My 200th Post!


Slim Paley photo

The storm lifts off the mountains just before dark in Sun Valley.tonight



Greetings and salutations from Sun Valley, Idaho. We’ve been here one day and we’ve had sun, rain, thunder, lightning and a hail storm.  I’m so happy to be writing my 200th post from here! I can’t believe it.  For a world class procrastinator such as myself, I have to reach around and give myself  a little pat on the back (in just a few minutes).  I couldn’t have done it without you, quite literally- so thank you all for your support and encouragement!  As it’s a bit of a blogging milestone for me, I thought I’d ask for some guidance as to what direction I might take with future posts.  What would you like to see more (or less) of on Slim Paley?






Slim Paley photo




David Tsay photo/House Beautiful



Slim Paley Photo




Slim Paley photo/Devigarh, India


Slim Paley photo/interior courtyard Amanbagh, India



Slim Paley photo/Peter Jones window, London

Do you have any other suggestions? I’d love to hear.  I’m guessing I post enough photos from my garden!  I’m afraid  it’s just impossible for me to resist the siren’s call of flowers in their glory.

I probably share more than enough mundanities of my daily life as well, but if you like ridiculously random musings let me know that too!  Somehow the original intent to blog mostly about design and books somehow took a bit of left when I wasn’t looking.  The simple truth is that a lot of the time I used to spend reading has now been supplanted by blogging.  Not that I’m complaining.  It’s been great fun, change is good, and blogging is definitely more social than reading- hell, it’s almost like going out -but I get to stay in my jammies!  My books, like loyal friends, will always be there for me. 🙂

Personally, I love compiling the colour posts, despite having difficulty sometimes in shutting my ‘colour meter’ off when I need to (it’s a bit like a dishonest cabbie) but I might eventually work my way through the spectrum.

Lastly, I’m about to start building a barn.  But not for animals- it’s a ‘Boy Barn’.  Any interest in following the trials and triumphs of construction from the ground up?!

Well, I must sign off now.  Went to see the movie “The Other Guys” tonight (funny) then watched back to back episodes of “America’s Next Great Artist” finale (yay Abdi!) and “Top Chef”   Yikes… Entirely too much screen time!   Dare I say it might be time to read a book?!


My Bookie, Karl!

Night All 🙂




  1. No suggestions from me. I love the pics of flowers and the amusing and rambling musings. Would like to see more design, less fashion but why mess with success. Looking forward to the next 200! You go girl!

  2. Doesn’t Karl look sweet and slim in his black fitted party jacket? You can just tell Amanda Harlech was standing next to the photographer waving and yelling “You’re Visionary!” Meanwhile I like my Slim Paley just as it is. That vongole pasta looks nice. Must return to my Sick Bed now xx

  3. Yes to all of the above! I love the mix of fashion, design, travel and gardening and like that it reflects what interests you at the moment. I always appreciate the somewhat more useful things like shopping tips and pictures from your own home because they are real and cover such things like how to redo a bathroom in a beautiful way but also recognize that you have children, a family, a life. Your home looks like a real home to me and I love that. Having said that, its always nice to escape reality a bit and live vicariously through your exotic trips and fashion fantasies. Keep it coming and thanks!

  4. Hi Slim
    I enjoy everything about the blog. The pics, the style, the musings. The travel. The travel tips. You seem to have the dream life and you share it in such a warm understated manner that is so delightful.

    Interestingly we had a spectacular red sky in Sydney tonight.

    Look forward to the next wonderful moment.

  5. Don’t change a thing!!!! Your blog has a unique style that others don’t have. . . you have essentially combined design (fashion, interior, and otherwise) color, and travel together with a sprinkling of tidbits (i.e. book titles, movie reviews, food sampling) and above all a little bit of mystery about yourself and your life (I said a bit:) ) and need I say a great name for the blog! Here’s to 200 more in 2010. . . you can do it!!

  6. Congratulations on 200 fabulous posts!! Yours is the best blog I read–intelligent, funny, stunning. Love the interior shots but please continue with all your wonderful elements. Please include us as you build your “Boy Barn”! Thanks!

  7. Way to go Slim ! I always look forward to your posts, the photos and musings of your content like a little blog gift. So keep it coming, keep it random and yes, let’s see the building of a boy barn.

  8. Your blog is a perfect mix and I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve so enjoyed being a subscriber for so many reasons. Congratulations on your 200th post and thank you!

  9. I love your garden pics and hearing about your personal life. My favorite is furnishings and least fav is far away places. Your pictures are the best!

  10. Slim,
    I love it all! The fashion, decor, food, color themes, your travels, your garden….just keep on keeping on with all the good stuff, and your humor, of course. It is a delight to read your blog and to see your beautiful photos every week, don’t change. Just be YOU! And I think taking us on your “boy barn” journey will be fun! Congrats on your 200th post Slim. Cheers and many more!

  11. hi slim,

    congrats on 200. i know how much work that is. i for one don’t want you to change a thing except…more photos of your homes and gardens, food, travel, color. well, like i said don’t change a thing! you brighten my days with each post.


    ps ~ you could add more pics of gorgeous men. i like that sort of thing.

  12. Welcome back! Glad the weather celebrated your return.
    I can’t think of changing anything. Every blog simply evolves and it’s wonderful as I think that’s how our days and lives go too. And building a barn…why not. There may be tho’ts and inspiration we never even dreamed of. Go for it!!!!!
    Don’t forget the symphony…it has been an over the top season thus far and there’s still another week of musical magic to enjoy and become lost within. Cheers & see you around the valley.

  13. Congratulations. Raising a (phantom) cocktail in your honour (actually, just a coffee. It’s still early here.)

    Love the blog and I am continually astounded by your brilliant sense of colour. You have the best, most sophisticated eye.

    (I also think I like your pics better than the ones in the House Beautiful story.)

  14. I wouldn’t change a thing – I love your garden posts – the travel, the decor, the food – all of it. Of course it is all made so special by your beautiful photographs and just enough words to pique my interest but not bore me. Congratulations on a beautiful blog.

  15. Slim, Your blog is perfect the way it is! Many things combine to make ‘Fashion’ not least of which is Lifestyle. You seem to encapsulate it all. More gardens is my only suggestion, no surprise there.
    Congratulations on your 200th Post!

  16. Slim your garden pictures are some of my favorites. One’s eyes can never tire of beauty. I am always looking for ideas for a good read and of course recipes. Can’t forget about the foodies out there. Fashion not so much. It seems so commerical and mindless directed at insecure people to keep spending money when you have to be fifteen and rail thin to achieve “the look”. Your sense of humor is hysterical. Please keep us laughing..:)

  17. Hi Slim, I agree with everyone else. I love you just the way you are. Sometimes fiercely focused, sometimes totally random. It’s all good. Love the travels, the gardens, the fashion, the design. Most of all love your sense of humor and your perspective on all of the above. Keep it coming and congrats on 200. Looking forward to seeing the barn.

  18. Slim, I just “met” you last week and I am ADDICTED to your blog!!! Spent a whole afternoon just catching up with your old blogs and I was in heaven!! What an inspiration you are, and in all the areas that I feel passionate about!! I am sitting here in my 180 year old cottage by the Baltic in Sweden telling all my friends about S.P and now you will have a huuuge following from this part of the world :>) At the end of summer it’s back to Florida USA where I live the “cold months” of the year. As you can see I think your blog is perfect, can’t wait to learn how to build a boy barn (I have 3 boys!!).

    • Dear Kat
      A 180 year old cottage by the Baltic?! Get out of town! Wow. And a home in Florida…
      You’re not Tiger Wood’s ex-wife are you?!! Are the ‘3 boys’ just a cover?!

      In any case, I’m so happy you found me
      and your secret is safe at Slim Paley 🙂

      • S.P!! I’m such a dork about all tech things (i.e internet), so it wasn’t ’til now that I found your reply to my note to you (see, I AM uber spastic in this area). Anyway, sorry to burst the bubble, no wife of Tiger here, (well, I guess that would depend if you ask my husband :-). I must say I am dreaming about owning the house Elin bought on an island in Sweden, boy would I go to town about decorating that (spec. with her budget)!
        P.S NOW I see I can check the box to get follow-up comments via e-mail, duuh.

  19. Slim – Love it all! There’s no one I’d rather live through vicariously…what a fabulous life! Love the randomness of your posts, yet how it all ties together. It’s such a great celebration and reflection of life itself. (And a window into my own adult ADD-like brain! 🙂 ) Why not enjoy and celebrate all your interests? (especially since they mirror my own – selfish, I know!) Would love to see the construction of the boy barn – if it’s anything like your other homes, I’m sure it will be swoon worthy.
    Enjoy your time in Sun Valley and congrats on 200! Can’t wait for the next 200…

  20. Don’t change a thing. Your instincts are perfection.
    I love barns and so, yes, from the ground up, please. hmmm, will it be red? One never knows what color Slim will conjure up.

  21. As a newbie to your blog just a week ago after reading your HB spread I’ve told a bunch of folks about Sp and am actually leaving another comment…which I don’t really do.

    I love your content…my passion is home and garden design and always want more of that, but your film and book recommendations, travelogues and personal musings are wonderful. I do enjoy the “Color” posts as well. The fashion is fun also, but not my fave part.

    I recently re-read an Affair with a House by Bunny Williams. It’s my favorite design book because, of course the house is gorgeous, but her writing is like sitting down for coffee and a chat. SP is similar and also hilarious!

    Look forward to the Barn build.

    HUZZAH on 200!

  22. I love barns also. Can’t wait. Why mess with perfection ?
    Congrats on your 200. Especially love your posts, because along with the beautiful photos,
    you make me laugh x

  23. I TOTALLY love your random musings, and when you talk about your personal life (decorating your plane seat, Sawyer spottings etc..) those posts are hilar! I also like your suggestions on products that you’ve tried or seen, you’ve provided some great gift ideas.
    Maybe some more decorating tips? less super high heeled shoes (not my thing:), more movie reviews and t.v trash talk…love that!
    Keep the drink recipes and restaurant reviews coming, and your color posts are Fab!

    and a definite yes to the Boy Barn!

    oh and congrats on your 200th post, I know that is quite a feat for you! I bet you haven’t even patted yourself on your back yet:)

  24. Congratulations Slim!
    Your blog is perfect just as it is – surprising, fun, witty, stylish, inspiring – but being greedy and addicted I always want more of it.
    Please include the building of your boy barn, I’d love seeing this project come to life, sounds great fun.
    To the next 200!

  25. I just love it all ! I’ve played hell catching up on your last 200 since I just came on board a couple of months ago. Can’t get anything done around here. I kept going, going, going thinking I was going to see a pic of you and looking at your fabulous houses !! Finally I think there was a quick peek ! Now, how cute is your husband? But, I understand!

    I love the gardens, your homes, Josh, Martini’s, food, travels, and very interested in the “Boy Barn”, oh, and did I say Martini’s?

    Love the mundanities of your daily life and random musings. Keep it up.

    Oh, and did I mention Josh?

  26. I actually love the ‘structured, random musings’ of your blog and that I can thoroughly enjoy it in several minutes and then move on with the day. Some blogs require me to devote time that I would rather be using for people time so I unsubscribe. Plus, I call it my professional reading as you keep me up on colors and what is currently cool. I usually have to deal with a 100 or more emails a day so the fun online time should be lickety-split and then I’m off to people world. I do that with your blog.

    As for your barn – Animal (boy) House, updates would be fun! Are you using an old barn and relocating it or reclaimed wood?

    200 Cheers for Slim Paley!

    • Hi Nel,
      Yes, we are using all reclaimed wood from old, dismantled barns. Who would ever have thought Old Wood could be so exciting?!

  27. Slim,

    Congratulations! I love your original, wonderful posting, all aspects. Go in whatever direction works for you, they’ve all been great! Of course pictures of Sawyer are doubly dreamy but what makes them truly divine is your comments – your being you.

    Blessings to you.

  28. Congrat’s Slim on your 200th post. Don’t change anything (though i know my better half would love more recipes) Looking forward to THE BARN progress. Loved looking at your beach house in HB. I thought they would have included a pic. of you. Anyway here’s to the next 200, I will even raise a glass (or two) to that.

    B J

  29. Congrats Slim on this 200th post! Everyone was super wonderful. Thanks.
    Your beach house in HB was ideal! Where do you find such gorgeous flowers so close to the sea? Is your garden on that property or elsewhere?
    A boy barn? Sounds like porn. What exactly is a boy barn?

    • Gaj, you are a naughty, naughty man.

      The Boy Barn will be a space for all the men in my life to congregate 🙂

      And on a more delicate note, the roses grow amazingly well in the front garden of the beach house- facing toward the mountains, and just far enough away from the sea.

  30. Love all your pictures and in awe with your garden and vacation sites. What camera type are you using to shoot these fabulous photos? Keep up your encouraging blog as-is.

  31. Hi

    I happen to follow your blog. I live in San Francisco and St Helena and have a house in Lane Ranch Sun Valley. We are also in Sun Valley! I Love your blog and you inspired me to do one just for my grown children so they can see where their peripatetic mother is.
    Would be fun to meet for coffee!

    • Do the blog Connie!! Your grown children will love it- they may even help you, if you’re lucky.
      Really, really lucky 🙂

      Look for me in Tully’s…I’ll be the woman with all the pretend “sporty” gear on. I might even be carrying some sort of helmet, just for effect.

  32. Congrats Slim! I love it all…and congrats too on the HB article! I was out of town and had to go buy a copy when I read about it even though I subscribe to it and it was in the mail on my return…I will give it to a friend..I love the flowers, interiors, book and movie recommendations and special recipies the most. Also, I enjoy the personal stuff, the responses from your other readers and your sense of always inspire me or make me laugh. Thanks!

  33. Can’t wait to see the building of the barn. I love everything you blog about especially before/after design pictures, book, movie, and product reviews, Friday (or Saturday) favourites, recipes, food and drinks. And Sawyer….

  34. I almost stopped breathing when you said you were “going to start building a barn” — I NEED DETAILS….where Sun Valley, Santa Barbara ??? Barns are my DREAM shelters — I have DREAMED my barn over and over and even drawn pictures of it….oh Slim…I love the blog the way it is — but maybe you could do a 1x a week just about the barn….thank you thank you….CONGRATS on such a fun and entertaining blog — OXYGEN PLEASE!

    Maureen, Chatsworth, CA

    • Sorry Maureen- I have no extra oxygen- I’m in SUN VALLEY!!

      I’m happy to hear that so many of you are keen to hear about the barn- I wasn’t sure, but now I’m thinking it will be fun to chronicle it. It’s going to be built in Santa Barbara.

  35. I think you need to post one of my paintings :))))) (just kiddin….sort of) no seriously, I love your writing. Actually, I love everything about your blog. Get this months edition of Garden and Gun. Beautiful ideas for stuff. If you don’t get that mag already, you should ( it’s very Suthern) I mean, I know you’re not Suthern and all, but I sorta think you should be…..and I think you’d like it, you may even want a subscription….or decide to move south! :).

  36. Congratulations, Slim!
    I enjoy your eye for beauty from flowers to outrageous shoes! Deelightful. And your sense of humor and personal touch: you grrrls in your pj’s making coffee–such fun; and your experience in yoga class while in Hawaii–hysterical. Your blog is just full of beauty. Keep doing what you love–it shows!

  37. Wow…61 comments already!
    I, too, am in Idaho for the summer and find that getting to the computer is sometimes last on a list of 100 other things to do. You know …like staring out the window for about an hour and then going to find the binoculars and the Idaho bird book etc.
    Love this post keep it coming!

  38. My preference would be for more furnishings, but for me it’s the quality of the writing that keeps me coming back. Slim, you’re funny!

    What fun it has been!
    Love the well rounded, wide range of subject matter.
    And don’t even get me started on the photography. . .
    Keep this up and you’re going to put the magazine industry completely out of business.
    Happy 200th SP

  40. Barn Story: We have an old house (1835) in Millbrook, NY and it came with a wonderful old barn, which we restored. Once restored, we could not agree on its next life. I wanted a party space, and my husband wanted storage….so we decided to split it! Perfect solution…the kids have had endless nights of “Beirut” and the tractors, etc sleep soundly in their half of the barn. For big parties, we clear out the equipment and it is one big party space. Real Simple used it for a Christmas shoot…we have loved our barn!!

    • Thanks for sharing that Jane- BTW, I have a friend who also has a house and an old barn in Millbrook, NY too! Small world.
      I wish we could see your photos from Real Simple.
      It sounds like we have similar purposes for our barns…except we don’t have a tractor. Yet. But if we get one, I’m slipcovering the seat…maybe in a nice Burberry plaid.

  41. I enjoy your postings just as they are and look forward to more. I like the postings about your Pilate instructor! Yes, please share the barn raising.

  42. OMG ….200 ….. and I have read them all. Slim, Slim , Slim…just more of the same and I would be very happy. Your humor is the BEST. I laugh out loud with your comments.
    Barn building! Now there is something I will never do. HOWEVER, can’t wait to see yours.

  43. Why tamper with perfection? Never enough flowers and gardens! Never enough books! HOme design – more…. I am always looking for validation for my chosen career – antiques – so I scan each and every photo! Imagine places for objects with age and beauty and great design. Never enough and never too much of Slim Paley blog! Congratulations on 200!
    Whatever it is, you’ve got it!

  44. It seems I’m not alone…I live vicariously through you, GUFFAW loudly, and drool all at once. Not a pretty sight. Would love to build a barn with/through you. Congrats on 200!

  45. Slim … You are simply a gem!
    I love all the fun music,
    your witty, fresh writing style,
    your art of compiling all kinds of beauty!
    And your Slimsters are so unique…:-)
    I’m so thankful you love what you do!
    You remind us all how sweet life is!
    They say change is sometimes good but not for Slim Paley!

  46. Karl and books… two of my favorite things! Oh except from your last post, my husband Sawyer, obviously. Congratulations on your 200th post, LOVE LOVE LOVE! xx

  47. Love the mix, just as it is! Except especially the random musings. Only dissatisfaction, a major one: I can’t figure out how to print a picture if I want it for my own files. Please advise. Thanks.

  48. Sorry so late to the comments, was at the beach yesterday. I love everything about your blog, it is like having lunch with an “in the know” best friend. You seem to live such an exciting life I would love more of the must have, must go, must use lists. I also love seeing your garden. Keep it up and thank you for 200 beautiful post. xo, MB

  49. Slim! 200 has gone by so quickly. More, more, more. You are an original and should keep doing what you;re doing. By the 84 ( now 85) comments above, I think we all agree.

  50. Congratulations Slim! 🙂

    And beautiful photo (as always) of the Sun Valley evening sky… keep those amazing photos coming!


  52. Boy, am I late to this party?!! HB, congrats…awesome…Yes, to all the above! Your visual feasts are supreme.!
    Special requests for your house/s, your very infectious humor, your honey and definitely, The Man Barn!
    You got it all, Babe! Can’t wait to see more!

  53. Congrats on your 200th post! I would LOVE to see the Boy Barn! (I was about to use an entirely (in)appropriate word here. ) My life is all about the boys. With regard to your posts in general, I love everything you post. It’s always a surprise and there’s usually a great laugh to be had in there somewhere. The music is also a nice touch!
    I’m off to dig out my HB. We just got back from vacation and I have finally worked my way through my reader to catch up on my blogs. I saved your posts for last because they are so much fun. Now it’s on to the pile of mags and Sept. HB is first – I can’t put that off!
    Have a great weekend! Long live SP!

  54. Congrats on your 200th post. I’ve enjoyed everyone of them. I would love to see the progress of your boy barn. We have some reclaimed wood that we saved from a barn and stables that we had to dismantle when we bought our property. We plan on using it to build a small barn to sell fresh organic produce and flowers from. My barn will be on a much smaller scale but I’m sure your “boy barn blog” will help inspire me and give me ideas.

    Great article in House Beautiful!

    Love the picture of the clams, is there a recipe for that dish?


    • Thanks CA!
      I think there is something really wonderful about old wood barns, I’m always drawn to them.

      Sadly, I did not make those clams- I snapped that photo in Via Vie- a restaurant in Santa Barbara.
      They were DELICIOUS!

  55. You are such generous person! This is your blog but you want our opinion…Well let me tell you… I personally enjoy your flowers. I have been trying for years but my thumb will not turn green no matter how long I dip it in dirt !! Do you think Food coloring will fade ???
    Slim, I live vicariously through your posts…Pretending it is me who has just picked up those gorgeous roses, or that I just came back from India with those amazing photos. I love your random musings, your decorating style, and hearing about your projects. So in a few words…DON’T CHANGE A THING. Keep up the good work. I send you lots of good positive energy to help you with your barn and your boys…I have 3 of my own as well…We need all the positive energy we can get. Hugs.

  56. Whew! What to add to the comments of fans who so beautifully echo my own?
    On the “Slim” days, you start my morning….nothing is read before your posts; you are my favorite blog by far; I love the muscial accompaniments (spell check?); your own photos; you are my special secret that I share with special friends; a classy dame, with an eye for beauty in the big and the small places in the world; a woman who seems to have a gorgeous life but who doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously and let’s us all in on the joke…….I love the crossout comments especially!…………please don’t change…..i.e. get sponsors, go commercial—I know you wouldn’t…but some have–I guess it’s an enormous temptation………but I believe and respond to your recommendations of books, products, ideas because they feel like they are truly YOURS……sometimes mistakes, sometimes take-backs, but honestly made.

    What more to say? I love how you see, what you see, help me to see, confirm what I see, expand what I see………yikes……….I’m done!
    Oh! and make me laugh!

    Congratulations on a truly wonderful accomplishment….here’s to many more………..and YES to the barn.

  57. DON’T CHANGE A THING! I always look forward to what you write, simply because I know it won’t always be the same thing. Would love to hear about your boy barn, I am totally curious as to what that may entail. some days I would like a boy barn, and I only have 2 boys 🙂 Congrats on your 200th post, I look forward to the next 200.

  58. I’m a little late on this it looks like and I’m sure I won’t say anything that hasn’t already been said, but congratulations on writing the best blog in the whole world and taking, hands down, the most beautiful photographs on the planet! WE love you!!!!

  59. OK so after reading all your posts I would love to see more of your garden. MORE MORE flowers–love your flower pics. Love the fashion pics as well–me think you should start attending the shows in NY, Paris, & Milan to give, you know, more detailed reports. Also love the theme and color posts as well as the travel so I guess I love everything!

    Here is a question –is their a beach house as well as the S.B house and the S.V. house? I saw one post about a beach house with only blue books but then couldn’t find more-would love to see more of the beach house. Thx U!

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