roses slimpaley.comSlim Paley Photo.

.Moody Roses from my garden

Haughty Moody

Irish artist  John Lavery  Study for Hazel in rose and gold, 1921 (National Gallery of Ireland)

……… Anglo Moody

I don’t remember where I found this photo.  It’s another that has stood the test of time on one of my inspiration boards.  Something about the mood of this room just speaks to me, despite the  rather torturous looking weaponry.  The hide thrown over the heavy lushness of the rug, the roaring glow of the fire reflected in the ruby leather chairs, the chicken wire against the stone walls- it’s British eccentricity at it’s best.  I even love the Harry Potteresque serpents keeping sentry at the hearth

Reading Mood

I read this book about 7 years ago and was quite amazed by it.  For obvious(?) reasons it popped into my head while I was musing about the colours and feel of this post. And something else that is amazing to me?  I knew just where to find this book- and I have a lot of books.  A LOT of books!  I really, truly should have been a librarian, except for the fact that I don’t organize books well, so I probably would have been fired.  But there isn’t a single room in our home that isn’t groaning with my books and yet I could probably tell you where most titles are in a pinch.  What is that about?? I can’t find the car keys I had 5 minutes ago, or for that matter, even remember where I parked the car, and once, as you might recall from an earlier post, I lost a bed, but somehow my brain photographs my inventory of books.

Sorry…was I rambling? Perhaps I should have saved that for another “Things That Amaze Me” post.  If you see this again,  please pretend you didn’t read it before.


Slim Paley Photo…… A bookcase in my home


isabel marantFrench Boho Mood

Isabel Marant,  Spring 2010 collection. What’s the connection you might ask?  Well, you know,British army khaki, fabulous fur jacket- the fur rug.  The room above looks a little chilly, the coat is warm….and again, I love the effortless eccentricity. I’m so excited that Isabel Marant is opening her first shop in the U.S., in New York on Greene St. in the spring!  And if you, like me, happen to live in Santa Barbara, you may find the collection at Diani, on State. St.

tulips Holland slimpaley.comSlim Paley photo………

Traveling Mood

A residential field of tulips I snapped just outside of Amsterdam.

A trip to Holland during Tulip Season, which peaks around April 15th should be added to your “Bucket List” (I like this premise, although I don’t like the word bucket, please let’s think of a better one).  Anyway, the tulips are one of the most outrageous things you will ever see.  You will CRY. Seriously!  The Keukenhof Gardens in full bloom has to be seen to be believed. Unfortunately all my photos are hard copies which I have yet to scan, save a few.

“During the 1620s and 1630s, financial speculators in Holland went mad over the brightly-colored flowers: at one point in 1633, a farmhouse was traded for three tulip bulbs. The “tulip bubble” collapsed in 1637, leaving speculators bankrupt, but Holland has continued its love affair with tulips to this day.  The ultimate tulip paradise is the Keukenhof Gardens, a 70-acre field outside the Dutch town of Lisse.”  (excerpt from Frommer’s)

Moody Mood

Just a simple little number from Rodarte, Spring 2010

antlers, slimpaley.comSlim Paley Photo               Masculine Mood

A masculine mood in Sun Valley .


metal fireplaceDramatic Mood

Kind of hiddy, kind of cool.  I’d love to see this fireplace in a much warmer, more rustic looking room.  Against a stone wall, with reclaimed wood floors, and fabrics with some tooth and texture- perhaps even a dash of plaid thrown in,  I think the contrast would be really striking.  If I knew how to photo shop I would try it.  What say you?  I bet men would like this.

My Favourite DressFantasy Mood

And girls would like this.  My Favourite Dress (available on Amazon)

.Diane PernetImages from the book

“This lavishly illustrated publication is a commentary on the emotional attachment that various key fashion personalities from designers, celebrities, models, photographers, stylists and fashion editors have with the one thing that is treasured in their memory or wardrobe: their Favourite Dress. 75 designers and key industry players from around the world have described the very personal reasons behind their choice, through text, photographs by leading fashion photographers, fabric samples, original sketches and other ephemera their choices come alive on the page. The dresses selected by these individuals are intriguing and highlights the intimacy that the designer and wearer feels with their garment. This book gives the audience an opportunity to explore how a dress can be a creative statement, a symbol of celebration, power, and individuality. “My Favourite Dress” is about choice, memory and a moment; a must have for any fashionista.” (From publisher, Oct. 2009)  Oh  ya- We all need this book.  My mood is getting better…

marlon brandoInteresting Moody.

luxury hotelsSlim Paley photo…… Armchair Traveling Mood

Photo from my Inspiration board…….Cute Moody

marlon brandoNow that’s just CRAZY MOODY!


  1. Slim, I totally SWEAR that when I see your posts with your garden roses photogrpahs, I acutally start to smell roses!!! (This is absolutely true, not joking here).
    I’m a man and hate that jagged fireplace column. Not masculine, just savage. And dangerous!
    The young lady in the elaborate red dress is ravishing.
    The pooch in top hat (and tail), too cute!

  2. I LOVE these mood swings of yours, Slim, and how those moods descend upon you so serendipitously. Let’s see—Haute Couture, Portraiture, the sagacious Scots, Tin Man futuristic fire thingie, Bo-Ho comfy chic, pilates, Sir Vlad’s hearth, no-wait—pilates—I need to scroll back and see if that is one of the moods you so elegantly indulge (:

  3. John Lavery’s painting study is so rich; your roses are moody but brilliant.
    The colours are beautiful and strong…masculine and feminine in a sweet balance.
    What a wonderful post Slim…thank you.

  4. Once more Brill Blog. Those roses are breathtaking. I love the the colors you choose to mix. Fashion, fabulous. I eagerly await your posts to learn, treat my eyes to beauty, and for sure to laugh a little.
    Keep them all coming Slim. Thanks.

  5. Slim-
    Today I can really embrace this whole moody concept. Here in Maryland with the snow falling and temps in the teens, it is a reading, baking, napping, stew making, fire in the hearth, I am so glad I got my weekend long run in kind of moody. I love your flower photos, and really miss ‘smells’ in the winter. Guess I will go douse myself in some Annick Goutal Gardenia Passion or some Malle Carnal Flower or Lys Mediterranee and dream of spring……..

  6. nice little post to read while drinking my coffee on this rainy Vancouver morning–Thanks!

    i once had a boyfriend that looked just like Brando, shame he turned out to be totally psychotic…

  7. Those roses are unreal. Really. Really unreal. What type/colors are they?? Not that I’d know what to do with the information. I have no clue how to tend to roses. But I am soooo glad that you know! Good job Slim!

  8. Do you know why they call certain financial auctions “Dutch Auctions?” It is a ” a method of selling in which the price is reduced until a buyer is found.” This came about because of the flower auctions you mention above. The demand was so fierce for tulips that the only way to set a price for them was to start at the highest price. Most auctions start at the lowest price. Those Dutch!
    I love tulips and would love to take a trip to Holland and see them. Your blog is so cool!

  9. For closet librarians, I offer a hearty recommendation to check out

    A few weeks ago, a friend told me about it and … ADDICTION! I cannot express how much I love this thing. I happen to have an iPhone with a barcode scanning app so getting the books up to Librarything was a breeze. For the antique, out of print books, that can’t be scanned, you can add them easily as they all seem to be in their giant database.

    Why catalogue all your books? Well, my number one reason is because you can. But, also, you can tag them by category for easy lookups, avoid buying the same book twice (yes, you’ve done that), and check out statistics like how many of your books have won awards, how many originated in French, how many others own the book (and what they also own that you might like). There is even a button called the Unsuggester to show you what you will never want to read.

    In essence, you get to play librarian without having to wear a cardigan. Not that there is anything wrong with cardigans.

  10. Where in the world did you find that large tortoise shell bookcase? Bigger and better picture, please! Would love to own one!

  11. Yours is my all-time favorite blog, because you are a Thomas-Jefferson-Renaissance woman who can write, garden, photograph, design, and cook with a witty sense of humor. I bet you are thin, too! Seriously, thank you for expanding my world and helping me appreciate beauty with all my senses.

    • What a wonderful compliment Maurie!
      I don’t know that I’ll be sharing it with my husband though…
      not sure he needs that Thomas Jefferson image in his head when he looks at me!

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