Nature- The Ultimate Bedazzler


Slim Paley photo


Yesterday morning, as I was sitting at my kitchen desk enjoying a cup of tea before yoga class and yakking away on the phone (moaning about the weather, no doubt)  I happened to look out my window (I’m such a multi-tasker) and thought; Well, look at that- How absolutely beautiful does my garden look beneath the dark and drizzly skies.  As if a little Faerie stylist had gone round in the wee hours with a glycerin bedazzler. I threw on my wellies,  grabbed my camera and ventured out for a little Zen moment.  I realized I only had to look down to find some beauty in the day instead of up into the endless stony Heavens.

And all this was before yoga!


Slim Paley photo



Slim Paley photo


.Slim Paley photo


Slim Paley photo

Rosebud or raspberry?!


As I am writing this we are experiencing a HUGE thunder & lightening storm, an extremely rare occurrence in Santa Barbara.  I love a good storm but I have to admit this one is scareee!   OK, my power has just gone off twice and the rain is lashing against my windows like a tropical monsoon. You don’t think it was because I used the word “Heavens” in vain, do you?
Oh! Another HUGE crack of thunder… I’m hanging up now.

Time to round up the flashlights and a glass of wine!


Have a cozy night, where ever you may be.






  1. Love it- wish that passionate weather had reached Santa Monica-
    we just had rain – but for a moment, there were big fat drops-
    the flowers look like Victorian jewelry or paintings
    how magnificent-

    • “Passionate Weather” I like that expression Danielle, and I agree with you- if we’re going to have “Weather” BRING IT ON!!

  2. I love storms, the bigger the better (except those funnel type) so you aren’t scaring me! OK, maybe just one drink to relax me in case we do have a wicked storm tonight. None predicted, but just in case.
    Great photos by the way, exceptional indeed. love the rose/raspberry one.

  3. Your camera is AMAZING…well, and you’re a darn fabulous photographer too! Those water drops look like you can just reach out and get your fingers wet! Beautiful!! Hope you’re hunkered down and the candles are lit just in case! xo

  4. I love a huge storm — if I am cozy inside — it is kind of scary, I am sure. But to have to light the candles and pour the wine and just listen…

    I love the garden photos with all of the dew — how beautiful.

    BTW — that is the norm here in the PNW.

    Lovely post — I am feeling cozy just reading it. Enjoy (at least you still have wi-fi0)!

  5. I was raised in Hurricane territory- loved them- and unlike their much nastier
    cousin, the Earthquake- they give fair warning. Send that weather this way please

  6. Your photos as always amazing.
    Keep away from the windows. Have your headache pills close by. Do not stop writing though !!!!Kidding. ox

  7. Your photos are so beautiful that my love of creation is expanding. Personally, I love cloudy, rainy days; they remind me of my years on the East Coast and Spain and the wondrous change of seasons: the expectation of changes, coming growth and newness. As for thunder what a astounding way to infuse energy into the world (as long as we’re inside). Thanks for the wonderful images. Have a great week.

  8. The photos as always are magnificent! And must confess I find the storm very exciting but I’ve always loved the rain, sloshing around in puddles in my Wellies — Then throw in a dash of thunder and a blast of lightening and the world is alive and so am I!

  9. You are a gifted photographer !
    I have never said that to anyone……because I didn’t mean it!

    Not only do you know how to work your camera…… know what to photograph! and how to show it!



  10. As always, first thing in the morning (even before getting the paper, after making coffee though) I check to see if I have an S.P message, because it starts my day off with a perfect dose of beauty (those gorgeous photos) and wit (you are hilariously funny) and inspiration. Once again you made my day!

  11. Love the photos! Roses and rain, go well together! Send that rain back here; just planted the garlic and it’s needed! (Thunder and lightening welcome, but skip the wind!)

  12. Now that’s what I call, “stop and smell, or photograph (as the case may be) the roses”


    I’m in SoCal and it’s raining buckets here too!

  13. Slim, your pictures are so beautiful. You are amazing. Do not like a storm though. I remember as a child, coming home from school, and finding my Mom on the middle landing of the stairway. She was terrified of storms, and living on the East Coast, there were many. I guess the fear stayed with me. ( C C is right ) Looking forward to more of your great pics.

    B J

  14. Take time to smell the roses. Its all in the little things in life we find the most joy.
    Just lovely observations Slim. What an eye!

  15. Your pictures are AMAZING. It looks like the drops are ready to fall right out of my computer.
    Love thunderstorms, all my life since I was small. They are exciting and show the might of Mother Nature, or maybe it is just the angels bowling.
    Keep it coming.

  16. “Nature’s own bedazzler.” Great analogy. Don’t give up your poetry career so soon! By the way, I have your site on my Blog Roll. I describe it as “Photography to die for.” 🙂

  17. I just saw an article on the Top 10 Design Blogs on the net and I’m sorry but if they are not going to include Slim Paley they cannot (and at least by this reader, will not) be taken seriously. Harumph!

  18. My mother was terrified of thunder storms. To offset the possibility of her fear filtering down to her children, my father made a point during a storm of removing us to the front porch to revel in the excitement, beauty and astonishing power of nature. To this day, I cannot get enough. I now have my own big old wrap-around Victoria verandah where during the most ardent of storms, you’ll find me curled up in the hammock wrapped in a blanket, a hot cup of tea in hand.

  19. Dear Ms SP, I love a woman who can drink tea, yak on the phone and notice what is beautiful at the same time! Your photographs are simply stunning. I hope that the storm stopped being so scary. I use storms as a legitimate opportunity (not that I need one) to snuggle up to my children.

  20. Dear Slim, I enjoy all your posts so much. Your photographs are always sooo0 beautiful, especially the ones in this blog – the ultimate bedazzler – what camera and lens settings do you use? I want to have my photographs look more like yours. I have a Sony cybershot with a 12xzoom – 7.2 megapixals. I’m sure you must have lots of really professional equipment.

    • Thanks Marilyn- please see the answer to your question about 6 comments above this. I also have an old Leica D-Lux 3, and occasionally just use my iphone. I have no professional equipment or cameras, just good subjects 🙂

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