is also responsible for vibrant shimmering colors of butterflies, pheasants, birds of paradise and humming birds. Recreating the unique color of the peacock feather has posed a challenge to artists and ceramists for centuries.  (nicked from

#Vintage Tom Ford #Gucci peacock bag , Slim Paley Photo………………..“Vintage” Tom Ford Gucci peacock feather bag

Bag Lanvin Spring 2010

Giambatista Valli

Gaultier Spring 2010


Gaultier Spring 2010


Valentino, Spring 2010

Giambatista Valli Spring 2010

Dom Perignon bottle and case designed by Marc Newson

.Photo of Dragon Flies by Lisa Eisner

Lanvin Spring 2010 ……..Whatup? –  Itchy dress ??

Proenza Schouler Spring 2010

Lanvin Spring 2010

Slim Paley Photo …….Peacock by the side of the road in India.


Prada Spring 2010

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How beautiful.  Some people are just SO creative!!………..


  1. What a gloriously beautiful post, and despite a few sneezes on my part, I so enjoyed.
    The BEST feather gown EVER was the one Ginger wore in 1935’s ‘Top Hat’–all dripping with light blue Ostrich feathers, which caused such a mess as Fred was swinging Ginger around to Irving Berlin’s ‘Cheek to Cheek’. The feathers blinded Astaire and made him sneeze and many went up Ginger’s nose. This gown has become justifiably iconic.

  2. Super sexy, super spectacular as always. My one concern is how peacock feathers are acquired? I just know you were waiting for someone to ask that Slim! With the fashion, the facsimiles seem gorgeous, on the live fowl, the genuine feathers are flawless.

  3. It looks like spring will be shimmery, iridescent and decidedly feminine. I am ready to stop being Nanuck of the North and have a bit of sparkle and some skin showing.
    Is is just me or do those Lanvin models look very unhappy ? I think they need a hamburger and a chocolate milkshake-maybe that would make them smile.

    Gaj, I am not really sure how they get all those peacock feathers, but if you had ever tried to sneak home past curfew, only to have them set off a horrible racket and wake the parents, the thought going through your mind was “I will ring your neck……” Maybe that explains it.

  4. Pat – I think the models need a trip to Peter Luger’s!

    And you are right about the peacocks- they do make a racket. We had them growing up, and while they are beautiful, you never look at them the same once you have heard them scream! Of course, their nighttime roost was closest to my bedroom. I still shudder.

  5. Oh yes! I know the habits of the peacock. Raucous, aggressive,……. maybe that is to retain their flawless foliage! Great target for vulture, or fashion vulture! I found the the representation of their colorations and shape to me most satisfying when represented thru fabric and cut instead of actual plumage. Am I going to execute a lynx because its impeccable fur coating is irresistible? No, I think not. Haven’t we progressed beyond that point in 2010? I hope so. Sorry Slim, I know you meant no controversy in this beautiful post!

  6. Gorgeous! I LOVE that asymmetrical Lanvin number- I’d do that for any old Saturday night! Also adoring the Gaultier number, the sombrero and cigar are just hysterical!
    Unless I’m entirely mis-remembering the time line, I believe anything between 20 and 100 years old is vintage, over 100 years antique, and under 20 years is just “old.” : )
    Keep bringing the girly eye-candy!

    • The music is Debussy’s “Clair de Lune” I don’t remember if it was at the end of “Atonement” but I believe it was at the end of “Oceans 11” ??

  7. Eye Candy for sure – well put – it is a beautiful post – love this one and forwarded to a customer who has a store called The Dragonfly … we will have a new reader …

    Clair d’lune … lovely, classical favorite… yes, i remember it at the end of Oceans 11 – with the fountains … and it should be used more ….

    I work for Two’s Company – gift/decorative access co that design/mfg an increasing amount of eco-friendly product – we even have a cd coin purse this season … i am passing on the cd project link to friends… this is great – thank you! ;~)

    Beautiful peacocks … i must at least find some faux feathers … can be a bit pricey to make a statement … know any good sources?? i have a customer that placed a bouquet of peacock feathers in one of our tall white owl (ceramic) vases by Two’s Company … absolutely stunning … so unusual …

    And not to forget … your peacock bag -i shall not covet – what a treasure! – TDF!

    all dreamy – sweet dreams …

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