Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays To All!

front door Christmas decorations, slimpaley.comSlim Photo

I finally broke with my wreath and hung a simple string of pinecones on the door.

Christmas decorating bannisters,

Always use real fruit -it allows you to go over the top with the decorations a little more without looking like a demented florist.

 I think

decorating stairs for Christmas,


Christmas fireplace mantle,

Watch your candles carefully.  It could have been soooo much worse if Granpa hadn’t walked thru the living room when he did…  I’ll leave it at that.

Our Christmas tree.

paperwhitesSlim Photos

The little white flowers are still growing profusely in my garden (I used them on the Tartan Thanksgiving table several posts back)  I love to fill this antique  church “offerings bag” with flowers every Christmas.  

Remember- no rules! I think God would be pleased.

Merry  Christmas and Happy Holidays To All!!

And many, many  thanks to all my Slim Paley readers for your comments and support these first few fledgling months of my blog.  Its been great fun for me.  You’ve been the wind at my back, not the spit in my face  (oh, alright, I’ve been watching “Modern Family” So funny!)



  1. The Rachel U comment has me laughing still…
    So witty and so beautiful… I love this blog!!!

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