Over it?



-Bad Mid Century furniture

-“Hollywood Regency”


-People saying  “I want Clean lines” fifty million times on design shows. booooorrrrrring

-Waiters asking if you are “done working on that” in supposedly nice restaurants

– The Kardashians. WHO are they??? WHY do they have a show? Do they even have a show?? WTF?

-TV “Reality” shows EXCEPT for Survivor!, Flipping Out, Top Chef, Kitchen Nightmares and Million Dollar Listing 🙂

– Democrats VS Republicans.  Brutal.  Where’s the LOVE people??



-Suzanis in every magazine I see. (please stop it, so I can pull all mine back out again)

-So many designers and shops (even Restoration Hardware) copying Axel Vervoodt all of a sudden.  At least I bought his first book in 2002, which makes it infinitely more acceptable for me to copy him than all of these Johnny-come-latelys jumping on the  reclaimed barnwood band wagon now. 

Back-off to Mid-Century-land folks.  Show’s over.


Chintz.  Over it.  It’s so Mario Buatta New York Eighties. 

That is until  you see it on a sofa or wallpaper in say, Marella Agnelli’s home and all of a sudden you would gnaw every metal grommet off your leather chair with your own teeth to acquire that old world elegance, coziness and history the right touch of subtle  chintz can give a room.


I think I’m sort of over refrigerator drawers in islands too.  Is that weird?  Maybe it’s because I can never remember what’s in which drawer. Or where the damn drawer is for that matter.  Just give me a good old fashioned fridge that I can stand in front of for 5 minutes with the door open trying to remember what I was looking for. At least that involves only one destination.


-Zebra rugs. sorry.  Zebra rugs. It is what it is-Luv ’em.

-and whilst I’m over here in Hell for being a  heinous Zebra Rug Lover, I’ll also admit I still love coral-yes I do. 

-Collages. Collages are FABULOUS. And best of all, everyone can make them!

-Scrapbooks – see above.  But NOT those super naff ones, I mean like Peter Beard’s, but without dead animals.

– The Musee Nissam De Camando in Paris. Most interesting, undiscovered, quiet little museum in Paris.

musee nissim de camondoMusee Nissam De Camando’s kitchen.

-Antique rock crystal chandeliers

-Original Hundi lanterns from India. They’re perfect, easy,timeless and go with almost any style. They’re the Jimmy Stewart of lighting fixtures.

-Sea Grass. Like Hundi lanterns-It just works.

-I will never end my love affair with Campaign furniture.

Campaign Furniture

Group_2-BOOKS. Can never have enough.

bookshop, Cambodia, Slimpaley.com

Used Book Shop in Cambodia  (read carefully 🙂 )

-Traveling.  Let’s go!

shopkeeper, India, Slim Paley


PS.  I reserve the right to amend or add to the above lists at any time.

They’re MY Lists.

PPS.  I would love to know what YOU are over, semi-over or married to for life??

PPPS. There’s no judging here 🙂



  1. The Coen Brothers nihilistic take on the world and all who dwell in it
    Frat Boy humor
    Before you utter ‘Arts & Crafts’ or the ‘Bungalow Look’, do you research, people!
    Anything on the Kennedys

    Pregnant celebrities who write their experiences with motherhood. You are not the first in this game. You have not discovered anything new.
    I’m quoting a cousin here, “No, your Che T-shirt is NOT cool—he was a murderous thug”

  2. Lofts
    red brick walls
    Armoires as entertainment units—-they dwarf a room
    recess lighting—I do have some, but they can give a room a detached look–nothing beats a beautiful lamp
    medical T.V. dramas

  3. Great list S.P!

    who are the Kardashians? I guess us Canucks are fortunate not to have some of the T.V shows our neighbours have..eh?

    a few of mine are,

    -Real Estate companies trying to predict the R.E market.
    -Stock analysts trying to predict the stock market.
    -“Trendy Lofts” (translation-concrete boxes)

    never be over:
    -Uggs (sorry, but they’re too cozy)
    -Chicken shawarma’s
    -Anything Mac
    -The Office (LOVE this show)
    -My Maxwell couch from Restoration Hardware (again cozy!)
    -Lime pickle

  4. I’m Over:
    •John and Kate plus those poor 8 kids. I never want to see or hear from any of them again.
    •Handbags that cost as much as a decent working man’s 1 month salary.
    •People who blindly buy things without consideration of why they’re buying it, who made it, how it got to them, and what they’ll do with it when they don’t want it anymore.
    •Shoes that look like they belong in the orthopedic support section of a porn shop.
    •Politics. Hate the whole ugly, finger-pointing, blame shifting, self-aggrandizing vibe.

    Love forever:
    •Black pearl jewelry
    •Well tailored and styled white shirts
    •College football
    •Thomas Friedman. His practical intelligence is really sexy.
    •Leopard print (what does that say about us, Slim?)
    •Biedermeier furniture (only the more finely proportioned pieces)… I think it’s the color combo
    •Fresh organic berries
    •Chocolate Lava Cake at The Chart House… there is no better dessert on the planet.
    •Learning something challenging

  5. You’re killing me, I have a whole room full of teak. Now I’m over it…

    Looking forward to more Nurse Jackie – love her!! and what about my friend Jeff from flipping out?? Haven’t seen his show for ages?? Has he been banned from canadian television??

    Eat Pray Love?? sorry Op’s did not change my life, booooooring….

  6. Totally over:
    – Agree 100% on the Kardashians… over the show and any news… Kim WHO?
    – People who use “literally” too frequently… I mean it’s annoying, literally
    – Alarm clocks in the morning. Actually alarm clocks period.
    – Traffic… the worst being traffic due to bikes hoging the road as if they’re a car. You’re not a car, you could get squashed by a car… just saying.

    Never over:
    – Robin Scherbatsky on How I Met Your Mother
    – Sushi, sushi, and sushi
    – MASSAGE CHAIRS – Paradise is a massage without the awkward “do I have to talk to her? /or why wont she shut up?” routine while trying to relax with a massuese (I guess that’s another thing I’m over 😉
    – March Madness on a lazy boy with a beer… beers

    Thanks for the chance to rant Slim Paley… love your blog!

  7. Way over–
    Antique early American pine furniture
    “Retro”—and all that goes with that
    Credit card debt (your lousy fico score is your fault and your fault alone)
    What didn’t you understand about variable interest rates, now?
    Television financial gurus (see above—that is really all these experts tell people—that and refinance)
    Minimilism (have some fun, people)
    “Old School”
    Voice Overs (translate—lazy screenwriting)
    Celebrity pitch people on T.V. (let’s give some work to the unemployed 95% of SAG members)
    Remastered CDs—-
    Frank Lloyd Wright—genius, yes, but of late all architecture reviews, (not to mention a couple best selling fiction books), lead back to him.
    Frank Gehry—does he need to build everything of importance now? And, aren’t his fish tails getting a bit, you know, old?
    I’m over extending patience with check writers—get with the new technology, folks, and use a debit card—-your holding up the line (Whole Foods no longer takes them—good)
    Obama/Biden McCain/Palin bumper stickers—election is over

    Not over, this blog—love it

    MAC LIPSTICK – lustre finish
    ZEBRA – making do w/ my zebra print bra, scarf, jewelry box and Michael Kors flats until I find a good zebra carpet
    WING BACK CHAIRS upholstered in luxurious fabric
    ROBERTO CAVALLI BODY CREME pink bottle … patchouli, bergamot, orchid …

    CHINTZ – in a perfect world the Prince of Chintz is away dreaming up a new fresh way to use it

    OVER IT:
    TATOOs – tres vulgar!!

    ONE MORE THING I’LL NEVER BE OVER: my oldest dearest friends in the world

  9. over it ..

    – was never into the Kardashians so I am beyond over them as I am starting at less than zero. I would rather watch Paris Hilton and I am so so over her.

    – the recession, talk of the recession, news of the recession.sooooooo over it. Spend money again people for the love of god.

    – the heat of summer … sorry CM .. over it. doing a rain dance as I write.

    still in love with you …

    – my gas guzzling suv

    – here here for UGG’s == I agree coooooozy

    – Entourage … just love it what can I say.

    – Bryan Adams …. just a good ole Canadian girl at heart

    – hearing my kids say “I love you momma” – too corny I know so with that I will end my list

  10. You’re amazing! Love the lists!

    Over – accent paint walls, HGTV, everyone thinking they’re Scandinavian and original

    Over not over – starburst mirrors from mass market places (antiques and really s god styles are what’s it), all black and white everything with sparse midcentury style furniture, cow hides and taxidermy – I have a love hate with this – love the look, hate that it’s a dead animal.

    Will always love – chinioserie details, gold leaf, chesterfield sofas, robust floral arrangements, classic chandeliers, ditto on the travel!

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