Oh #$&^*%(#… It’s December!!

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 3.20.41 PM


Does the calendar say December 8th already??

et moi, without a single post up yet for the month?.

I guess that old kidnapping story won’t fly again.

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 12.01.26 PM

or  “the dog ate my computer” excuse.

To tell the truth, the days have flown by and I’m as surprised as anyone that Christmas is just a little more than two weeks away.

I’m out of my sling, driving again and continuing physical therapy but, with no offense (my therapist is adorable) the process alternates between being boring, guilt provoking and painful (insert your old relationship’s name here)

The upside is I’ve found I have a ton of company. I’ve joined a ‘Torn Rotator Cuff Society’ where we all give secret “Live Long and Prosper” salutes, albeit with awkwardly hunched-up shoulders.

Christmas will be different in our home this year. I’m not decorating in our traditional fashion, so unfortunately, I won’t have my usual Christmas fare to share. It would be impossible for me to get on a ladder to dress the tree. Let’s get real, I still can’t even tie up my hair.

OK, let’s get really real, did I mention I gained 10 lbs? NO JOKE, therefore not at all funny so stop laughing!

Who would imagine that months of no exercise, a steady diet of comfort food and a newly acquired penchant for red wine would be so deleterious??

But I don’t really like to talk about weight, diets and yucky things so we’ll leave that there.



December sunset in Santa Barbara

Changes are afoot for ‘Slim Paley’. Good changes (hopefully)

After 4 years it’s time.


Somebody forgot to tell my roses it was December.

I’ll be tinkering with my entire format and design, so please bear with me in the following weeks.  I need to address issues such as my crowding columns and “Category Cloud” disappearance.

Let’s face it-“Slim” needs a lift

I’d like to return to shorter, more frequent posts and possibly include some short videos too.

2014 Baby!!

In the meantime, please do visit my past December posts in the Archives,

as well as The Popular Kids,

and my Travel tab which I’ve been updating slowly but surely.

More new travel coming soon!


Keep your cool in the crowds, don’t let the holidays make you crazy, and remember…


to breathe.

And feel free to comment with any great holiday tips for us 🙂

Happy December!!


Dog photo via Pinterest


  1. Happy Decembrrrr to you, too, Slim. Always GOOD to hear from you. Happy healing and lots of love. (Oh yeah: red wine is my dinner… and dessert. Love the last photo, too.)

  2. We are all flabbergasted that this Christmas is almost here. So just do what you can. We are all happy to wait for your words to appear and sweep us off to the wonderful world of Slim. There just isn’t time to do it all. We will re read your posts from Christmas past and send you wishes for continued healing and a Merry Christmas. Get those what ever you called them in blog language going. We are here hoping the next email is from SP no matter what format it is in.

  3. Slim, I had the surgery in 2000. Not a walk in the park…I now need to have a shoulder replacement. I had Dr Ryu as well. He did a great Job, but arthritis is having it’s way with me. Take care of yourself…no fancy ladder maneuvers. I look forward to more travel posts. Thanks!

  4. Hard to believe Christmas is upon us. No mad dash for me this year either. Going to enjoy a quiet holiday season with family and friends. If you are up for it I will take you on one of my magical sunset walks.

  5. I can not believe that a) it is December 8th already and b) you have been posting for 4 years !! As our holiday card this year stated “how the time does fly by”. Congrats on 4 awesome years … ah .. you need to write a book!! 🙂
    xo “your very persistent friend and faithful fan” !!

  6. I’m happy to hear you’re recovering and getting around. I’m sure your house looks fabulous without your climbing a ladder!! We are having a low key Christmas here, and I think I’m going to like it that way.

  7. Good to hear you are out of your sling! Dont’ overdue it and we all know the true spirit of the holiday is all about who you are sharing it with not the decor though we all know pretty decor makes us girls happy:)
    I also want to do a little “nip and tuck” on my own blog in 2014…so cheers to a new year and new beginnings!!

  8. Slim, I would LOVE videos from you. A warm up for your having your own “Slim takes the World” travel program. Right? Right!
    And I am not doing my regular glitter fest either. It just doesn’t feel right this year, I don’t know why. So we are setting a trend. 🙂
    Please feel better, beautiful one and try not to worry about the weight. Coop said it perfectly.

    Four more years! Four more years! Four more years!

  9. Slim,
    nothing like a little blog botox.
    After all December should be all about lifting one’s spirits. On our way to NYCity for my son is having ACL surgery. Surely there must be a society of ACL’s ……Call me Nurse Cratchett.

  10. Glad you are making improvements!! Yes time is waiting for no one – even those with good intentions. You really make me want to move to your neck of the woods – the light just seems amazing and ever so slightly different from LA if that makes any sense at all? I gather you will be busy with Xmas and jazzing up your formats so let me wish you a merry xmas and a happy new year now! Congrats on your four years – you really keep the bar high for the rest of us and here is to many more Slim xx

  11. SHoot – I just realized that may come off wrong – I meant improvements to your physical therapy – not the blog format – personally I like it the way it is but I just wanted to clear that up ;P

  12. Slim—have you tried “Icy Hot” patches on your shoulder? My mom swears by them ever since her rotator cuff injury. I’m sure they’ll work even better when applied while sipping some red wine! 😉

  13. My husband had both shoulders done a few years ago. He worked for a rural electric cooperative nearly 40 years. All those years there was oodles of wear and tear on the old shoulders. Hope you are all better very soon!

    No matter the changes and whatever the Slim lifts, I will be here to enjoy. Congratulations on four years!

  14. Has it really been 4 years? Wow, seems like just yesterday….(cue music).
    Glad to hear you continue to heal and maintain that rigorous red wine therapy…I mean physical therapy!
    Have a great holiday…all the best to you and your family.
    Enjoyed the sunset photo after we got snow last night here in Chicago (brrrrrr).

  15. I have to mention this; I’m a certified Restorative Exercise Specialist™ and I had to travel all the way from Toronto to Ventura to get that designation. I know SB is close by, and there may well be RES in your area too. I’ve gone through a torn rotator cuff and a frozen shoulder (one on each arm) so I know this can help. It’s biomechanics based. You can google it if you think it might interest you. I promise I won’t bring it up again. 🙂

  16. You always inspire me, so I’ll be looking forward to any new changes since I know they’ll reflect your amazing style!
    Enjoy the holidays…then diet, if you must. 😀

  17. hi Slim+10;) (I’m sure 10 looks fab on you like everything else:)
    Glad to hear your are up and about and driving again! My best holiday tip is the Light Keeper Pro. It fixes Christmas lights- on strands, garlands, wreaths, pre-lit trees! And saves marriages! Bought one last week and it is amazing So amazing that I contacted the company to give away 3 on the blog! It’s a Christmas miracle I tell ya!

  18. I (almost) feel your pain…took a dive in the shopping parking lot…wrist, knees..and WORST my GOOD tweed pants!!!.and it was the “beginning” of shopping not the finale…oh, dear. Good thing it was the left side and I can still “internet” shop…we do what we must!! Good Luck! franki

  19. Yesterday I was reading an article in Santa Barbara about Bo and it was written by you! No wonder I enjoyed it so much 🙂 We are headed off to meet the ENTIRE family in Florida this year so I will be offline until the 1st so I will say my Merry Greetings now…..Thanks for entertaining moi all year long you are such a great ~blogist~ Cheers!

  20. As we have grown sons, like you, traditions shift and change along with the times. They are starting their own families, and needing to begin new traditions of their own. Add an illness or a mishap–mine was a broken bone in the foot last year…So! Expectations change: size, scale, quantities, etc. This includes the feasting, which we wish for, but needed to find a way other than the 12 days of Christmas. Cook This Now, by Melissa Clark, has wonderful seasonal menus. The braised leg of lamb for December will be our do-able Christmas dinner for us this year. This feast is intimate, scaled for the smaller crew, and will suffice simply and beautifully. There will be plenty of red wine to go with! I look forward to your changes. My favorite quote by T.S. Eliot: “A condition of complete simplicity, costing not less than everything.”

  21. I enjoy that your blog isn’t everyday in that when I see it in my mail I anticipate your lovely posts. My husband is in
    your “rotator cuff society” so I have some idea of what you are going through. Thank you for the beautiful ideas,
    images you bring into my life.

  22. No dried oranges this year?!?!? Maybe just dry them and decorate places where you don’t need a ladder. Just for the smell alone 😉 Looking forward to more Slim in 2014 and that little dog made my day!

  23. Love your blog. Where did you get the zebra striped dish in your header? I live in SB and would like to get one if they are still available.

  24. So sorry to hear about all your shoulder woes Slim, not fun, and a good reason to take the holidays with stride and at the pace of a floating snowflake. As long as your family is there to share the holidays with you, it will be a perfect & beautiful one.
    My poor blog has been in need of laser lift for a while now, hoping some time off after Christmas will allow for that…best of luck with your ‘lift’, great way to spend recovery (and after the holidays) down-time.
    Merry, Merry…
    xo J~

  25. I love your travel stories and how you always incorporate design into them! I researched a friend’s inaugural NYC trip using previous posts. She had a great time! Cant wait to view a new, improved version, if that’s even possible :)) feel better soon

  26. Happy Holidays to you, Slim. You go, girl! I can only say how sorry I am that I did not discover your blog four years ago, ( maybe it’s been two, but I’m not sure ). Can’t wait to read your blog in it’s new format.

    Lisa D.

  27. Happy blogiversary! I’m so glad you continue to write and share such a sunny, funny outlook on life in your blog. I always leave refreshed and encouraged {and usually tickled} from every single post. We haven’t done a single thing for Christmas. No decorations, my yearly labor intensive photo cards for hundreds of “close personal friends” aren’t even ordered yet and I think gifts will be pretty simple this year. In years past this would have never happened, and if it had, I would have been in full freak-out mode. But this year I have a brand new perspective. We have sat vigil for our best friend’s 19-year-old son the last three weeks. He was a healthy college freshman one day and an ICU patient the next. And his funeral was yesterday. And how I want to spend this holiday is with my arms around my two healthy sons. I love this time of year and all the traditions, and they will continue, but I’m rethinking what I will “stress” about this Christmas, and afterwards.

  28. It’s December nearly mid December… and I have no surgical excuses for my lack of organisation… 🙂
    Have fun planning the new site… Can’t wait to see…
    Maybe your ten pounds and my ten pounds should go on holiday together and never come back… 😉 SO irritating the way that red wine seems to stick… around my middle!

  29. Oh Crap?!…. It’s December????!!!!! Damn, I am still wearing my havaianas…….If you post that you have trimmed your roses for the season, with your arm in a sling, I am going to start some serious drinking as soon as I finish this glass of red wine……10 pounds, schmend pounds! ….you needed some cushioning love, it’s all good, I am sure your hubby would agree…do not succumb to the montecito masses of gaunt, silly, stick figures……….let me know if you have heard of the fallen bladder society starting up, gotta go,…… no really,, i have got to “GO”!!! 🙂 p.s. screw Kris Jenner and her bladder diapers, I am sure they lifted her bladder when they lifted her face……….

  30. As I leave this reply, it is a balmy 1 degree F here in the Siskiyous~Far Northern California (think Oregon border). I broke out my Steger Moosehide Ojibwe Mukluks this week as we descended to -8. ! Alas, no Havianas for me.
    As per the weight issue, I think beryl is right. Fat or Thin is a First World Problem. Enjoy your Christmas, SP. Writing to as I sip morning coffee by the roaring fire.

  31. Slim, Wishing you some pampering from your guys this holiday. Enjoy the rest and take it easy. Remember 10 pounds can actually make you look younger! I swear it’s better than botox on the face.

    I too am working on my blog..It takes a lot of time though updating all those pages..Glad to have the break coming.. Can’t wait to see what you do. I’m sure it will be wonderful and so would videos.

    Congrats on four years! It’s takes a lot to keep up a quality blog like yours and you should be proud. I agree a book could be done of your lovely posts!

    My best Christmas tip is do less and savor more!

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