Merry Christmas Eve!


Presents finally got wrapped on rainy days beside the fire…


Click Here for a little Christmas tune:


Slim Paley photo

Vintage ribbon and “frosted glass” paper from my favourite gift & trimming shop in San Francisco “Bell’Ochio”





Slim Paley Photo

The “Forest Floor” Christmas table was set…



and set a third time.

The hiccup being my “great last minute” idea of a heavy burlap runner as the floor of the forest-  Yes, the burlap did indeed achieve the earthy look I’d  envisioned…

It also made my dining room smell like old railroad tracks.  Even after two washings, a day of airing and copious amounts of Bounce, there was just no getting around it

It was shaping up to be a Very Merry Creosote Christmas…



Slim Paley Photo

So off with the burlap,  back to plain white, and the “minimalist” table has somehow given way to a more sparkly forest feel!

All the more enticing for last minute Holiday Sprites I hope.




The dress to go with the table (One can dream…)



As usual, the best laid plans…

along with all those great gift suggestions I had planned to share with you 🙁


Slim Paley photo

Oh well- I did discover these incredible looking “flowers” that I’ve never seen before- have you?  They come on stems that look exactly like carnations- they must be from the same family. They’re furry little moss like balls of  the most gorgeous green.

And guess where I found them? Costco!



I mixed them with some chartreuse spider mums and pine



Slim Paley Photo

And called it a day. Or rather, a night.




Slim Paley photo

Chocolate covered seeds and cherries



Meanwhile, outside…



The scent of freshly cut wood has been wafting about the property the last couple of days…

Now THAT’S a fine smell.

It makes me want to put on a plaid shirt and get my tool belt out.

Slim Paley photo

Pssst- wanna buy some oak??

Slim Paley photo

As some of my ever clever readers noted;

While one very special tree did come down,



Slim Paley photo

Another one went up.



And we marked and marveled, as we do every year, how time flies and children grow up so quickly…


So, if the airlines deliver a certain someone’s missing baggage tonight, all will be right in our little kingdom this Christmas Eve


Slim Paley photo



(assuming I win the Scrabble game, of course!)





xoxo SP






  1. What a great assortment of beautiful photos.

    Who sings that song?

    Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas.

  2. Merry Christmas Slim! What a gorgeous table. I love the thought of you with the plaid shirt and your tool belt. Ha!
    And the last picture of the precious bear with one eye is just perfect. I love him.

  3. Aaaaah . . . A winter’s tale by Queen . . . wishing you and all your SP followers a very happy, safe, and

    blissful holiday with great expectations for 2011!!

  4. The green fluffy flowers on your table are from the carnation family. I have them on my Christmas table too. I just do not know the name for them.

  5. Thank you for a year of wonderful blogs…. you always add a smile to my day.
    Merry merry Christmas….heading out to the Sun Valley Christmas Eve festivities….shall enjoy for you too since you can’t be in 2 places at once!



  7. This is so beautiful that I am in tears- go get that dress Slim-
    you are it-
    thank you for taking your time to reach out to us on this evening
    -so appreciated

  8. Everything perfection, dreamlike, of course. What a lovely gift you have given us all year long with your magnificent blogs. My gift to you is sincerest and deep lasting appreciation for the beauty you create and share.. And brava Suzanne for coming up with Green Trick Dianthus. Not a very romantic name for a flower is it! And Merry Christmas wishes to not only you “SP” and your entire family but also to all those followers of yours who have the good taste to appreciate perfection.

  9. Exquisite, Slimmy. Not only are you creating wonderful memories for your loved ones, you have managed to create lovely memories for your fans out here in the virtual world.

    Merry Christmas, Slim–to you, the boys, husband, Mum and Dad and Kitty.

  10. Thanks Slim for sharing with us! Your blog kept me going through the nastiest cold/virus ever! It’s Christmas Eve, & taking a pause in the last lap of wrapping/Decorating marathon… All last minute, of course…it just seems to work for me! Happy, HEALTHY Holidays to you & yours!

  11. Merry Christmas Slim! Coming to you from the city with the most Os in it: Oconomowoc, WI. The best part besides seeing your post up on Christmas Eve was discovering an ice sculpture contest in downtown Racine on pure happenstance. I don’t think I’ve seen such beautiful art in one place – I will post pics on my blog soon. Thanks again for your advice from last week. It really helped. ~Terri

  12. Merry Christmas to you and yours. The very best wishes for 2011. Hope the sun comes out and shines through to your lovely Christmas table.
    Thank you for all the great pictures and stories.


  13. Slim, was that song Queen? It sounded like Freddie Mercury. Your table is gorgeous. SO pretty, festive and warm. I, too, could smell the freshly sawn oak. I am sorry that it is gone but I am sure you will plant something else to take it’s place. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May Slim Paley win first place in the Homies next year!

    • Yes L.E.- the amazing Freddie Mercury- another film I am looking forward to seeing.
      Really great casting, although I could also see Russell Brand playing Freddie as well.
      Hoping to get out to see Black Swan tomorrow afternoon.

      Cheers to your vote of confidence for The Homies- if they ever happen again…

      Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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  15. Your posts are always a joy to receive – and your home looks stunning. A very Merry Christmas to you and yours and don’t hold back on the mulled wine 🙂

  16. Sign…..another inspirational treat from Slim. I did use a burlap cloth that I made years ago by pulling threads to make a pattern………..guess it’s lost its odor over time—or else we’re just used to it!

    Having had the stockings/present opening with the grandchildren yesterday, I’m now sitting on my bed infront of a non-stop roaring yule fire (on the TV! –along with Xmas Carols and no need to add more logs to the fire), while overlooking the NYC harbor and the orange Staten Island ferries, planning the details of our get-away to Puerto Rico next week.
    Hope all of your clan made it home and their luggage too.
    Peace and Joy to all.

    • Merry Christmas Marsha!
      I have the roaring TV fire DVD as well- it’s so great, also on the computer too. I love the way the fire slowly burns down to the embers. Kind of a genius idea, especially with the accompanying Christmas music.

  17. Sitting with my family listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, viewing your beautiful tree and tablescape….It doesn’t get a whole lot better.
    Merry Christmas from our home to your, SP.

  18. As I’m lying in the bed next to my mom in the hospital I’m reading your blog. Just want you to know that you bring joy to me on this Christmas day!

    • Oh- that is SO sweet Kendall.
      Merry Christmas to you and your whole family and especially your mom. Please tell her I wish her much improved health in the New Year.

  19. Love your minimalist forest floor table and your beautiful tree. Not to mention your charming bear. Hope you had a lovely holiday! Am awaiting my turn in scrabble as I write!!

  20. Hope your Christmas was perfect…all your decor was..I too, bought my flowers at Costco…I so enjoy those moments in the zone, working with flowers and creating. I’m so sorry about you losing your oak tree.
    My sister sent me the SAME scrabble ornament! Mine says my email name…so cute! We all LOVE fact, we are going to play another game tonight!

    • Those little black & white photos would make wonderful Christmas ornaments, perhaps with glittery silver borders- (not the originals of course, but copies) 🙂

  21. A beautiful home, warm and inviting for Christmas. I love all your decorating, package wrapping and tree trimming! May you have a wonderful, happy and healthy New Year.
    Thanks for all your blog goodness, it’s a delightful treat every time. Cheers! xx

  22. So we didn’t get out to Puerto Rico today as scheduled………NYC airport closed after 30 inches and 50+ mph wind. So, I wound up cranking the heat up to 75, putting on a sundress, tieing my hair up with a ribbon, making a pina colada and pretending I was overlooking the beach from our hotel room, instead of overlooking blowing snow and the whitecaps on NYC harbor. Tonight husband has promised to give me a backrub with suntan lotion……….lemonade out of lemons.
    Hope your holidays were sweet.

    • That’s too bad- but you certainly made the best of it Marsha. I have to admit – I probably would have been sulking like nobody’s business. I’ve seen all the footage of the streets of NY this week and it looks pretty brutal. Sounds like you made a lemon souffle from those lemons!

  23. Sweetie… you are one, so why not called that, right?

    What a post! I am sorry I didn’t come here before, but I was and I still am trying to spend as many time as possible with my little ones and as you said, they grow up so fast!

    Everything looked so beautiful and festive! I love how you add color to your house. Every picture you show is always filled with happy colors. I think it has a lot to do with your personality and I love that.

    I hope you had a fantastic time with your “boys” and your entire family.

    Thank you very much for your comment! You’re a darling.


    Luciane at

  24. Dear Slim Keith/Babe Paley,
    Loved your Christmas table- so festive and cheery. My 1st husband kept our wedding christofle, but I did manage to pinch a few things…Hessian smells awful, good idea banishing it from le table. Ripped my tree down today. It felt cathartic in the extreme. Happy Christmas xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  25. Oh, Slim, I absolutely love this post! Everything about it… from the funny burlap story, to the fabulous tabletop pictures, to the GORGEOUS green dress, to all of the amazing photos! You are absolutely “it” in my book! Thanks for sharing your delicious blog! It always makes me smile and brightens my day!

  26. Slim, I absolutely love what you did to your Christmas dinner table! The array of green mix ‘n match glass plates and glasses are stunning! Your centerpiece was also fab! What a lovely winter retreat to cozy in during the holiday season!

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