Omg-It’s April Already!


Did you think I’d run off with the Moroccan Circus?!

I do still have one or two Moroccan tidbits I’d love to share, but today’s post hails from NY where I had a lovely visit this week with Older Son,

enjoyed a little theatre (or perhaps I should  say big theatre)

and well, you know the rest…

photo 2there was some food involved…


but first, the play


Directed by two-time Tony winner George C. Wolfe and starring the boundlessly talented Tom Hanks, “Lucky Guy” is the hottest ticket on Broadway.

We were lucky enough to attend the opening night on Monday and it was truly electrifying.

Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 1.16.27 PM

The last work of the brilliant Nora Ephron;

“LUCKY GUY marks a return to Ephron’s journalistic roots in a new play about the scandal- and graffiti-ridden New York of the 1980s, as told through the story of the charismatic and controversial tabloid columnist Mike McAlary, who won the Pulitzer Prize shortly before his untimely death on Christmas Day, 1998.” (via

Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 12.52.01 PMIt’s great fun to experience Tom Hank’s first time on the Broadway stage, in fact the entire cast is stellar

so if your plans include a trip to NY between now and June, I highly recommend it.


And what’s a trip to NYC without a little window shopping?!

 IMG_3969My Instagram pic (following yet?) of the Celine shoes that are starting to grow on me

(no pun intended)

Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 10.59.51 AMEspecially the “Birkenstock” version which FYI is already sold out in the black on black style.

I just asked.

L1150148Then there’s this casual little Walter Steiger heel for all you Crowns of Thorns, Thrones of Corns, Game of Thrones fans

(which I’ve yet to watch because I still haven’t started “Homeland” yet. You see the sacrifices I make for this blog?!)

I snapped the pic in Barney’s, slightly more civilized than the Bergdorf’s shoe department was on Friday

IMG_3985Where it’s every woman for herself (more crown-thorny shoes there too-not in my size :()


And now’s the time for Vegetarians to shield their eyes

IMG_3892We enjoyed a hearty brunch at Il Buco Alementaria & Vineria

beginning with a most civilized selection of their house-cured meats.

photo 3menu board at il Buco

f2171f049a2711e2bee422000a9f14ea_7Then Son of Slim threw down with a short rib sandwich that quite frankly did his Momma proud.

Despite its girth, it absolutely melted in your mouth. Like buttah.

er, I mean his mouth.

I’m far too much of a Laaydy to be seen eating such a beast (at least in public-would that they have private booths)

This is definitely not a First Date Sandwich.

Il Buco is very buzzy and for the most part, dining is shared at communal tables.

8-14_085via Il Buco website

I will mention that the acoustics aren’t the greatest (upstairs seems slightly louder than down) We moved downstairs because I swear a woman at our table was talking to someone in another restaurant-and not on her phone. I felt like we were in a Woody Allen film, but let’s not be ‘Slim Cranky’.  The food’s delicious and service is great.

This was my second visit to Il Buco and I’d definitely go again.

img_3901The salted caramel gelato at Il Buco.

Yes, I did say brunch 🙂


And in the blink of an eye another NY week is over and it’s April already.

Wishing everyone a great weekend and a sweet & happy new(ish) month!

Spring is upon us and I hope to be posting with a little more frequency from now on. Really.

’tis the season of growth and renewal after all, right?



**The lemon meringue cake is at “E.A.T.” on upper Madison Ave.!

Both “Lucky Guy” play photos via


  1. Ooooh, Il Buco was on my list of must-visit restaurants when I was in NY a couple of months ago. We didn’t make it there, but I have heard they also have the best Eggplant Parm in the world. Sigh. Off to show hubby that sandwich – he would LOVE It!

  2. I miss NY. Son #1 moved from NY to Austin, although Austin is fun, there is so much I missed the 2 years they lived in NY. How fun, the shoes, the food, the entertainment.
    Thanks for always providing a little travel for those of us who long to travel a bit more than we do.

  3. Dying for the gelato. Speaking of communal, have you tried Farmstead? We recently had a birthday bash there and it was so good. I had the beets, wilted arugula and creme fraiche (or something to that effect). Heavenly. Shiree’

  4. Slim, you are something of a trifecta: a hysterical stylish foodie. So glad I discovered your blog – I love it!

  5. Slim, you always have the best culinary adventures! I love the sandwich! Even though I do not eat meat.

    Lucky guy looks great, and frankly anything with Tom Hanks is a winner in my book.

    Have a great weekend, Elizabeth

  6. I think you were here during the only non-gray days we’ve had in a while…Lucky Girl. (Bad pun. Sorry.) I am blessed/cursed to have my office just a few blocks away from Il Buco Alimentari. So delicious! I haven’t ventured away from the pastas, but that short rib might tempt me. Also tempting: The cake (where from?) and those Balenciaga sandals. I just can’t decide if they will place nice with others, though. The Céline shoes are growing on me too. The flats look sooo cozy. If only there weren’t real fur… Thanks for sharing all your fun! xx

  7. Throne of corns !!!!…you crack me up.

    Noisy restaurants I try not to be cranky SMR but sometimes they can be too much

  8. You would make my mother’s day if you would reveal the source of that cake. Rarely do non-homemade cakes taste as good as they look, but this one might have potential.

    Also, my dear newly-transplanted-from-Seattle-to-NYC friend made reservations at Il Buco for Monday night while I’m here in the city. I can already tell from looking at your menu board photo that I’m going to have a rough time deciding what to order.

    Thank you!

  9. I was so surprised when I heard of Nora’s death that I couldn’t believe it! Obviously I wasn’t alone as she told no one (not even friends) of her cancer (so I have read). What a loss to the literary world she is and what a surprise on the play–just read about it in Elle…. so glad to hear that you went. Hope you bought lots of goodies! The flowers are gorgeous…… Narcissus just opened the other day!

  10. Going to be in NY soon visiting the son. Have read about Lucky Guy but always glad to have first hand report from you! must get tickets! + reservations at Il Buco. thanks for the report.

  11. Yum! Have been to Il Buco and second the notion that the food is amazing……not necessarily diet friendly but amazing! Love the tapas influence…my favorite way to eat. Glad you are back after your exotic travels……always fun to see what you are up to!

  12. I’m waiting for the post on Morroccan circuses, that sounds cool. How great to see Tom Hanks in his Broadway debut, what a fantabulous mother you are (particularly considering the meat and more meat menu you treated Slim’s Son to). You must see Homeland – it really is good. If you ever have the chance, it is interesting to watch the Israeli series it is based on – Prisoners of War. And Game of Thrones – lots of gratuitous simulated sex and nudity. No further comment.

  13. I have seen Lucky Guy and can vouch for it being wonderful. Thanks for posting! Slim, would you ever think about putting a list together in one post of all the restaurants you have been to that you have posted about? It would be such a good and useful reference.

    • I am compiling hotel, restaurant & destination lists under my new(ish) “Travel” tab as we speak Lady Eve. I update it whenever I get spare time (ahem)
      Please check it out!

  14. Hi Slim, Having trouble following you on Pintrest. When I touched the Pintrest icon on your blog, it said that it could not be found. What do I need to do to follow you? Thanks, Sydney

    Sent from my iPad

    • Hi Sydney. I just tried it twice and it worked. I would suggest logging out of my blog, then logging back in and trying again. (when all else fails-unplug!)

  15. I was worried!!! But thanks for the notes for my trip to NYC in June!!! Albe-me a vegetarian, I’ll slip for NYC neighborhood Italian any day…she said…mouth watering!

  16. Those dishes are making me oh-so hungry. Love all the shoes, especially that horny one! Seeing your photos, makes me want the Celine furry sandals. They look perfect for walking around the house or anytime you want to feel like you are walking around the house. Great photos as usual. Can’t wait to see more photos!

  17. Thanks for sharing your fabulous weekend with Slim Jr. or is he Slim Jim, but maybe not after Il Bucco’s brunch? I’m in awe that you were able to drag him into Barney’s and Bergdorf’s! Your pictures and prose are always a treat!

  18. Slim, First of all, loving the furry shoes! That red Instagram pic was perfect! I actually would consider the Birkenstock type..Hey, they look comfy! Glad you had fun with the son. New York sounds wonderful right now!
    Happy Spring!

  19. Ah Slim I love your posts so very much! Jelly belly of your trip to NY we usually make it over in April… not to be this year. Were the tulips out? And if you ever feel inclined and have the time, please stop by my tumblr, pretty much original content of pictures taken on my heavenly travels – xo

  20. Slim, is that you standing with Dennis Miller as he is interviewed in the short promo piece for “Lucky Guy” on You look gorgeous! And you prompted me to get tickets!

  21. Great. Now you’ve planted this I NEED TO GO TO NEW YORK AND SEE THIS PLAY seed in my head when I just started a new job! I don’t think they’d be happy if I asked for vacation time on my second day. Pooh!

  22. I have been thinking of you and wondering what on earth has happened to our dear Slim since I haven’t received a blog post via email in weeks–since your Morroco trip (yes, I had been signed up for quite some time now)! Now, upon checking, I see that you have not been at rest for weeks & have been sharing, in true SP style, your beautiful words and pictures from life around the globe. I wonder what has happened???? Hmmmm?
    Been missing you, Slim

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