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If you’ve been following my blog from the beginning ( a whole 60 posts ago!) you will have gathered I’m a great lover of books. I also love paper; old parchment, Japanese, heavy stock, hand-made, scented… a little strange perhaps, but I’ve heard stranger. So it stands to reason that I would be a big fan of Su Blackwell, a British artist who works with books and paper.  This post was actually going to be a rant on how infuriating I find the absurd amounts of catalogues I receive at this time of year but I decided to keep things positive.  Quite honestly though, the massive waste of ink, paper and my poor Post-man’s time and effort…it just really hits a sore spot with me. I have called sooo many catalogues, countless times, trying every conceivable tactic to remove myself from their mailing lists, but the bastards don’t listen to me.  Does anyone know of a number to call, or an address to write to that can curtail this avalanche- much like you can do with telemarketers?  Hmmm…I guess this did turn a bit neg.   Oh well.  Do check out Su Blackwell. She creates the most incredibly beautiful and delicate things with bits of paper.  If only I were able to do that with catalogues.

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  1. Love the Su Blackwell site. What a creative and unique talent she has. As for your obsession with paper, S.P., …me, too! I love collecting Japanese papers from The Paper Source. Or from Itoya Annex in Tokyo. It’s not the main Itoya on the Ginza, but it’s smaller store for art paper So gorgeous! A wonderful tip I heard a long time ago was from a very chic woman. She would write me notes that always smelled divine. I asked her what it was and she told me she takes all the paper perfume samples strips enclosed in magazines and layers them in with her notecards and papers, giving them a wonderful melange of scents that are perfect together! Isn’t that great? You will never look at a magazine the same way again. If only we could figure out what to do with all those subscription cards… and catalogues…..maybe Su Blackwell has an idea???? The Lady Eve

    • I love that idea! I usually pull the perfume sample strips out, open them and put them in my drawers (as in cupboards, not, you know…the other kind of drawers 🙂 ) Now I will also slip them in with my note cards and stationary. As for subscription cards…can there be too many things more annoying?? Dude- I fricking bought the magazine already- how many subscription cards do I need falling out all over the place? Have some dignity and don’t be so needy. It’s like the guy that calls 15 times after the first date.

  2. Way cool stuff Slim. Tell me about the first photo……the dress. So pretty. I see she has/had a show in NY starting a week or so ago. Are you going to be there at the same time?

    Your blog is so awesome.

    Ya neva know what Slim is gunna serve ya. Dig it.

    • Thanks Greta!! I am in fact going to be in NY for the “Slash”exhibition at MAD and I’m definitely going. Very excited! Perhaps the dress will be there.

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