Opulence Moroccan Style

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Though we enjoyed the hotels we stayed in during our visit to Morocco ( more on those later) for future reference and to satisfy our FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) we spent a little time in Marrakech checking out some other options.

Put your velvet seatbelt on

for the “Royal Mansour” located in the heart of the Medina.

Royal Mansour, Marrakech Where behind every gently wafting silken drape…

Royal Mansour Marrakechanother gasp awaits

Royal Mansour, MarrakechThe attention to detail at Royal Mansour knows NO bounds

Royal Mansour, MarrakechIt’s how you spell luxe and then some.

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 1.35.26 PMOne could wear the newest Dior dress I love so much and not feel overdressed.

Royal Mansour, Marrakech

“Le Bar” to end all bars

with walls panelled in reverse glass rose gold leaf

Rose gold wallsPhotos do not capture the depth and beauty of the rose gold panels.

They glow like the gossamer veiled cheeks of an exquisite young virgin bride marrying a dark, dashing Sheik at desert sunset

(think young Omar Sharif without the gambling habit)

Royal Mansour, MarrakechAre you getting the idea yet??!

Morocco slimpaley.comThe chandelier in the interior courtyard

Morocco slimpaley.comWe enjoyed a cocktail or two here in quiet awe, just listening to the birdsong, the tinkling of ice cubes and the heavy rustling of palm fronds in the wind.

Image 32“La Grande Table Marocaine” restaurant, with blue marble floors, is presided over by celebrated French chef Yannick Alleno.

a52e5292fd046c653bc822bbc73ace3eI would probably choose this little number from Armani Spring 2013 should I be so lucky as to dine here.

Royal Mansour, MarrakechCool marble, embroidered water-silk taffeta, feathers & inlaid rosewood…cuhraazy

Royal Mansour, MarrakechI don’t even know how to begin to explain the coffered ceiling in the “Chimney Lounge”

Honeycombs conceived by bees drunk on silver.

Again, the photos don’t do it justice.

Royal Mansour, MarrakechThe Chimney Lounge, so named for the transparent glass fireplace that allows you to gaze upon the gardens through the flames while sipping your cognac.

Did I mention it’s a wood burning fireplace ??

Come ON.

Royal Mansour, MarrakechPhoto via Royal Mansour

I need this in my next life as a Persian Princess.

Royal Mansour, MarrakechHand tooled leather walls

hand tooled leather rugand rugs.

It just doesn’t stop.

Royal Mansour, Marrakech“La Grande Table Francaise” Royal Mansour’s French restaurant preparing for the evening.

I can only imagine how beautiful it must be by candle lightImage 29A gecko candle holder, one of many crystal creatures crawling across the walls of the restaurant.


Royal MansourAs dusk descends (yes, we stayed that long!) the hotel becomes even more magical

Royal Mansour

There are no “rooms” at the Royal Mansour, just 53 private riads.

As you’ve no doubt deduced by now, this is not where you would choose to stay if you’re counting your dirhams.

 Ahem. It’s splurging to be sure. I don’t know if it would be my choice if I were bringing children with me either, but for a romantic and decadent getaway for couples? Hell ya.

There is also a gorgeous spa and a divine little shop.

But of course, you knew that!

Morocco slimpaley.com

For more information on Royal Mansour


All photos (unless otherwise credited) by Slim Paley.


  1. I know there was a riad with your name on it. I will choose to believe you stayed & dined here for all us would be Persian Princesses. Just exquisite. Thank you for sharing!
    Welcome home,

  2. Be still my heart. What exotic exquisiteness! The ostrich feathers in the enormous silk tassels are beautiful. The crystal geckos candle holders must be amazing when lit. Do you think the floors are lapis lazuli? wait, i dont know if i want to hear, i may cry of envy! Love both of your outfit choices too, of course!

  3. I write this with TEARS streaming down onto my computer….HOW DO THEY DO WHAT THEY DO??? Inconceivable… franki

  4. You sure did capture the vibe of Morooco. Love their decorating sensibilities! Your travel reporting rivals any!

  5. WOW, wow, wow! The stay of a lifetime to be sure. Cannot even believe the beauty. The tiles and ceilings alone…Damn straight I wouldn’t bring kids with me!!
    Thanks Slim for letting me vicariously travel with you!


  6. Absolutely exquisite posting Slim. I can’t tell you how often I said, “Oooooooooo!” Thank you so much.

  7. Blue being my favorite color, I found the photos breathtakingly beautiful! Thank you again for a wonderful post!

    • “makes La Mamounia” seem like a doer upper” lol.
      La Mamounia actually did just get “do-ed up” and it’s beautiful too, but I much prefer the jewel box size feeling of Royal Mansour.

  8. Dear Slim, Greetings from Holland. Due to fysical trouble, i’m not able to work for quite some time now. But discovering your blog was a big gift. I worked my way through your archives and really did enjoy it. Thank you for your inspiring look at the world. It’s really comforting!
    And Marrakech? What a very beautiful hotel!. But from my own experience: Even with a much smaller wallet you’ll find magical places for your stay there. Hey….but no harm in dreaming!

    • Greetings back to you in Holland Gerry!
      You are totally right-there is much magic to be found, in every sense, in Morocco without having to break the bank.

  9. Dear Slim
    How enchanting and what beautiful pics! It will be even lovelier when a little of the newness has worn off and it’s acquired a patina. Can imagine it’s the kind of place Angelina and Brad would want to bring their brood and possibly Posh and Becks, even Roman Abramovich and his friends. Possibly even Karl L and a future couture collection. In the old days, given the privacy of the riads, you could imagine Cary Grant and Barbara Woolworth and her entourage, Taylor and Burton and theirs, Princess Margaret and Tony, maybe even Onassis and Jackie or Maria Callas. It might even have tempted Winston Churchill away from the Mammounia. Many thanks for letting us daydream. Best wishes, Pamela

  10. oh just ridiculously gorgeous….lucky lucky you. photographs are stunning. thank you for posting! keep ’em comin’. best and salaams, janelle

  11. *blinking*

    *picks up jaw, puts it back in place*

    You are the best, Slim. You really are. Chapeau bas…

  12. Marrakesh express stopped in Medina, I feel like Deborah Kerr running away from the King – Yul Brynner in that Royal Manse, in my big hoops skirt

  13. I can only imagine how it must feel just to be amongst that amazing beauty! So, thank you so much for a little getaway!

  14. Gorgeous Slim, thank you for sharing so we can maybe, maybe add this to our bucket list. Adore the reverse mirrors, I tried to talk a client into doing this technique once and they didn’t go for it which I still can’t believe to this day. I loved your fashion pics, they look perfect walking through these shots. xx

  15. Such a beautiful eye for photography. Wish we had these all in a book to savor over and over again. Simply stunning.

  16. I couldn’t open this post last night, I guess it was too opulent for my computer? This is absolutely spectacularly divine, Slim. Thanks for sharing this beauty. I wouldn’t be able to leave.

  17. Jeeeezzzzzz! I have to admit that I have dragged 3 of your pics into my iphoto so I can revisit them. Hope that’s ok. No words here…..already been well said, I just ditto everything. Loved “Motel 6 Billion”! Loved it and this post. MH

  18. P. S. cant even delete this one…have to “keep as new” so I can return to dream from time to time. Thank you! MH

  19. Speechless. Except to say {because I have never been truly without speech in my life. Just ask my husband}, IN-CRED-IBLE. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen photos of a more stunning place. And let me also say {while I’m still speechless} : ), your descriptions are as good as the photos. The lines about the rose-gold bar mirror and the bees drunk on silver were absolute poetry! Thank you, THANK YOU for sharing your adventures {please never stop!}

  20. Thank you so much for sharing your experience….i never really considered going on a trip like this- in fact i didn’t open this up ’til now…i just can’t believe how beautiful it is…i’ve just never seen anything quite like it and I love to travel….geez
    Thank you!!!

  21. oh Slimmy!!! I am SOOOO excited to see this!!! A young friend of mine is doing her dissertation in Anthropology with Emory University there this summer. Since she is really familiar with Morocco I’m thinking of planning a trip there to see her! Think you may have sealed the deal! Thanks!!!

  22. Ceilings, and feathers, and inlay – oh my! I could look at these pictures for hours and still see something new. Thank you, as always, for sharing. It’s always such an exquisite ride!

  23. I’m heading to Morocco next month and the Royal Mansour is top of my “must see” list. It’s beyond description in it’s beauty!!! Thank you so much for posting such luscious photos. Can’t wait to see it with my own eyes.

  24. I’ve very much enjoyed your posts on Morocco. I went there in 1974 when I was almost 10 and have vivid memories. Your images have reminded me of that trip, especially our visit to the medina and the open air markets.

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  26. I am totally in love with the Royal Hotel Mansour & would love to stay and share the experience sometime in the future ………….

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