Oh the Wonders I’ve Seen…


Roses, Hotel Costes in Paris last week.


Hi there! Remember me??

I’ve had another grand adventure and finally back home to put pen to paper, so to speak.


In Lisbon, I found some of the most beautifully cobbled ย streets in the world. (Sorry Prague :()


Traveled by an old wooden boat through the Douro wine region of Portugal



Devoured Portugal’s famous egg custard tarts for breakfast and dessert

Every day.

No, seriously, every day.

You only live once. Reason enough to visit Portugal.


Experienced a true Princess Moment (albeit on a shockingly bad hair day)


Learned about Lusitano horses and wine…


The procedure for uncorking very old bottles of port


and, as always, continued my quest to find the World’s Worst Dessert.

So far, no luck.


We hobnobbed with jockeys


A bag in the Longchamp shop on Rue St. Honore’

Did a wee bit of shopping in Paris (It was Fashion Week after all ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Saw Kate Moss twice in one night


and enjoyed some world class people watching…

all of which I’ll share with you over the next few weeks.

Just as soon as I get unpacked and plow through the mountain of mail that faithfully greets the weary, wine-soaked traveler.


Despite the grey skies, it’s nice to be home.

I’ve missed you!





  1. Thank you for responding about my inquiry about what roses you posted.
    I love your blog, it is the only one I read.
    Maryann Iaria
    Administrative Secretary
    University Student Services and Systems

  2. Can’t wait for the people watching! You look like Rapunzel in the tower of that castle… thanks for sharing your adventures. I figured you were MIA because you were so busy working on your book!

  3. Well, JUST as I was thinking about putting out an all-points-bulletin, you reappear as if by mental telepathy…or whatever!

    Our oldest son was married in a vineyard in Tras-os-Montes………Behind the Mountains….at the far end of the Douro Valley……a medieval, wild part of Portugal…enchanting……so happy you experienced the wonders of Portugal…can’t wait to see more…and thank you for reminding me of those custard tarts…natas, I think……made fresh every morning by my son’s mother-in-law for our America guests who we led around that lovely country for two weeks……including a stay in a 17th Century Manor House on the Douro……..sigh………we’re back there next summer for another wedding….hope you share some of your discoveries!

    Welcome back! You were missed.

  4. So glad you’re back! Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos. You, of course, look like the princess in the tower and the man on the white horse looks like he’s coming to visit you (you certainly don’t need rescueing – not from YOUR life!). I’m looking forward to seeing more!

  5. Well those Paris roses are almost as beautiful as yours at home.

    So happy you are not one that goes to these fabulous places and just has a salad. I say onward to finding that bad dessert. I think I must also be on your “scientific” team of finding that quest and didn’t even know it!

  6. Those roses in the beautiful bowl are just divine! Eagerly awaiting your next post and some fab photos ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Welcome home! I can’t wait to hear your about your adventures – you always inspire me and I have added quite a few destinations to my list of places to visit once the nest is empty thanks to you. (One I am going to do in two weeks: we got a reservation at o ya!) Looking forward to hearing where you’ve been and what you’ve done.

  8. You were missed. Welcome back. Looks like an absolute fantastic trip.
    You did look like Rapunzel in your tower. Looking forward to all your many pictures and stories.

  9. Bem Vinda a casa!
    Oh my, I’ve drooled all over…the pasteis, Port, and the Lusitano with his human. It’s good to be a nice Portuguese girl ๐Ÿ™‚ Looking forward to your coming pictures and posts!

  10. So glad you’re back. Have been having withdrawal symptoms – your blog is so addictive and is always such a delight. Look forward to more great pics of your travels. Could that be our own Faux Fuschia in the black dress in your last picture? Or has she an impostor? Best wishes, Pamela

  11. I eat tarts and cakes for breakfast every day.

    Doesn’t everyone?????

    Meanwhile the PEOPLE watching at the races looks 11 million/10. Jealous.

    Luff the Princess Shot. I say embrace the wild hair! xxxx

  12. Welcome home! The cobbled streets – heavenly. Glad you enjoyed the egg custard tarts too. Can’t wait to see more.

  13. So glad to see you back! What a beautiful vacation! Can’t wait to see more pics. The worlds worst dessert…..you crack me up:) XO, Pinky

  14. A post of yours is kind of like Christmas morning – the excitement when I see that there’s a new Slim post up, and then the unwrapping of the best of everything: gorgeous photos, amazing travels, food, fashion, wit, kindness, sharing. Thank you – you are such a bright light and you are wonderful to share these things. (omgosh – dying laughing – autocorrect just tried to make “things” into “thongs”. Soooo glad I re-read this – because “sharing these thongs” – um, NO!!) : )

  15. Phenomenal as usual! Didn’t want it to end! Loved everything. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz keep posting.
    Welcome back.
    xo Leslie

  16. Heavenly photos, heavenly dessert (breakfast whatever), and heavenly looking man on the horse! You are a very brave Princess…….heights like that make me nervous!!

  17. OH!!!!!! Gorgeous and the horses! BUT I’m so glad that you are back as it has been reeeeeeeeally boring without you. Can’t wait for all of the details.

  18. oh, my! love, love, love waking up to find another post…and to Portugal ..be still my heart….your pics just stir the wanderlust in me…want to replicate all that you do in your travels…the food, the scenery…divine…and you took a pic of the tiled streets! I LOVE those. that “old wooden boat” wouldn’t happen to be a re-purposed luxury barge would it?

    • I love Lupsitana (sp) horses. They are the smartest horses and they love to perform. They can rear up and dance on their hind legs. Actually they hop, but they look like they are doing a dance. I am a horse owner of 30 years, my horse is 26 yrs old, I just came in from a ride, I love horses!

  19. Well, here you are home, you were missed and I can’t even come up with anything snappy to say just yet another thank you for sharing your dreams come true. In anyone elses hands, it would be…bling! But you serve it all up on a silver platter of heart-felt joy.

  20. Welcome home my adventuress! I am always excited to see the gorgeous and interesting pics from your travels! Your site is indeed better than any journal!

    Art by Karena

  21. Ah, the pleasures of Portugal…traveled throughout the country, dirt roads and all, with Karen Brown’s guidebook as my map. And, solo. I met the friendliest folks on earth that way and even with language barriers found them expressive, kind and wonderful hosts.
    Just go, if you’ve skipped this corner of Europe.

  22. Missed your postings too. Can’t wait to see all photos and read all juicy Paris Fashion Week
    insights you’ll have for us!

  23. Welcome back slim. The custard tarts look so yummy. I am off to Lisbon myself on Sunday, so looking forward to it. I will eat a tart for you!

  24. Oh it is so good to read a Slim Paley blog. Lovely inspiring photos with laugh-out-loud humor (princess with a bad hair day). You are GREAT!

    • Oh Lord (and by “Lord” I guess I mean “Rachel” )…NO ONE’s life is a fairytale, including mine. I just enjoy sharing my appreciation of all the “Fairytale Moments” in life here on Slim Paley.
      Somehow I don’t think my blog would have quite the same escapism or enjoyment factor if I moaned about daily troubles and strife!
      (Plus complaining doesn’t go well with rose photos ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  25. Boa noite, SP! ๐Ÿ™‚ Or… Bom Dia!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    How are you doing? Oh, Portugal and its natural beauty. I love its culinary and the people.

    It’s truly wonderful to have you back. You enlighten the blogland.


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

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