My 100th Post!

Slim Paley photo

I’m celebrating penning my 100th post with a chilled glass of wine by the fire. I’ve been hard pressed to pull myself away from it the last couple of days. It’s 5 degrees right now in Sun Valley and the moon over the mountains is fantastically bright and blue-I’ve never seen such a sight before. They say tomorrow night will be a true Blue Moon. I only wish I could capture it in a photo. 

As I write, I am counting all my blessings on this last evening before a new decade arrives.  To have my parents living so close to me and my siblings and husband and children all happy and healthy, I feel deeply and incredibly blessed.  Mix in all the laughter, comfort and support of my amazing friends, including their encouragement in this newest endeavor, and I feel not only grateful, but truly humbled. 

We perch ever so precariously on the edge of this New Year filled with hope as always, but also with the vigilance and fear that comes with being parents, partners, informed and caring human beings. The onslaught of news we are inundated with can often become so overwhelming that sometimes it’s nice to just escape for a minute or two to a lighter place, which is the sole intent of my blog really. A little visual sorbet after a bad day. The gift of sharing a beautiful piece of music or a great book.   A simple something to coax a smile when the events of the day have taken the spring out of your step.

Here’s to hoping you enjoy the next 100 posts with me

and wishing you and your families a Happy, Healthy and Safe 2010 FILLED with Laughter, Joy and Peace.

Cozy places to escape to and read a book are a must in every environment. If you don’t have one already it’s time to create one, or add something special to the space you already have. 

Practice seeing your surroundings with a new eye in the New Year.

a cozy reading nook, slimpaley.comSlim Photo

A Reading nook in Sun Valley  (or as my husband calls it “The Confessional”)


Slim Photo

My library


Stone fireplace, slimpaley.comSlim Paley photo

Furry pillows, soft throws, warm amber lighting…HEAVEN

.PS.  And Remember- Don’t be too hard on yourself when  composing your Resolutions!


  1. 100 posts already?! That flew by! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every one of them. Thank you. Looking forward to the next hundred or two …

    Hubby’s comment about the “confessional” killed me! 🙂

    Happy New Year SP and family.
    xo LC

  2. I, too, am new to your site via Habitually Chic. Kudos! Your blog is a sensorial experience. Thank you for sharing yourself in such an intimate way. I look forward to your next 100 posts. As some previous comments indicate, it is difficult not to just sit and read the first 100 and just stare at your photos.

    Which, then, leads me to a question. I so often think about investing in a good camera, but am clueless where to begin. Most of my photos are of my grandchildren, but might you share information about the camera that you use?

    • Thank you Sharon!
      I use a very small Leica D-Lux 3 camera that is about 4 or 5 years old. Basically I only use three settings- “Automatic”, “Food” and “Scenery”. 90% of the photos on the blog are taken with my Leica, the other 10% with my iphone. I would suggest looking at the camera on Amazon and reading all the comments to see if it would suit your needs. Good luck!

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